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Multi-talented Jacky |
Rhumba Live Band
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Most Versatile Live Band
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Captivating Photos & Gorgeous Gowns | Armadale Weddings

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Korean Concept - Desmond Bridal Makeup + Hair

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Romantic Rustic Bridal Look
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A videographer who is an artistic photographer and talented musician | Gaius W A
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Freezing the kissing moment
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Sweet looking bridal look for your Chinese wedding ceremony | Sharon
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Talented, creative and genuine
Amelin Lok Makeup Artist
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Photoshoot at Lovely Putrajaya

Unique Bridal Hairstyles

We are seeing more creative bridal hair designs these days. The sky is the limit when it comes to hair innovation. Inspiration comes from anything like a weaved mat, flower bouquet, cartoon characters, movie actress and celebrities, a tribe.

1. Weaved Mat (Tikar) Hair
Multi-plaited boho hairdo by Penny Long.

2. Grace Kelly's Braided Bun
Inspired by style icon the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly
Elegant braided bun created by Penny

3. Mohawk (Mohican) Braid
Voluminous braids are created by Penny on the top section of the head across the crown creating a nice texture on the forehead. Add a bird cage hair piece for a vintage look.

4. Hair Style That Looks Like a Cascading Flower Bouquet
This hair design is perfect for a garden wedding where your curls are put into place with visible tendrils in the shape of a cascading flower bouquet.
Cascading rose and orchid bridal bouquets
cascading hair
The V shape cascading curls with tendrils by Penny.

5. Frozen Elsa's side swept long braid
For more volume, back comb the front to create a bump to the height that you desire. You will look like a princess in a fairy tale wedding. Hair styling by Penny Long Makeup.
The back webbing is a nice touch complementing the Elsa hairstyle

6. Rose Hair
Instead of using a hair accessory why not create a big rose out of the hair at the nape to make a fashion statement.

SOULed OUT Ampang KL

After 15 years of serving up "SO Lip Smacking food and Thirst Quenching drinks" at their original outlet in Sri Hartamas, SOULed OUT opened a second outlet in the upmarket Jalan Ampang district of KL.

The menu consists of Western, Asian, Northern Indian fares and a good selection of pizzas, light bites and desserts to choose from. There is hardly any reviews about weddings at this restaurants, however some blogs and reviews did mention about the delicious Sake San (Pizza with Salmon slivers, roe, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, Japanese mayo, lollo rosso and a hint of wasabi), Sizzling Lamb Cutlet (Northern Indian menu), Sang Har Mein (Wantan noodles with large fresh water prawns, deep fried and doused with egg gravy) from the Asian menu, popular drinks like the Lychee martini and Mojito.

The outdoor terrace (al-fresco) extends at the restaurant front and is protected overhead by large awnings. A large white wall screen at the end of the terrace which is usually used for projection of sports events at night can be the stage area and the projection of the wedding videos.

With an inviting atmosphere and friendly staff, this unique wedding venue serves great comfort food for guests from different cultural backgrounds. Parking will be convenient at the basement of Menara HSC and guests can get their parking fees discounted by Souled Out Ampang.

Photos by Ethanity Photography | Jun 2016 | ROM and Wedding Reception
Semi outdoor space for ROM

Inside, arrangements of “bakau” timber poles are cut and suspended from the ceilings.

Wedding at Souled Out Ampang

A large white wall screen at the end of the terrace can be used as the stage area and the projection of the wedding videos.

So Lip Smacking

Wedding dinner setup

Other photos:
Left: al-fresco- an outdoor terrace zone fronting onto Jalan Ampang. Right: the Bar
The full height glass facade is dominated by two towering pillars that stand either side of the glass doorway entrance to the interior. Constructed from a multitude of individual rectangular cuts of timber, pieced together by hand onto the pillars in random pattern, the texture and appearance evokes the towering native tree trunks of a tropical rainforest.

