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Selecting Traditional Chinese Wedding Auspicious Dates

Picking an auspicious Date (择吉日/ 看日子) is important to ensure that everything goes well on the wedding day and also so that the couple could have a happy marriage. You have to provide birth dates/ time of bride and groom, date of birth of parents. Gregorian dates are fine as they can convert them to lunar (Chinese calendar) dates. You will be asked if you want to have your wedding on the first or second half of the year, then they'll narrow down some dates for you to choose. The dates are chosen by an experienced master according to Chinese Astrology. Generally, 7th (ghost month) and 3rd (Ching Ming) lunar month are not suitable for weddings. Get red packet ready to give to the sifu (master).


1. Loh Tat Pit 羅鐵筆結婚擇日館, Petaling Street

Located above Bangunan Ka Yin Fui Kong in Petaling Street, this master is widely sought after for selecting auspicious wedding date. 

Review Apr 2015: Info required are couples data and time of birth, Parents Chinese zodiac, Wedding date range, first or second half of the year, where would the groom leave from to fetch the bride for the ceremony. The dates available as calculated from our birth date and time were then sent to us later that evening. The fee was RM 250 just to get the dates and once we had confirmed the date, we would need to reply them and also we would get some free gift. To see the Master Loh himself, that would cost additional RM 50.

Add: 63D, First Floor, Jalan Sultan, KL 
Tel: 03-2070 0917/ 017-2825 666 
Hours of consultation: Monday - Sat: 10am - 5pm | Sunday: 9am-12noon | Closed on Friday

2. Loh Tim Kee 罗添记, Kepong

The popular Loh Tim Kee has moved to Kepong in 2015 from Petaling Street. Besides selecting the auspicious date for wedding, Loh Tim Kee also sells products for traditional Chinese wedding ceremony like bedding set, 嫁妆礼品 Dowry, 上头用品 Hairdressing Ceremony, 裙褂、旗袍、唐装 Kua & Cheongsam, etc.

Review Mar 2016: “Loh Tim Kee” is well-known for their Chinese traditional wedding services since the 60’s. Everyone there was incredibly nice and friendly, they sell a lot of wedding stuffs too that we will definitely need for the traditional ceremony. The ‘sifu’ guided us through and helped us choose the best dates available for our big day this year. It is pretty much a step-by-step process. First you get a few choices of good dates, then you will need to bring those dates and ask whether the venues are still available. If not, C H O O S E again. The process will go back and forth for quite a few times. Jan 2011: We wanted to go to this famous shop to get some auspicious dates for our chinese wedding ceremony dates. The shop's name is Loh Tim Kee, the charge to get the dates was RM100, plus a few wedding accesories included and heaps of chinese hokkien tradition advice. It was money well spent as we got some very good dates and both sides of our parents have agreed to it.
Add: 42A, Jalan Rimbunan Raya, Laman Rimbunan, Kepong,52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6259 6662
Business Hours: 10am - 6.30pm (Tue - Sun) | Monday off

3. Ka Hei Blissful Wedding Accessories (Hup Hing Trading Co.) 家囍结婚喜铺, Balakong

Review Jan 2015: I just got my dates selected by Kahei Blissful Accessories Shop. The charge is RM130

Wedding date selection: Website
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/kaheiblissful
Add: S-8, Jalan 1/6, Taman Indah, Batu 11 Cheras, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel: 012-665 2110 (Mr Chong)
Email: kaheiblissful@gmail.com
Business Hours: 10am to 7pm | Sun & Public holiday: by appointment

4. Kok Chong Ming Fate Analysis 谷中鸣专业命理风水, Jalan Ipoh KL

Services include Picking names, auspicious dates, feng shui, appearance/ palm analysis etc.

Review Aug 2018: good research done to follow traditional fate analysis. Jun 11: We went to kok chong ming fate analysis. Around RM100-150, plus they will also calculate all the important dates like when to get new clothes, when to set bed, when to guo dai lai.

Website: http://www.kokchongming.com
Add: No.4-1, Jalan Pinggir, 4KM, Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-4041 9613, 4041 9614, 4041 9618 
Email: enquiry@kokchongming.com
Hours: Mon-Sat: 9am - 5pm | Closed on Sun & Public Holiday

5. Hong Shi International Feng Shui 洪氏国际易经风水, Damansara Perdana 

Dr Hong is the third generation successor of Hong's family 100 years history in Feng Shui mastery. 

