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Wedding Reception at Sin Choi Wah Restaurant (翠华楼)

I have gotten a few email requests for a research review of Sin Choi Wah restaurant in Bandar Menjalara Kepong. It has quite a reputation for its good food in big serving with great price. Be impressed by the restaurant's 3-storey big structure. There are ballrooms and halls of different sizes suitable for private weddings. Also for that reason more than one weddings can be held at the spacious location. Guests could get lost there. Arranging the signage to provide direction would definitely help the guests locate the wedding reception.

Parking will be a problem, so you may be directed to park at Tesco, which is just opposite the restaurant. Brides were mostly very pleased with the quality of food and the banquet hall's ambiance. The restaurant does not put the groom and bride's names up the back of the stage as it is not in the list of services provided, is that true? Alternatively you can display the couples names using a software projection. You may also need to fork out extra cash if you want more personalized decorations and setup. The management allows you to decorate the hall however you wish. Tips from momentspix, try to get the upstairs ballroom for a better environment. However some complained about the service rendered by the PIC, hit and miss.

You can expect good quality sound system, if you plan to have a live band play on your wedding day. I have heard several people saying they have live band quality system.

http://momentspix.blogspot.my/2015/02/wedding-reception-restoran-sin-choi-wah.html | Feb 2015

http://www.kellygraphee.com/2013/05/kuala-lumpur-wedding-photography-alex.html | May 2013
red carpet round square ceiling lights
dragon phoenix centrepiece
chandelier projector stage
3d big stage
big arch restaurant

http://www.jacphoto2u.com/blog/david-kaw-carene-choo-at-bandar-manjalara-kepong | Nov 2013

This is a very popular restaurant to host wedding functions as it is custom built to handle small and large banquets. The restaurant is also tastefully furnished and parking is easily available as it is located next to Tesco (free parking). The food is delicious and the food serving is generous.
You get exactly what you pay for wedding dinner. Very affordable prices for wedding dinner but service is very mediocre. Some hits and misses. Requires a lot of follow up to get things done right. Recommended if you are on a tight budget if you still look for great tasting food.
The whole ambience is better than expected.
Wedding dinner food at this massive restaurant. Still manage to maintain its quality
Multi storey building which sits 300 tables. Caters mainly to the wedding and full moon events. Large banquet hall equipped with the karaoke and large screen. Service is efficient. Food is not bad and portions are large even when ordering small sizes. 

May 2015
The ambiance is marvellous. It gives you a very happy and comfortable feeling. I've been there 5 times for mostly private wedding events. I must say they serve extremely good food not to mention their efficient service. Good food comes with great price.

Sin Choi Wah Restaurantis the main for for my family to run family wedding of the all time ever since they are opened, the reason we prefer taking this place is because they have multiple types of hall rooms, we always pick here is also because their food is quite okay. not to say their food is super yummy but reasonable and editable :)
I super in love with their hall because you basically can do everything with the hall and there is no limitation for you do decorate their hall unless don't break anything or switch the main stage to another stage or something will do :) their restaurant are always packed with booking so if you are really looking for a place to run for a wedding dinner you have to book yearly earlier.

May 2014
The ambience is very sophisticated dining experience. In fact, there were 3 wedding lunches today. The sound system is also quite good here. Some of the dishes taste fantastic. The scallop with celery was so tasty. The steamed sea grouper with soy sauce is just so-so. The flesh is too hard. The winner - the braised mix vegetables. The gravy is very thick and tasty.
Jan 2014
Wedding dinner. Food sucks. Portion is very small. Presentation wise looks very cheap. Food served way too slow too. 2 more to go at 11pm
Dec 2013
Wedding dinner. The shark fin soup and fried rice is too salty.
May 2013
Bad food. Scallop too soft, pork more skin & fats than meat, fish is rubbery, glutinous rice is too dry. I ain't having my wedding here!
Oct 2012
I recently attended a wedding at Sin Choi Wah and the food was great.
Sep 2012
I was there for my colleague's wedding. This is a huge place and they have rooms of different sizes suitable for small intimate or big grand weddings. Food is fantastic. The service is pretty standardized what you can get from a Chinese restaurant.
Jul 2012
Wedding dinner in Sinchoiwah Restaurant in Menjalara, Kepong. My expectation wasn’t so high as I had eaten here a few times. I only liked the Roast Chicken. The other dishes were average and not memorable. Unfortunately the management have chosen to use plastic/melamine tablewares as opposed to porcelain ones which are more classy. However, the setting of the restaurant is really nice, and it’s quite a new building. Parking is convenient and free, thanks to Tesco located opposite the restaurant. 
May 2011
The whole big building belongs to the restaurant itself? I’m impressed. Normally I don’t get the opportunity to dine as such BIG place. There were several weddings being held at the same time. Everything (from the directions and wedded couples’ name) was in Chinese, but fortunately enough – I recognize the faces on the wedding photo and that led me to their wedding hall. The Steamed Pomfret Fish with Soya Sauce. The fish meat is delicate – mixing it with the sauce creates a luscious taste.

