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Artistic Composition and Editing | Ronnie Chan Studio

The pre-wedding collection is classily sensual result of creative lighting and artistic composition and editing. With a vision of what to shoot, Ronnie captures every moment to create an impact. The timing of the shots is planned; when raindrops style the glass window, the sun sets on the horizon, the weather changes and the clouds take various forms. Different time of the day renders different outcome. Whether it is the dramatic sky or a soft ambient light, he positions the shot to connect to his concept making good use of the environment. The images flourish into something artistically beautiful. 

The sunset creates a romantic and stunning backdrop

Artistic composition and editing

Dramatic scene on a dark cloudy day

It flourishes into something artistically beautiful

Ronnie positions his shot to connect to his concept

Lovely artwork which feels like a traditional Chinese art

Ronnie's actual day photos are filled with beautiful candid moments. The spontaneous emotions captured are really precious. Every smile, frown, pose and a hug in the photos tells a story. It is non-verbal and self-explanatory. I think the photos are truthful, they let you feel what is beneath the surface... the love, joy and warmth.

Every emotion tells a story even a frown

The candid moment captured is really precious

A hug that will make you cry

Ronnie is a photographer who appreciates beauty. He has a vision for what he wants his shots to turn out. They are unique, stunning with a touch of elegance and very artistic. His clients adore his artwork. Most importantly every significant moment is captured. He is also responsible, committed and on time! Check out the reviews about Ronnie Chan Studio.

Apr 2016
I got to know Ronnie years back when I was a bridesmaid to a friend's wedding, and he was of course, the photographer then. I really liked his artwork and ever since then, I thought I will have him as my photographer when it's my time to get hitched (back then i was still single!). Years passed by, and as I have made up my mind, my husband and I chose Ronnie as our photographer. I must say, he definitely is very aesthetic in his work and definitely has his visions for what he wants his shots to turn out. I have always preferred something more unique and different , with a touch of elegance in my pictures, and Ronnie definitely brought all that to my wedding pictures. My husband and I are more than ecstatic upon seeing our pictures. Thank you for your professionalism and thank you for accommodating to my requests!
Dec 2015
Ronnie is absolutely professional and artistic. Our pre-wedding photo album received compliments from family and friends from both Malaysia and Italy . His is definitely one of those world-class photographers. Worth every penny that you spent for (perhaps he is under-charged @@). So, don't hesitate, if you are looking for stunning, world-class quality photos for your pre-wedding or actual day, Ronnie is the best photographer you can get. Thank you for coming all the way to Sicily, Italy and gave us the wonderful pre-wedding photos..
Sep 2015
He is a seriously awesomeness photographer that I ever known! His talent and skill are terrific!!! He is very responsible, committed and on time!!! He captured the moment ! The very important moment of your life and the moment that you'll remember and reminisce always.

Ronnie Chan Studio
Website: www.ronniechanphoto.com
FB Page: www.facebook.com/ronniechanphoto
Add: 20, Jalan Pulai Off Jalan Ong Yi How, 13400 Butterworth
Tel: +6016-553 3043
Email: lucuias.x@gmail.com
Rates: starts from RM1999 for pre-wedding, RM2500 for actual day

Unique photos with a WOW factor | ShutterSpeak Studio

Unique photos are the ones that tickle your senses immediately when you look at them. There are different ways of capturing the moments or that pre-wedding album. Take a look at how Shuttespeak Studio plays with their photography techniques that will make you go "WOW".

The photographer makes use of the sunray effect to enhance the romanticism of the picture. This is a good example of a subtle intimate scene which is absolutely beautiful.

Time stood still when you are in love. Everything else does not matter.

The moment when the wind blows on the paddy field... particles hover in the air. Sometimes it is the small details that make a photo stand out.

Photos captured on a spur of the moment is most enchanting. This is a portrait of the relationship of a father and son. It shows who they are; someone with sentimental, loving, filial, calm characteristics.

The expression is priceless

Making use of random city backdrops creatively.

The colorful graffiti designs in the streets of Melbourne

Silhouette photography makes impressive wedding photos. The subjects are shot with back light which created shadows, you can only see the silhouette of the couple and the birds. The photographer captures the image at a certain angle to bring out the two-dimentional outline. I love the dramatic bright color sunset backdrop.