Website: hongshifengshui.com
Add: 30-2, Jalan PJU 8/5g, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7722 1150 / 012-682 5998
Email: hello@hongshifengshui.com

6. World of Feng Shui, Online report

Founded by Lillian Too, a feng shui practitioner, author and personality in Malaysia.

Auspicious Wedding date selection 2018: USD98 (about RM400). You will be give a 4 - 6 page report that covers that includes personalized rituals suitable for getting married based on the date of birth given. Selection of dates will cover a 2 months period for your own selection. Dates will be categorized as most auspicious, moderately auspicious, neutral dates as well as dates you MUST AVOID USING. The report will be emailed to you in within 7 business days.

Website: http://www.wofs.com
Tel: 03-2080 3488
Email: enquiries@wofs.com

7. Hanlim Name Analysis Services 罕霖名理学社

Review Oct 2016: I found out from a girl friend who recently got married that the process is not only simple but also very cheap, I immediately asked for the business card. I emailed the form and received the reply from Master the next day. Two of them were Saturdays, one was Sunday, I wanted a Sunday. I immediately called and confirmed. You need to let Master know, because he is going to figure out the betrothal and "fetch the bride" dates. The master is Hanlim Name Analysis Services.

Address: No. 6-2-2, Jalan Semarak Api 2, Diamond Square Commercial Centre, Wilayah Persekutuan, 53000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4023 2777, 4022 0333

8. Feng Shui Jia Fang 风水嫁坊

Review Aug 2010: I got my dates from Feng Shui Jia Fang. RM99 - also included betrothal, bed setting, hair dressing, proposal dates as well.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fengshuijiafang
Add: Sunway Pyramid L1.AV.185, No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, 46150 Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 012-720 5500

9. Thean Y Nang Fortune & Feng Shui 天外人命理风水研究中心

Master Thean Y Nang has expert skills in fate, fortune and Feng Shui, with thirty years Experience in Feng Shui and fate and fortune analysis. He utilized crystals for improving Feng Shui, personal luck.

Review Jun 2012: My mother said that the date selected was marked on the calendar as "to be avoided for weddings". I sent an e-mail asking about this matter. The Master said: It was a good day and suitable for marriage. And are based on everyone's bazi, plus that day is excellent for us, absolutely not against us. Wedding date selection package: RM150.

Website: http://www.tynfengshui.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/tynfengshui
Add: 33 A, Jalan Jejaka 9, Taman Maluri 55100, Cheras Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-9285 0394 / 9285 4110
Fax: 03-9282 4208
Email: enquiry@www.tynfengshui.com
Business Hours: Monday: OFF | Tue - Sun: 11:00AM - 7:00PM

10. Joyful Concept Boutique 双囍坊

They provide traditional Chinese Wedding dresses, accessories, auspicious services such like wedding date selection.

FB Page
Add: D-G-08, Jalan Metro Perdana 3, Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100 KL
Tel: 03-6242 3388
Email: amyng6083@gmail.com


金吊桶大曰馆 (Kim Tiao Tang)

Review Mar 2012: The consultation charge is RM50 which the uncle will provide the list of good wedding dates and dates and times for some customary procedures e.g. delivering dowry to the bride’s family, setting up the bridal room, pray to the Sky God etc. Once the RM50 is paid, we can call the uncle as many times as you want to ask whatever questions you have, be it to change the wedding date or anything about the custom procedures.

Add: 37, Lebuhraya Codrington, Pulau Tikus, Penang (Temporary location, previously at Burma Road which has been burned down in 2016)
Tel: 016-475 7922 / 016-411 7922
Services: Wedding Auspicious Date, Betrothal Date & Bed Setting Date. By Appointment only.

正法堂授男李玖荪 | Lot 292, No.25, Lorong Tabuan Timur 3, off Jalan Tabuan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak | 019-819 3998 - Oct 13: Around RM20-25

Ref: elevennow.blogspot.com, 2msia.com
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Restoran Daiman Pekin, Johor Jaya

Pekin Restaurant (北京云华宫) is one of the pricier restaurants for Chinese cuisine in Johor Bahru. It is popular for the famous Peking duck as well as other yummy Chinese dishes. Daiman Pekin is actually situated in the clubhouse of Daiman 18 Golf Club Johor Jaya. Ample parking in front of the clubhouse, so no issues there. They serve tasty full Chinese wedding banquet course with good service.

