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Is he your true love or secretly, you just wish to put a stop to the dreadful interrogations from the caring slash nosey aunt? Well, he is great but getting yourself committed to a lifelong relationship is a rarely expressed dilemma. Marriage is a funny thing. Why would you desire a life with another human being who leaves a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, stains your toilet seat, or asks you to locate his misplaced phone every time. 


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Nevertheless, he is also the first person to act when you procrastinate for the longest time because things need to get done. He is there with you through the many ups and downs in your challenging yet exciting life. It is really heart-warming to have someone who makes you smile, makes your heart flutter and literally clings to you. The enchanting moments are like fireworks.

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He would assure you that you are fabulous despite the imperfections. Women know themselves especially well. No reminder is particularly necessary. Sometimes she just yearns for some motivating words, without the unfavourable trivial details. Compliments are good, but they should only be expressed honestly. The thing is in life-partnerships, you can never stop learning because it is complicated. The art of understanding your partner’s expectations is an acquired skill. And the secret is LOVE and GRATITUDE, to appreciate and to be appreciated sincerely.


For some people, freedom is most precious. This devotion called MARRIAGE is not for everyone. “I want to experience the world, love and live my passion without anything holding me back”. Then again babies are so cute! Occasionally we get these bio-chemical nudge to start a family and have children. Regardless, no amount of cuteness or chemistry should warrant a hasty decision.




Your guts would tell you when that right person turns up. That is the person who gives you butterflies in your stomach, impresses you in a special way, is whom you can rely on, makes you laugh your guts out for no apparent reason, and it’s painfully gut-wrenching when something is amiss.