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Wedding Decorations Ideas with Gazebo, Chuppah and Teepe

You cannot go wrong the romantic gazebo/ chuppah/ teepee at your wedding. They can be the ceremony altar, gazebo where the bride and groom are seated to get blessings from everyone in a religious wedding and absolutely stunning decoration or photobooth backdrop.
Romantic Cylinder chuppah for the grand march in | Nov 2016 | Bohemian Inspired ROM

An array of mismatch woven rugs and throw pillows, along with the
patches of grass and the cheerful teepee had transformed the central hub
of KL Journal into a stunning kaleidoscope of colours.
Boho style cascading flower bouquets, balloon frills
The front of the aisle is the 11 feet tall teepee where the couple exchange vows
Amethyst Geode Crystal Cluster cake, Scrabble backdrop, industrial chic themed dessert look lovely with soft hues of lilac and depths of rich purple. | Sep 2014 | Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort, Penang

Extraordinary wedding decoration for this Indian wedding on by the beach. Love the mehndi aisle made of white and pink petals.
The mandap inspired by the shape of a pearl oyster

Pelamin Gazebo – a simple wedding dais with a combination of pastel colours by SM Wedding.

Sunshine, Waves and East Meets West – A Beach Wedding by Voila Mademoiselle from Penang
Sunflowers are used in the wedding decoration to create a sunny and joyous celebration. To complete the beach-themed wedding, flowers shaped using seashells, various type of seashells, candle holders with wave design are put together as part of the table decor. There are also frosted pebbles to create the effect of water droplets on the table runner. The main star is of course the green sheer fabric gazebo draped with sunflowers to match the garden.

The wedding of a Chinese and a British – Traditional red Chinese knot tassel + Union Jack + seashell flower
Sheer green fabric for the gazebo blends pretty well with the sunshine effect
Rustic wedding altars, gazebos, arches, chuppahs or canopies for the outdoor wedding in the woods. You can match them with aisle and entryways accessories.

Cool chuppah for the wedding ceremony
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