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Wedding Entertainment Idea –

It is nice to make your wedding stand out from the rest. Putting together a photo slideshow which contains your baby, teen and adult shots seems rather mundane because it has been done by nearly everyone else before. If the standard wedding entertainment does not suit your taste, opt for something that does. A good option to consider is sand art – realistic images produced by drawing on a pile of sand on an illuminated glass surface using fingers or tiny tools. This sand art performance video took my breath away.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Take a step further and plan a wedding that reflects your personalities with that added special touch. You may want to formulate a fun experience for your family and friends during the wedding celebration as there are usually time gaps in between the ceremony or reception when not much is going on. You can get creative with the entertainment and make it cliche-free! SandArt SG’s team of dedicated sand art specialists is ready to create a dazzling video recording of your story illustrated by drawing on sand. Mesmerize your guests with a visual art performance that exhibits the significance of the union. The video depicts various fun and historical moments that happened to the main stars of the night, the newly weds.

The art is drawn with care, portraying every object so creatively. It’s amazing how one scene is transitioned to another by sprinkling more sand on the surface, the artist meticulously draws each line, shape and detail to form the message through specific gestures. There is a continuity to the next plot like a movie, evolving slowly to develop the full story. Accompanied by the music of your choice, it is able to set the mood for an enjoyable walk down memory lane. It will be a unique wedding with every guest bringing home with them a part of your wonderful journey. What an ingenious idea to tell everyone how happy you are to meet the love of your life. 

Purchase and Production Procedure
An initial payment of 65% shall be paid up and an invoice/receipt will be issued. The Bride/Groom shall either provide the detailed descriptions of the scenes they want the sand artists to draw, or share more about the love story to SandArtSG so suggestions can be provided. Within 10 working days (usually just a few), SandArtSG will be contractually obligated to provide you as draft images of the scenes. Upon final approval of those draft images, they will produce the final video within 10 working days, after which you need to pay up the balance payment and receive the final video via a download link.

sandart sg

The anatomy of a typical sand art video goes like this:

Scene 1: Opening scene – showing Bride’s and Groom’s names [optional]


Scene 2: How Groom and Bride got to know each other

church camp, love at first sight at library

Scene 3: How both of them fell in love

having coffee at starbucks

N scene(s): 1 or more scenes depicting romantic incidents that have happened between you, or other significant events

traveling riding bike

Second-last scene: Describe the proposal

on your knees heart shape candles

Final Scene: Depicting the wedding – Bride in wedding gown and Groom in suit

in gown and suit

Sand Art SG – Specialist in Wedding Sand Art Videos

There are two kinds of packages:

  • From templates (cheaper)
  • Made-to-measure (MTM, more expensive) – you decide what to draw for every scene. 

Pricing info can be obtained here:

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