May 2017
Last thursday we came again..but this time i came with a plan..which is to propose as well as celebrating birthday..couldnt agree more how your staffs have been so helpful in organising, decorating and the creativity in pulling out such an idea.. We got ourselves candle dinner...pretty cutlery..napkins..some mini deco..with the balloons as well as few free printed photos!! Everythg on house...but what surprised me was how souled out helped me to.put all the rose petals on the table, floors and all the way to the staircase...which i was taken aback on the efforts and sincerity by your fellow staffs...More than 5 staffs involved...with two staffs helped out with video recording and phone recording..what else i can say....the foods just great!!! No doubt...thank you for making our day so lovely and memorable...Special shoutout to Regi, Melody, Camille and others who have been helping me out!
Dec 2016
When I said SOULed Out’s has something for everyone, I really meant it whether it’s Western, Asian, Indian, vegetarian or even local hawker fare.
I have always wondered about the Sake San @ RM27 and I finally got the chance to try it. It’s basically a thin crust pizza topped with salmon slivers, salmon roe that rests on a bed of red leaf lettuce. A lot goes on in every bite, you get the crunchiness from the pizza crust, fresh cripsness from the lettuce, silky smooth texture of salmon and juicy burst of flavor from the roe. SOULed Out also offers a wide range of Mojitos which lets you choose from Lychee, Apple, Passionfruit and even Asam Boi – each with its distinct taste profile and presentation.

SOULed OUT Ampang

Website: http://soa.souledout.com.my/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/souledout.ampang/
Add: G1, Ground Floor, Menara HSC, No. 187 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 012-655 7622/ 012 985 5326 (Function & Events)
Fax:  03 2166 5818
Email:  slurp@souledout.com.my


Ref: asia-bars.com, vkeong.com.

Froghill, Kampung Guar Petai, Penang | Malaysia's Jiuzhaigou

Froghill (Bukit Katak) at Kampung Guar Petai outside Butterworth, Penang, is a new photography paradise that is also known as a mini Jiuzhaigou of Malaysia. You don't have to travel all the way to China's remote mountainside now. The pristine blue lakes of varying sizes there were said to be formed by rainwater filling up dozens of holes left behind by earlier quarrying activities.

These man-made lakes are surrounded by red color rocks, making the area a scenic spot that has gained popularity in more recent years. Prepare sunblock, umbrella (hat) if you intend to go in the afternoon, water to keep you hydrated for a long day of photoshoot. Also shoes for hiking as you need to climb some slopes to get a better view. Amazing sunset and sunrise up there. The way in from Jalan Arumugam Pillai does not have a road name, not tarred, is muddy and quite secluded.

Photos by WLOON Photography. Gown by Luminous Wedding Gallery.
Photography paradise in Penang known as a mini Jiuzhaigou of Malaysia

The former mine that has been turned into a beautiful location for photography.

The pristine lakes of varying sizes

You don't have to travel all the way to China's remote mountainside.

Amazing location for wedding photography

Scenic man-made lakes are surrounded by red color rocks

Google Reviews
Good scenery. View is amazing. Best come with sunblock applied n good hiking shoe, Prepare to wash ur car after that, muddy road, the way is creepy. The former mine that has been turned into a beautiful location for photography. The best sunrise and sunset. The road leading to it is horrible, needs to be improved.
Sep 2016
To be safe, never go there alone as the place is very outskirt and doesn't have any residents around. Be prepared to wash your car due to red mud (especially after a raining day). If it's hot, prepare an umbrella as the place doesn't have shades and to avoid heat stroke. Be sure to wear comfortable (climbing shoes) and keep yourself hydrate if you will be there for a long photo shoot. Nice view! In order to view the scenery we must climb some slopes. After climbing some slope, we are able to see some scenery from higher area. a lot of ponds.

From Jalan Arumugam Pillai, look for the signboard of Kampung Guar Petai and a car workshop named Pusat Service Kereta SNR Fiterah Jaya and turn into the small road next to it.
You will then pass by a brick factory, keep right and head on straight until the end on muddy untarred road.

Froghill Tasik Gelugor, Lombong Kampung Guar Petai
Add: 14400 Tasek Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia


 Ref: http://www.mysinchew.com/node/117960