Shutterspeak gets the most beautiful shots and important moments without intrusions, you won't know the photographer is there! The team instantly puts you at ease hence the journalistic results. Their clients get quality photos and videos that they will treasure. Their work speaks for itself. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for.

If you want people who will spend the time to understand what you want, respect your guests and event, and deliver beyond your wildest expectations I would recommend Suhaimi and his team. There are many wedding photographers and videographers out there, many of whom offer ridiculous cheap prices. I believe you get what you pay for and having spent so much on my wedding I wanted to make sure it was captured properly. if you want professionals with the best equipment and post-production then you may not get the very cheapest price, but you will get quality photographs and video that you will treasure. I was very specific in what I wanted and needed some things on a very tight time schedule, but they were understanding and went to inordinate lengths to achieve my dream. The team are very friendly and instantly put you at ease during what can often be a stressful time. They are also excellent at disappearing into the background and capturing moments without intruding on them. I cannot recommend Suhaimi highly enough to anyone who wants to be confident they have hired the best wedding photographer and videographer out there in United Kingdom.

The video is amazing. It's just so beautiful. We all loved it. Semua sampai nangis2... hehe.

We want to say a big thank you for the work you & your team did on our wedding photos. You all did an icredible job! We couldn't be happier. We had to many comments on the slideshow you ade for the wedding using our pre-wedding shots. It was a special & memorrable treat & we are so glad to have had the pre-wedding shoot, we got some lovely shots we will treasure...& it was so much fun!! As for our wedding photos, I was soworried after the wedding that we may not have gotten enough shots because we were so rushed on the day. What a pleasant surprise we got!!! You guys managed to get the most beautiful shots of all the "real" & important moments. Best of all we never even realized you were there so we didn't feel the need to pose, it was all natural& just beautiful.

Shutterspeak Studio
Website: http://www.shutterspeakstudio.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Shutterspeak-Studio-324665171473
Add: No 90, Jalan I3, Taman Melawati
Tel: 013-333 2490
Email: shutterspeakstudio@gmail.com
Rates: starts from RM2500 for pre-wedding, actual day: full day from RM7500

Emcee Desmond Ting

Organizing special activities for the wedding reception can be exhausting. One interesting way to entertain your guests without too much effort from your side is to hire an experienced emcee to cheer up the evening. I came across a talented master of ceremony on my cousin's wedding at the Grand Imperial restaurant located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Desmond Ting has been mentioned by a few other brides/ grooms who had him emceed their wedding functions. I personally think he is hilarious, spontaneous and a great entertainer. Language wise he could speak in a few Chinese dialects Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien fluently. His spoken English comes with a "fanciful" Chinese accent which reminds me of the character Barbarella on The Noose :) I would highly recommend Desmond if most of your guests could understand Chinese.

tall chinese guy emcee wedding
 Unfortunately I didn't manage to capture a good angle and more interesting snapshots. Here's a short clip of Desmond emceeing.

One of the programs of the night include a game that involved everyone in the audience. Each table was given a task to collect a few items such as a Samsung handphone, a driver's license, a man's belt, a high heel shoe... and has to bring the collectibles to the stage by a male and a female. The four pairs who got to the stage first would get an ang pow (red packet) from the bride & groom. They then had to perform a dance with the accompanied music of cha-cha, twist, etc. The loudness of the audience applause would determine who wins the grand prize. It was quite a fun arrangement where everyone had a good laugh. The way Desmond interacted with people was effortless, he managed to set off their sporting self when he asked them questions. His choice of words was witty and most of the time comical. He spoke in Cantonese that night.

Desmond recited some well wishes verses in a poetic way to the couple. He also wished them the best of  health, love, abundance, fertility... all the words that must be uttered on a Chinese wedding.

Nov 2012
Desmond Ting may not have the online presence of William Lee, but he is no where below William in terms of his experience and professionalism. He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien. Highly recommended to those with guests from a variety of background. If anything, Desmond was much more responsive when it comes to attending to inquiries from prospective clients like me. He does put in efforts to contact the prospective clients in between his busy schedules. He also provides banquet coordination services so that the couple can be relieved of their wedding planning duties for the night. Do take note that he is on the flamboyant side. 

Desmond Ting
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/desmond.ting.7
Tel: 012-396 9384
Rates: RM3000 (2015)

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