May 2014 wedding:
4 Dishes Combination, Braised shark fin soup, BBQ Suckling Pig, Steamed sea grouper with Soy Sauce, Baked crystal prawns, Braised mix vegetables, Fruit tarts + Sweetened sea coconut with aloe vera (some dishes are not in the picture). Wedding 2014 from openrice.com.

http://lyniemakeup.blogspot.my/2014/06/bridal-makeup-kerin.html | Jun 2014

brocolli pastry glutinous rice, steam fish, cold and hot platter
Tasty dishes in generous portions - wedding 2011

Sin Choi Wah Restaurant

huge place for reception

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/sinchoiwah
Add: 22, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara Kepong, 52200 KL.
Tel: +603-6280 3355, 03-6277 3377
Email: sinchoiwah22@yahoo.com

Wedding Packages 2017: from RM888 per table

Freebies and conditions for min of 20 tables:

tm goldhill desa park

Bridal Styles for Outdoor/ Garden Wedding

For the outdoor or garden wedding, do inform the makeup artist so that the right kind of product and finishing can be applied. It is important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, sunscreen or foundation with SPF protection is a must. Go with the waterproof version to prevent meltdown, smearing, creasing, cracking and all problems related to oily thick foundation, concealer or shadows.

Soft brown and bronze on lids add definition to the eyes. With some hint of peach, the bride will look absolutely radiant outdoor! For strapless dresses, you can have the half-down hair style. It is always nice to have floral hair (hair clips or fresh flowers) decorations to match the outdoor garden or nature theme. Fresh flowers like the baby's breath suits a rustic outdoor wedding perfectly. If you have a high-neckline wedding gown, wear your hair all up to avoid sweating around the back of your head and neck areas.

Bridal styles created by Monique Starr Makeup:
For strapless dresses, you can have the half-down hair style. Up style for a dress with high neckline.
Sweat-proof makeup product to avoid meltdown.
Very elegant bridal look for a garden wedding

Bridal styles created by Glam Aurora for outdoor wedding:
At Park Royal Hotel Penang. Tiny braids add more dimension and make you look younger, to match the low V neckline sheer shoulder with crystal dress.
With some Korean style influences
The beautiful slightly messy pony tail - unique white flower hair accessories and wedding gown.
With some hint of peach, the bride will look absolutely radiant outdoor!

Soft brown and bronze on lids add definition to the eyes. Very natural bridal style for a beach wedding by Wenxy Khor:
Amazing work by Wenxy

Bridal styles created by Vivi Bridal Makeup:
Fresh flowers like the baby's breath suits a rustic outdoor wedding perfectly

The bride will look elegant donning a spaghetti strap wedding dress with lace. She lets her hair down in rustic waves and big flower garland. Outdoor wedding styling by: Amelin Makeup Studio.

Here's the master of natural bridal makeup and hair styling: Raynis Chow Bridal Make Up. Love the illusion sleeves and back.

S&Co Artistry Studio creates very classy celebrity bridal styles.
Fresh and elegant. Bride's features accentuated in a very natural way.
The trendy side curly bun for the outdoor photography.

Wedding in Bungalow Duchess Place at Jalan Ampang

A bungalow with a huge covered canopy extended on to the lawn, Duchess Place is absolutely a beautiful and nice place to have your wedding. It looks luxurious on the inside, with chandeliers and the all white tables/chairs setup, the place is gorgeous and sweet. Decor is not bad and they have gorgeous pelamin as well. This venue is suitable for garden or English themed wedding concept. Food is tasty too. They are flexible and will try to arrange within your budget. The owners have wedding planning experience. 

This venue is rather expensive and they don't allow external decorator. Bear with their slow response to inquiries sometimes. Guests have commented that the location is quite tricky find, it is located next to Menara Perkeso, Jalan Ampang.

