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Hindu Wedding Checklist and Traditional Wedding Process

Many different wedding rituals and traditions are practiced in India. In Malaysia, the Hindus carry out the wedding ceremony according to their respective subcontinent in India. However some of these cultures have overlapped through time.

Usually the priest would officiate the Hindu wedding ceremony. He holds a curtain between the bride and the groom and chants songs. The guests shower rice and other grains over the couple to bless them with a prosperous married life. As rice is thought to ward off demons, it is poured into the wedding fire. After the curtain is removed the bride's father would give her to the groom. He takes his daughter’s hand and places it on the groom’s. The bride applies sandalwood paste to the grooms forehead, the groom then applies a red mark on the bride's forehead. 

The groom applies a red mark on the bride's forehead

As a sign on union, the groom takes the bride’s hand – often this occurs in the presence of fire, the flame is a sign of a new household. The two exchange vows during this ritual, sometimes referred to as the Seven Step ritual. Sometimes the vows are read as the bride and groom walk around a fire with pieces of each other’s clothing tied together or the groom holding his bride's hand. 

The couple walk around the fire

The groom places a floral garland around his bride's neck... this represents love. Finally the tying of the Thali necklace which signifies the inseparable union of the married couple. The Thali (also known as Mangala sutram) is a sacred necklace the Hindu groom ties around the bride’s neck, often bought by the groom’s family and the custom originated from the South of India.

Highlight of the ceremony; The groom ties the Thali necklace around the bride's neck to signify that they are married

Hindu Wedding Ceremony Checklist
  • Set the date and Book the Venue - temple, resort, hotel, hall, etc. What does the venue provide?
  • Book your marriage officiant (priest)
  • Verify wedding ceremony details and the items to bring - Pooja thali, flowers, rice, grains, sweets, fruits, coconut, etc.
  • Hire Decorator, planner - Kolam, statue, mandap, flowers, theme, funiture overlay/ Sashes
  • Discuss about the process
Kolam is a form of auspicious painting that is drawn by using colorful rice, fresh flowers or polystyrene. Wedding kolam is elaborate and befitting for an auspicious occasion. Usually done at the doorsteps, courtyards, pooja/ prayer room for Hindus, Kolam together with the classical Indian entrance art work can be a visual treat for incoming wedding guests. Mandap is a temporary porch or platform setup for a wedding ceremony which is part of the decoration.

Mandap- a temporary porch for the wedding ceremony
Pooja thali - a tray containing items for prayer. Verify with the priest.

  • Inform your family and bridal team (bride's maids, coordinators...). Send out invitations.
  • Hire Photographer and Videographer - Brief them about the particular photos or scenes you want to be captured
  • Reserve Makeup and Mehndi artist, hair stylist
  • Provide your service vendors a detailed timeline for the process
Mehndi or Henna - Designs or patterns are drawn on the hands and feet of the bride as decoration

  • Rent or buy wedding garments- saree/lehengha, shawl, shoes (for the bride)
Left: Lehenga (full ankle length skirt). Right: Saree or Sari

  • Pick the accessories/ jewellery color and type that complements your wedding gown
  • Headpieces, Necklace, Earrings, brooches, armlets, bangles, hip chain / saree belts, anklets, rings
Left: Jhoomer - a fan shape hair-piece usually worn on the left side of the head.
Right: Choti - hair jewellery along the plait

Left: Gajra- floral hair garland
Right: Matha patti - head jewellery with a central chain and attached chains that flow along the hair line

For the groom, get matching sherwani, dhoti. Dhoti (also known as veshti, pancha, mardani) is a traditional Indian men garment. It is a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist. Sherwani suits which more formal is a long coat-like garment with high neckline. Purchase Chappal (sandals)/ shoes, accessories such as headdress, brooches, studs, shawl.

Left: Sherwani. Right: Dhoti

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Photography at Marina Bay Singapore

Singapore's Marina Bay is a popular choice of location for pre-wedding photography. The Waterfront Promenade forms part of the 11.7km waterfront route around Marina Reservoir, linking Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage and the new Sports Hub. You can also photograph along the lower-level timber boardwalk, right down to the water's edge. Everything is very well connected.