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Mutiara Johor Bahru Hotel

ballroom wedding johor bahru

Package 2018: Chinese-RM1158 nett/ Malay- RM988 nett | Capacity: 380 pax| The Mutiara Johor Bahru Hotel has been refurbished in 2015, it underwent a RM4 million makeover from Entrance Porch, Main Lobby, common corridor, Ballroom, meeting room and Arcade. The ballroom is now more modern with crystal hanging chandeliers and more earthy colors.

This hotel located at Taman Century Johor Bahru is 15 minutes from the Causeway to Singapore, 30-minutes from the Sultan Ismail International Airport, and 4 minutes from the KSL City Mall.

Dec 2017: 
You might want to park in the underground car park where there's also security around. I believe Mutiara Hotel has one of the safest parking lots in this vicinity.
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List of Traditional Wedding Vendors in Malaysia

These are the vendors that sell traditional Chinese Wedding accessories and essentials.

traditional chinese wedding tea set
Chinese Wedding decorations and essentials from Nan Thong such as the tea set, food basket, slippers, basin, red packet, spittoon, flower ball

Klang Valley
  • JM Wedding & Services | Equine, Seri Kembangan | jm-wedding.com | 016-981 9628 | enquiry@jm-wedding.com - they have bethrothal, dowry, bed setting, hair dressing, bride escorting set Packages from RM83.80.
  • Fai Fong Gifts & Bakery | faifong.com.my | Kepong | 03-6252 2292 - betrothal biscuit, items
  • Happy Planet Trading | No 121, Jalan Petaling | FB Page | 03-2072 3607 | wingstrend@gmail.com - festive decorations, souvenir, wedding.
  • Liang Yuan | liangyuan.com.my | Jalan Kuching, KL | 03-6243 5796  - higher quality and more authentic products
  • Nan Thong Import & Export | 99, Jalan Sultan, KL & Kepong | nanthong.com.my | 603-2031 9925
  • SS2U Wedding | SS2, PJ | FB Page | 012-645 1108 - Oct 16: Did my survey and found SS2U lowest price with good service. The lady boss explained what to purchase and how to use.
  • Syarikat Sin Wah | PJ | sin-wah.com | 03-7782 3989 | sytsinwah@yahoo.com - tailoring accessories, crafts, DIY, wedding
  • Yi Xin Craft & Gifts | 85, Jalan Sultan, KL | 03-2026 2922 | yixincraft@gmail.com - Chinese wedding essentials, beads, crafts 
Betrothal set - Fujian Basket (3-tier), tin, door hanging set, dragon & phoenix candle, and many more from Liang Yuan

  • Joo Huat Weddings | fb.com/joohuatweddings | Bukit Mertajam | 04-538 6980 - Feb 17: The aunty there will make sure you get all the items needed for wedding day. 
  • KW Wedding Gifts | FB Page | Jalan Trang, Penang | 016-441 2668 | kwweddinggifts@gmail.com - Aug 17: Plenty of wedding items, price moderate. Aug 15: Not helpful and rude.
  • Love Sweeteners | lovesweeteners.com | D' Piazza Mall, Penang | 013-931 9496 - can buy online. very extensive list of products with reasonable price. 
  • Red Knot | redknot.com.my | Jalan Macalister, Penang | 04-226 3298   
  • 大日子 Big Day Wedding & Celebrations | FB Page | Taman Sri Tebrau, JB - Oct 14: dowry package set at RM288, which includes everything you need.
  • BAO BEI JIA FANG / FLORALLAND ENTERPRISE | Website | Skudai, JB | 013-777 8666 (Karen) - provides advice on cultural wedding, wide variety. 

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Grand Banquet Hall Lucky Palace Melaka

Little did I know that Melaka has one of the grandest wedding halls in Malaysia. Established in May 2016, Lucky Palace Restaurant (Melaka)'s banquet ballroom, particularly Hall 3 is extremely well designed (at least on photos!) with 3D cylinder-shaped dangling chandeliers, striking shades of red carpet, one-of-its-kind in Malaysia. The Ballroom Hall 1, 2 and 3 are uniquely designed for your banqueting needs.

Located in Ayer Keroh about 10km from Melaka city center, this Chinese restaurant is quietly tucked in a housing area away from traffic congestion. There is parking space onsite but is insufficient for busy periods during events or weddings. A corridor of full height glass windows offer guests a scenic view and a fantastic welcome point for guests to take photos, enjoy some small treats and drinks before the event starts. It also provides a rooftop function venue for celebrations of around 150 guests.


