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Video With Passion | Lovebirds Video – LunaG

As the bride and groom celebrate their love in a wedding, their love story and special moments can be recorded in a meaningful way. It is capturing the movement and real time expressions that create these sweet memories, not photos alone. Each couple’s story is different, and Lovebirds Video’s mission is to help you tell your own truly unique version in the form of a video.

They may not be top or award winning videographer, but Lovebirds’ LunaG is very passionate about creating an unforgettable memento for the couple and their family. I believe that Passion and hard work produce quality result. Although Lovebirds Video has the artistic eye and special technical effects to bring out the best shot and capture the sweetest moments, sometimes it is just the most basic essence of the video that matters.

One may think that the story of Cinderella becoming a princess only happens in fairy tale. However it is the dream of many little girls to be a princess. This bride has got her fairy tale dream come true thanks to Lovebirds Video.

I love the way he zooms in for certain shots especially the ring exchange part in the church wedding. The video is well edited, everyone was very comfortable and natural, all the important moments have been captured beautifully. The wedding vows are recorded clearly, so there is no running away from these promises! Some scenes are well choreographed so they won’t appear so messy. I am amazed at how he managed to angle the shots at the right spot. When the cinematographer shoots with passion, every detail is taken care of.

Behind the scenes:
before wearing her gown
This is how it actually looks like when the glamorous bride admires the wedding dress

wedding yum seng
fast delivery
SDE- same day edit on the spot
every detail is captured
Truly serious about what he is doing
prewedding videography
Ready, camera, action! “ok…. you’re doing great, keep moving, but not too fast…… ok ok now faster a bit, but don’t overtake me…”
This year is their 10th year providing video production service for weddings as well as birthdays, events, proposals, etc.

Here’s a romantic proposal video:

Birthday celebration video:

Jan 2017
Trully a professional and thoughtful videographer! SUPPORT!
Dec 2016
Thank you Lovebirds productions for capturing our memorable moments on our wedding day. We are now looking back at it with a big smile. A great job well done!

Lovebirds Video

lovebirds video lunag

Facebook Page:
Tel: 016 – 5194420


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