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Wedding Decorator – Periwinkle Design

With a little extra decoration, your wedding celebration can be brightened up beautifully. Unless you have the time and skill, the task of beautifying the wedding party is better handed over to the professionals in decoration. Periwinkle Design has been in the industry since 2007. Having done numerous wedding decorations, they are experienced in creating the wedding of your dreams. Former clients reported that they’re passionate about what they do and would put in their best effort to make your dream wedding come true.

Wedding theme is the trend now. Couples would come up with a special
theme personal to them and their love adventure for instance. Periwinkle provides decoration services that can be customized according to the concept developed by the customer. The pictures below show how extensive is their overall decor, very well thought of indeed. From the reception table to the ballroom stage, every detail is carefully crafted to produce the atmosphere desired by the bride and groom.

Periwinkle will adjust the offering based on your budget. Karen the designer has been described as  patient in gathering customer’s preference and attentive to details. They would provide a few options for the client to choose from. The design will be redrawn until the customer is totally satisfied.

furniture covers purple theme
Main table decorated with purple and white flower centerpiece and furniture covers
cupid stone, candles, peach flowers
Theme cupid
red carpet, fairy light
Ballroom decor
exhibition of photo albums
Reception area and exhibition of photo albums
wedding flowers, photo album, banquet garden
The romantic peach
barbie doll, castle small miniature bedroom
This is an interesting theme of setting that resembles a doll house
wedding theme
Sweet pink and white theme
bride groom figurine, bird cage, decor
Traditional Chinese
aisle decor lace cloth hanging in waves
Church wedding decoration
fairy tale wedding theme, cinderella
Fairy tale: Princess carriage
photobooth with mask

Weiven @ Dec 2011
My wedding on Nov 2011 engaged to this decorator
“Perwinkle”…they did try to amend the pricing to be within my
Why I choose them is because my expectation is not only using fresh flowers
but with some new ideas like a theme..
blubell_82 @ Nov 2011
I had engaged Periwinkle for my wedding reception decoration, and
thumbs-up for them, they had actually provided me what they promised, and I
can feel their passion to help making every bride dream comes true.
Before engaging them, we had met up and Karen from Periwinkle, gathering
information & preference from me. Being a fussy customer, I had requested
few times of design theme options, and being a patient decorator, Karen
actually revised her design few times to fit my requirement, yes even without
deposit placed.
After engaging them, we had proceed to details discussion, and they really
jotted down every single requirement, and tried to customize &
compromise, they even re-design a arch just to fit my wedding theme, and hey,
they actually changed twice of the chair ribbon just because I don’t feel the
colour is “champagne” enough.
For those who are interested, here is their facebook page:…126258924067367.

Periwinkle Design
FB page:
Tel: 03-8740 7977

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