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Wedding Short Films and Animated Images

artistic tokyo ariel shot
Artistic, soul-stirring cinematic pre-wedding footage

Well-paced transition accompanied by timely music
shadow video
 Types of wedding video; proposal, interview, save-the-date…
under the vintage veil
  Capturing sweet moments Beneath-the-veil
behind the scene
Behind the scene to the actual outcome of the photo
couple zoom out on beach
 Creative ‘Save Our Wedding Date’ Video
touching proposal video
  Well-planned proposal videos
running white rectangles wedding
Running in front of a geometric background. 
bride tandem bike
 Riding a tandem bicycle is so much fun!
wedding dance twirl
Give your
bride a twirl or two.
lift closing kiss
Now you see
us. Now you don’t.
walk down aisle flowers
The walk along the aisle.
bersanding blessing
from the elders during Bersanding.
cham cha
Chinese wedding tea
walk around the fire
The seven step ritual.
black and white bubbles
Bubble kiss.
pose with style wedding gown
Pose with style flaunting
your wind-blown wedding gown.
waves hit legs
Let the moving waves be the
witness of your love.
act silly
Act silly and
entertain yourself.
flowing veil
The classic flowing veil.
water fountain couple
Dancing or musical water fountain
is a majestic backdrop for your video.
disney up balloon wedding
Get some
balloons as prop, inspired by the Disney movie UP.
sun glare meadow
Beautiful sun glare on a
peaceful and rustic meadow.
slow first dance
A slow dance is so romantic.
front back drama
Focus on the
bride for a dramatic shot.
chi mui and heng dai gif
The wedding entourage in a
hug holding flowers
Intimate moment.
fire works wedding
sparklers or fire works in the dark.
family moving train
Gather your family in the
hug from behind
The hug from behind.

[Sources] Thanks to for the gif

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