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Work of Art by Jazz Wedding Photography

It’s not easy to produce an eye catching image. It is from the hard work through proper control of the camera focus, lighting, composition and editing. In the pictures below created by wedding photographer Jazz, you could see a delicate balance of artistry and natural beauty. From finding the right background, determining the correct focus to directing the entire shooting, Jazz is able to document its aesthetic ideas beautifully and creatively.

jazz wedding photography
after editing photoshop, super nice
With creativity and careful execution, the details can be presented beautifully

Fine Art Wedding Photography is an approach where the image created is rich and sophisticated in an elegant way according to the vision of the art director/ photographer. It does not matter if the composition is more relaxed and uncluttered with clean colors or something filled with vibrant textures and tones. The photographer can be creative in carefully staging the outcome to make it unique. Instead of the usual bride-posing-sideway, Jazz choreographed and took this artistic picture of a stylish bride pose with both sides of the her gown flouncing like a butterfly. 

butterfly flounce wedding dress
Combination of creative art directing and photography
artistic shot of couple registration
Your ROM photos can be as artistic
kiss the forehead of bride
natural shot laughing at a field of green and flowers

Depending on what you want to achieve, Jazz can create an image that tells a story through a set of properly developed imagery. Together with some post-editing effort it can be further enriched. The post-processing done does not in any way intend to save a bad image but to make it more interesting. The original photo he captured was already in good quality straight out of the camera. By making sure that there is a good balance of realism and fantasy through control of natural light for example, the result is breathtaking.

dress with red hemming black shoes
A good balance of realism and fantasy
closing eyes in the bridal car
The image has been enriched by some editing
amazing walking on water
joss sticks hanging spiral
post editing done on bride sitting on bed
 contrasting background red
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