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SOPs for Weddings Up To 250 pax

The government has allowed large scale social events such as wedding receptions, and engagement ceremonies starting 1st July 2020. Strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have to be enforced:

  • The event must not last more than five hours
  • Number of attendees must not exceed 250 pax
  • Separate entry and exit points must be arranged
  • Health screening must be done at the entrance of the wedding venue (guests with temperature over 37.5 degrees celsius or those with symptoms are not allowed to participate in the event)
  • Guests’ details have to be recorded for contact tracing – registered via the MySejahtera app or manually.
  • Hand sanitizer is used before entering the venue
  • Food must be served by attendants
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear face mask

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri made the announcement on 24th June 2020 at the National Security Council’s daily Covid-19 press briefing in Putrajaya.

Make sure there is some distance between individuals. Photo: Two of Us Signature Studio

Check out the safety measures for your weddings to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 as well as suggestions to hold a safe yet memorable wedding.

Seating Arrangement

Other social distancing measures should also be considered; distance between each table, number of people on each table depending on the size of the table and spaced-seating arrangements. Make sure that there is some distance between individuals. For example, a venue which can accommodate a maximum of 250 pax in normal setting is not suitable here because the organizer has to allocate more room for social distancing. 

Contactless Greetings

Be creative with contactless greetings by using hand gestures, the ‘Namaste’ salutation with both palms placed together and a bow, or the ‘gongxi’ gesture where your hands are folded over each other which is to congratulate or give blessings. The hosts can thank the guests using the gestures or body language that they are comfortable with. 

Space between the performers on stage. Wedding live band: The Raw Note

Be Vigilant

You can place hand sanitizers and face masks at a few stations within reach so the guests can disinfect their hands whenever possible and make sure their nose/ mouth are properly covered. Masks can be removed during meal. Clean hands and mouth after eating, then put the mask back on. Put up signage to remind everyone to always be vigilant.

PDRM is continuously monitoring the SOP compliance, if you are unable to comply, you should not continue with the event. Contact the MKN for further inquiries.

Majlis Keselaman Negara/ National Security Council

Contact MKN

Tel: 03-88726817 (headquarters)

Refer to MKN’s SOPs for weddings up to 250 pax.


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