這餐廳位於Ayer Keroh,距離馬六甲市中心約10公里,安靜地隱藏在遠離交通擁堵的住宅區。

Ballroom Hall 3:
Ballroom Hall 3 with extremely beautiful chandelier and and design


Grand Wedding Hall in Lucky Palace Melaka

fully carpeted, gorgeous ballroom
3D cylinder-shaped dangling chandeliers, striking shades of red carpet

Ballroom Hall 2:
Grand Ballroom hall 2 Lucky Palace Melaka
Ballroom Hall 2

diamond shape ceiling ballroom

Grand Ballroom Walkway, cocktail and reception area:
fantastic welcome point for guests to take photos, enjoy some small treats and drinks before the event starts.

A corridor of full height glass windows offer guests a scenic view

ballroom corridor
Grand Ballroom Walkway - Cocktail area

Jun 2018
The wedding day was really awesome! Waiter moved fast, food also not bad. Thank you very much to the person in charge Andy for the help, though there were some changes before the wedding, Andy was patient and he waited for my decisions. Everything is awesome. I had a perfect wedding.

Jan 2018
Attended a wedding dinner here, nice hall, food was okay but not great, but loved the roasted duck and chicken.

Oct 2017
In the beginning there were some problems with communication and management arrangements. But after understanding the situation, the person in charge Andy is really awesome. Fulfilled all the needs and requirements. Thank you Andy for organizing my unforgettable wedding banquet.
Restaurant Design is really beautiful and it's new, I believe that young couples will like but the first floor elevator and the entrance are too crowded and need to be improved. No comments on food, it's not bad, but everyone's taste bud is different. So there are people who think it's delicious and some not. All others are good generally.

Sep 2016
Beautiful wedding dinner venue..... best in town

Lucky Palace Restaurant Ayer Keroh Melaka 大好运酒家馬六甲

Website: http://www.luckypalacemelaka.com
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/luckypalacemelaka
Add: No.1, Jln Sri Rama, Tmn Muzaffar Syah, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka.
Tel: 06-253 0000 / 1111 / 2222   
Fax: 06-253 1112
Email: marketing@luckypalacemelaka.com
Monday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm | 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Facilities:  • Wifi   • 3 private dining rooms with KTV   • State-of-the-art audio-visual system   • 4 individual dressing rooms with air-conditioning

Capacity: • Up to 1800 guests   • 180 banquet tables approximately  • 150 guests for rooftop functions   • 1-6 banquet tables for private dining rooms


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Templer's Ballroom, Templer Park, Rawang

03-6092 1555 | templersballroom@spsetia.com | Package 2018: Indian/Malay Menu: from RM1k+ per table. Chinese: from RM1288+ per table | Capacity: 600 pax.

Set among rainforest reserve and limestone mountains, the newly refurbished Templer's Ballroom by SP Setia Group is a space with beautiful classic interior, no pillars, high ceilings, this is quite a unique wedding venue. A standalone property surrounded by the Templer Park, a golf resort, waterfalls and beautiful nature, it serves as a sales gallery as well as event space with a swimming pool, providing event facilities and beautiful scenery from its high glass windows at the foyer. The pool area can be used as the venue for pre-event cocktail session. Located 20km from Kuala Lumpur city centre, not exactly centrally located but it has a lot to offer.
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Relaxed Luxe Hotel Wedding at The Westin KL Malaysia

Choose the right venue that allows you to setup the decoration details that are luxurious yet cozy. With a natural setting for a wonderful rustic-luxe wedding ceremony and after-party, The Westin KL's outdoor space is a great choice. From the decor designs to the dainty pickup food, there are plenty of ways you can add some personal touches to the outdoor wedding. Nicely garnished and presented desserts are yummy treats which can double as decor. Wooden boards and boxes add to the rustic feel.
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List of Bridal Shops in Malaysia

