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Vivi Bridal Makeup | The Qualities of a Top Makeup Artist

Great Reviews

With fantastic reviews on LookP, Facebook and Google, Vivi is one of the most recommended bridal makeup artists in Malaysia. It is apparent that she is a helpful & friendly MUA with amazing skill according to the reviews. She is one of Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists in KL/ Selangor.

Amazing Skills

Skills are developed through experience. You will have no doubt about Vivi’s ample experience after viewing the gorgeous bridal looks on her Facebook photo album, the huge number of brides she has worked with, and the reviews that the clients have shared themselves. Every facial structure is different, the more you work on different features, skin texture and tones the more proficient you get.


Another significant quality you are looking for is the attitude towards a makeup job. Punctuality is an important aspect as wedding is usually packed with many ceremonial activities lined up, no time should be wasted. Vivi is punctual, speedy, a fun person and she produces great results. She has the patience in understanding what the client wants. A very common complaint I heard before was that the MUA did not listen and wanted her own way.  You can be assured that Vivi is not one of them. A professional MUA applies the techniques to cater to every individual needs and distinct features.

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Vivi has the experience in understanding each person’s features in order to produce the best result
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A professional MUA applies the techniques to cater to every individual needs and distinct features.
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Nov 2016

Vivi is very friendly, patience and punctual. Love her work result. She is very professional. I personally would like to thank her that she has made me so pretty today. Definitely a recommended make up artist.

Awesome make up artist who understood what I want and gave the best out of her. She is definitely a fun person who is also punctual and speedy ^^

I have a good make up experience with vivi. Make up Base on life style and look natural. Good job vivi.

Oct 2016
Vivi, have a good service and make a nice makeup for me, with a nice hairstyle .. Highly recommend to my friend bride to be – .. Thanks you

Vivi have the patience to understand what client really like and needed, And she can make everyone beautiful…..

Aug 2016
Thanks dear Vivi for your great skills on me. Your magic hands did a very good work which is it changed the way i look. The make up and hair do was amazing. Thanks again from me.


perfect makeup

FB Page:
Tel: +6012-555 3499

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