Design guidelines for Marina Bay have required a variety of development intensities and building heights for the area, especially along the waterfront where developments are being kept low. This safeguards views to and from individual buildings, enhances their attractiveness and creates a pleasant and aesthetic skyline for the district.

Tower locations in Marina Bay are also orchestrated to create space and breathtaking vistas towards the waterfront and major open spaces. By night, the skyline will glow and sparkle with beautifully-lit building crowns and facades to create memorable night scenes.

Further along, Marina Boulevard is a tropical walk with flowering shrubs and shade trees. Here, you can pause at a Breeze Shelter from where you can capture the view from a cool and breezy rest point. At night, the promenade is lit with attractive night lighting.

Photo: monopictura.com
Photo: Edwin Tan Armadale. Timber boardwalk at Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

Marina Bay Sands

ArtScience Museum

At the other end, there is The Helix pedestrian bridge from Bayfront to Marina Centre. The double-helix structure resembles the structure of DNA, the basic building block of life, symbolising 'life and continuity', 'renewal', 'everlasting abundance' and 'growth', very auspicious for the happy wedding occasion.

Next to The Helix, Singapore's first art park, the Youth Olympic Park which comes alive with coloured LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights at night, accentuating the various contemporary structures and installations against the lighted Singapore city skyline, making this park a visual treat for photography.  

Photo: Noel Salazar. The Helix @ Marina Bay

As a waterfront ‘Garden City by the Bay', Marina Bay enhances the image of Singapore as a garden city.  Bay South — the largest waterfront garden — is where you’ll find the futuristic-looking Supertrees, vertical gardens measuring up to 16 storeys that add a surprising and surreal feel to the landscape.

Photo: Edwin Tan Photography. Supertrees at Garden City by the Bay
Cloud Forest in Garden City

Marina Bay
Website: www.marina-bay.sg
Add: 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre, Singapore 069118
Tel: +65 63293535
Fax: +65 62203201

Ref: sherryjiajia.blogspot.com, singaporeprewedding.com, myartofscrapping.blogspot.com

Chuai Heng Restaurants KL

If you are looking for a Chinese Restaurant to hold your wedding banquet, you can consider Chuai Banquet Hall (Off Jalan Imbi) for a bigger function or the Chuai Heng bungalow located at the strategic and also busy Jalan Bukit Bintang. Serving fine Hong Kong styled Chinese cuisine, your guests will get to enjoy a delicious banquet meal on your big day. The new Banquet Hall, designed by CGSB Interiors has a modern cosiness to it with stylish lighting and decor. It can accommodate up to 80 tables. The wedding menu is not exactly cheap starting from RM938nett per table. There are many dishes to choose from though.

Chuai Heng Banquet Hall

modern cosy interior

fashionable setting

http://malcolmmusic.net/2014/07/ (Jul 2014)
Chuai Heng Banquet Hall

Chuai Heng Bukit Bintang

Oct 2012
Try Chuai Heng restaurant in KL. They have many dishes to choose from and also affordable.
Feb-Sep 2013 (Bukit Bintang)
It is quite high class restaurant. Chuai Heng is super packed on weekends as it is situated in the congested Bukit Bintang. service was good but all are foreigner workers.

Chuai Heng Restaurant Bukit Bintang

Add: 231, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-2141 5666
Fax : 03-2143 1976

Chuai Heng Restaurant (Banquet Hall)

Add: No.20 Jalan Kumuning, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-2110 2666
Fax : 03-2110 6599
Hotline : 012-387 5095
Capacity: 800 pax (80 Tables)

Website: http://chuaiheng.com
Email: sanchrsb@hotmail.com
Wedding Packages 2014: from RM938nett per table

Ref: cgsbid.com, vkeong.com, beanpro57.blogspot.com, ijustwanaeat.blogspot.com
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