yellow pasture romantic
ARMADALE WEDDINGS - Neo Damansara  Google 4.7
 03-7731 9100 | info@armadale.com.my   Website   FACEBOOK   Review 
Nov 17: Thanks to Emily for assisting me from beginning until the actual day. Great wedding photo & video. Aug 17: Wore my dream wedding gown and photoshoot thanks to Armadale! All photos given back, no limit on gown selection and no hidden cost! Professional and helpful photographer. I love her make-up and hair by Jazce!
find perfect dress DIY
7th HEAVEN BRIDAL GALLERY - Subang Jaya  Google 4.5
 017-581 5555 | 7thheavenmy@gmail.com   Website   FACEBOOK   
7th Heaven partners with reputable photographers and MUAs. This rustic bridal gallery makes a perfect wedding venue and photo-shoot location. They provide gowns with beautiful details and great workmanship. Oct 16: Perfect dress at a reasonable price. The dresses are new, and are of excellent quality. Stephy is lovely to deal with.
great photographer bridal shop
 03-7874 8288 | hello@twoofus.com.my   Website   FACEBOOK   
Natural, artistically rustic & lifestyle-themed wedding photography. Apr 18: Jennifer carefully helped me choose the wedding dress. Our photographer Benson helped us capture a lot of the shots we wanted. MUA Alexis made me beautiful in photography. Service is very good. 

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List of Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations Malaysia

Deciding where to capture your pre-wedding photos should be arranged early if you have the intention to plan a trip overseas for a nice holiday as well. To select a location, consider:
  1. Scenery - Nice on photos, night, day time, how many options, adjacent locations
  2. The weather
  3. Distance - you might need to arrange the accommodation, transport, take leave from work
  4. Wedding Theme
  5. Places of sentimental value - where you meet each other, dating place
If you have any additional information to add or update, please leave a comment.

international photographer malaysia
Penang Peranakan Mansion by WLoon Photography

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Popular Wedding Venues in Malaysia

Interestingly, the most popular venue for weddings are not the most luxurious and expensive. Private venues with the perfect ambiance for a romantic event are the most sought-after and searched.

This list is chosen according to the blog post's popularity on WedResearch.net in term of number of views. Leading at number one is the English-themed canopy garden wedding venue, Duchess Place with over 50k views to date. For beach wedding, it is the special vibe at Lone Pine Penang that captures the hearts of many brides & grooms.

Here are the top 10 venues in the Klang Valley:
1. Garden Wedding with Canopy - Duchess Place Kuala Lumpur (56,519 views) | 2. Tropicana Golf and Country Resort (39,569 views) | 3. Lakesight @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (37,980 views) | 4. Tanarimba Janda Baik (26,981 views) | 5. Passion Road KL (25,698 views) | 6. The Club Bandar Utama (25,687 views)  | 7. Sime Darby Convention Centre (25,472 views) | 8. Jaya Palace Wisma LYL, KL (25,435 views) | 9. Sin Choi Wah, Bandar Menjalara Kepong (22,993 views) | 10. Bora Ombak Marina Putrajaya (21,516 views)

Most popular venues by category:
1. Bungalow - Garden Wedding with Canopy - Duchess Place, Jln Ampang (56,519 views) | 03-42521800
A bungalow with a huge covered canopy extended on to the lawn, Duchess Place is absolutely beautiful. It looks luxurious on the inside, with chandeliers and the all white tables/chairs setup, this venue makes a lovely garden or English themed wedding. The downside is the inefficient parking management.
English-themed, fairy tale, garden wedding Duchess Place

2. Golf Club - Tropicana Golf and Country Resort (39,569 views) | +603-7804 8888 (ext. 141, 142, 155, 517 & 202)
This is a very popular wedding venue due to its ballroom setting, with the flexibility to choose from the highly-acclaimed food from Tai Thong's Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant, the Malay, Indian or Western Menus. It is located within an exclusive golf resort with ample parking space. Garden wedding options are the Outdoor Spanish Courtyard or the Poolside Terrace.
Popular wedding venue due to its ballroom setting, ballroom capacity is up to 620 pax, is divisible into 300 pax smaller ballrooms. Tropicana Resort.

3. Lake View:  Lakesight @ Plaza Kelana Jaya (37,980 views) | FB Page | 017-304 7245
Lakesight's outdoor open space overlooking a pristine lake view, decorated with a romantic chuppah, simple yet beautiful rustic decorative is an ideal place to hold your ROM ceremony and intimate wedding reception of 150 pax. Organizing a small scale wedding is much more personal, you can design a menu that include everyone's collective favorites and can reduce the cost.
Private wedding with pristine lake view - Lakesight

Located 35 km from downtown Kuala Lumpur, Tanarimba offers a mountainside of majestic peaks, valleys, crystal clear streams, pristine rain forests and waterfalls. Enjoy the cool, fresh mountain air, with temperatures ranging between 20°C to 25°C. The Visitor Centre, which can seat 250 people, looks incredibly beautiful with the many rows of fairy lights hanging from the timber ceiling.
As you pass through the Tanarimba gates, you will be greeted by the spectacular timber structure of the Visitors Centre. The perfect fairy tale wedding. Photo by The Wedding Barn Gallery.

