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We encounter many somewhat bizarre and sometimes whimsical experiences with songs. A song can affect your emotions so deeply, it pierces your heart and leaves a mark on it forever. You celebrate songs that jog the fond memories, like the fuzzy feelings you get caused by an oxytocin rush after the first date. Whether it is the tune being played in the car or at the restaurant, it would remind you of that firework moment. The songs that you kept listening to after a heartbreak are often imprinted in your subconscious mind with a subtle disappointment. It is not by all means bad. It is an experience. You are irrevocably stronger in brokenness. Then only will you know how to truly appreciate the blessings in your life and the crazy little thing called LOVE.



Jetaime V Entertainment


You are trapped in the house by the downpour outside. Looking out the window, the rain brings to mind past adventures, and heartfelt songs that make you smile. The songs that you like because the lyrics speak to you, the singer’s raw tone is so unique, you wanna listen to it over and over again. Not a chart-topper nor a hit by the pitch-perfect diva, just a beautiful song in its own right. Girl, put your records on, go on and play your favourite song while you sip on a cuppa on a cold rainy day. 

The Raw Note

The Raw Note Wedding Live Band at St Regis KL

Love Story

Rhumba Live Band and Event

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The dynamics of saxophone are utterly expressive. It is a dramatic, story-telling and romantic musical instrument. Have you ever come across a live saxophone performer playing the most magical tune with loads of decor, mood and love in the air? The player pulls you into a mellow trance with the colourful timbre as well as the special vibrato. You hear the soulful expression, a wonderful reflection of your love story.


March-in with Saxophone by Rhumba at Forest Valley Hall

Wedding Emcee (Rhumba)


Love Yourself More

Right Tone Music

“Why is it that the more I care, the more I can’t see clearly?
and disregard what other people say – that this relationship is toxic

If you really plan to be nonchalant and choose to ignore
I will learn to dissolve my scars by myself
To become a more worthy person who knows how to be loved

It’s all my fault for not believing that you’re bad for me
Thank you for finally making me single and learn to love myself more”




Eswest Music

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Traditional Chinese Instruments Performance by Eswest

Our song is our favourite drama soundtrack. The spellbinding plot twists and cliffhangers make us wanna binge-watch the next episodes on and on. Our theme song is when I make you a cup of my special coffee and you make us some delicious popcorn for our Netflix, GoT, drama night. Eventually our song is the three of us. Play, milk and bedtime story. At the end of the day, when the night is quiet, it’s the two of us again.