The Duchess Place, Grand Duchess, Marquee & Co. and Alfresco Weddings are under the Duchess Weddings umbrella.

Duchess Place

Add: No. 285, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Website: http://duchessweddings.my
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDuchessPlace/
Tel: 03-42521800/ 017-2108000 / 017-2118000
Email: duchessplace@gmail.com
Person In Charge (PIC): Mr. Afzal Zikri

Wedding Packages 2017:
Akad Menu, Kenduri Menu: from RM80 per pax
Chinese: from RM150 per pax
Indian: from RM90 per pax
Western: from RM135 per pax
Stall Concept - Barbeque, char kuey tiow, dessert, etc. with additional fee.

Malaysian Seated Dome (min 300pax – max 500pax)
Malaysian Buffet Come&Go (min 600pax – max 1500pax)
Fusion Fine Dining 3@4@5 Course Menu (min 150 pax – max 300pax)
International Seated Buffet (min 100pax – max 400pax)


Food so-so, very limited parking. For people looking to hold their wedding reception there, beware! They recycle the same decorations and make it appear as though you're actually getting a good deal by throwing it in "for free".
I love this space because it quite privacy and got a lot of potential to become popular event spot just lacking of parking space.
Great place to have a beautiful function.

May 2014
Duchess Place has been on tv for so many times which usually featured a wedding of celebrities. It was a right choice when we choose Duchess Place since they not only provided venue but also catering, dais, main table decoration and cake to make our arrangement easier. With all these beautiful set up, i couldn't ask anymore better than this. We are so satisfied and got nothing to complaint during our big day.

Mar 2013
Possibly a "OK" venue if someone actually replied to the enquiries!
Feb 2012:
merasa jugak aku masukk ke bungalow yg tampak cam usang diluar.. tapi giler mewah didalamnya.. biler Balqies memilih Dutchess Place yg terletak di Jalan Ampang nie sebagai tempat mengabadikan majlis perkahwinan mereka suami isteri! Sumpahh pada aku gorjess gilerrr Duchess Place nie! Cantekkkkkk sangat2 okk!  Dengan Chandelier nya.. dengan setup kerusi meja nya.. owhh.. memang bestt.. bestttt sangat! Nape lahh waktu aku kawin dulu takde tempat nie?? Nyampah!  But serious food kat sini sedapp!!!  So pada korang2 yg nak kawin.. nak kan satu concept garden or english wedding.. memang Duchess Place lah tempatnye!  Makanan pun not bad.. rasanya Balqies amik all setup with them directly… but serious suasana dia sangatt sweett…. lovely and chillin’! aku sukerrr sangat.. sangattt!!

Jan 2011:
It was a house with a huge covered canopy extended on the lawn.  The layout of the house was just what I imagined. It had the English/British garden-themed feel to it and I was mesmerised. The tables and the chairs are all in white, nicely placed with a gorgeous pelamin at the back.
I WANT THIS PLACE. I WANT IT!!! “It’s RM55 per guest with a minimum of 600 guests for lunch and RM90 per guest for minimum of 400 guests for dinner. That includes the deco, the pelamin, the food and etc etc.”

wedding in a bungalow
Double story house converted into an event venue

Long table arrangement
Round table arrangement

red curtains reception wedding
garden wedding - pink and white
modern setting english wedding in malaysia
Western style party (wedding). You can perform the first dance in the center.
buffet food
The wedding buffet menu consists of mashed potatoes, kebab, lemon chicken, mustard roast beef, nasi magruba, ayam bulbul, chicken cordon bleu, lobster bisque...
wedding food
Port St. Augustine salad, bread and butter pudding, trifle

Weddings at Duchess Place
http://ivyiscinte.blogspot.com/2014/05/our-official-venue-duchess-place-jalan.html (May 2014)
artificial lawn outdoor wedding
Marquee tent which is air conditioned
VIP table malay bouquet

http://blog.mukhrizudey.com/?p=5959 | Feb 2014

 http://azrulaziz.net/2013/09/08/reception-myra-sham/ (Sep 2013)
your turn next wedding bells
pelamin white
Duchess place ampang

http://cherryonacake.blogspot.com/2013/03/nik-and-juns-wedding-photos-finally.html (Mar 2013)
pink drape bouquet
guests enjoying wedding meal