5. Garden Wedding - Passion Road (25,689 views) | 03-2166 7111
The ambiance of this venue when lighted up at night will blow you away. Just by looking at the photos, one could already feel the excitement and the love in the air. Very pleasant environment no question. The guests will be surrounded by nature, trees and beautiful ornaments all over. As it is an outdoor event, do plan for sufficient cooling systems to ensure a comfortable celebration that will be remembered for a long long time.
Passion Road is a popular garden wedding place. Photo by WLOON Photography

6. Club - The Club Bandar Utama (25,687) | 03-7725 5199
The advantages of holding your wedding at The Club Bukit Utama are the two-storey parking lots, pre-dinner cocktail party can be held at the pool side area, the reception hall that gets the view of the club's extensive swimming pool, is a cosy, pillarless, big, beautiful hall with hotel standard table cloth+chair covers. If you rent the hall, you can source external caterers or from their own restaurants such as Extra Super Tanker Chinese Restaurant.
The hall at The Club gets the view of the club's extensive swimming pool, is a cosy, pillarless, big, beautiful hall with hotel standard table cloth+chair covers. Photo credit: simplybenji Photography

7. Club: English-themed - Bankers Club (20,639 views) | 03-2142 4166
You can have your wedding banquet at the penthouse floors of the Amoda building, which has panaromic views over the KL city. Due the constraint of space, the main hall (ground floor) can only fit up to 150 people, the remaining tables will be at the mezzanine floor.  Its banqueting facilities can cater up to 300 people. An 8m high ceiling, extensive use of locally crafted nyatoh wood paneling, the elegant cantilever staircase, traditional English-style setting and the glass perimeter are some of the Club's outstanding features.
Elegant cantilever staircase, traditional English-style setting - Bankers Club. photo credit: Dennis Yap Photography

8. Hotel Weddings - Luxury 5-star Hotel | Westin KL (11,620 views) | 03-2731 8333
The hotel's Grand Ballroom's stylish interior and fascinating smart ambient lighting, complete with hand-blown crystal chandeliers, provides the perfect touch for an elegant entrance. Westin KL's fusion dishes are interesting, very appetizing, and well presented.
The 6,614-square-foot Ballroom offers the epitome of class for a reception, is modern and cozy, with no pillars obstructing views - Westin KL

9. Value-for-money Hotel Weddings - Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa (14,012 views) | 03-4042 8000
Four-star Vistana KL by YTL Hotels is a highly recommended wedding venue option for its value-for-money wedding package from RM800++ that comes with free decorations, personalised wedding backdrop, PA system, ice sculptures, corkage waiver and pre-dinner poolside cocktail hour arrangement. The biggest ballroom (Manjung) has two pillars which raise some concerns.
Most value-for-money hotel ballroom wedding - Vistana KL

10. Convention Center - Sime Darby Convention Centre - SDCC (25,472 views) | 03-2089 3688
The Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) located at Bukit Kiara, KL offers hotel standard service, food and ambiance with more attractive prices. No fuss with parking at all as the space is huge with many parking bays. There are 3 function rooms located at the Rooftop Garden offering breathtaking views of the TPC Kuala Lumpur’s golf course. The Grand Ballroom which has been refurbished in 2015 comprises a column-free area to accommodate 1500 guests and can be divided into three smaller rooms for banquets. 
The newly renovated huge ballroom at SDCC

11. Chinese Restaurant - Sin Choi Wah, Bandar Menjalara Kepong (22,993 views) | 03-6277 3377
Be impressed by the restaurant's 3-storey big structure. There are ballrooms and halls of different sizes and designs for private weddings, non-walk-in-patron-sharing, decorated with the most auspicious of colors; gold and red. It has quite a reputation for its good quality food in big serving with great price. 
Sin Choi Wah banquet hall is decorated with the most auspicious of colors; red and gold

12. Wedding Hall - Bora Ombak (21,516 views)  | Haziq - 018-9452177 / Taz - 010-2141825/ HQ - 03-4292 6302
The BoraOmbak Marina Putrajaya is situated at the marina offering a relaxing view of the lake and its surrounding. The floor to ceiling glass windows of the decent sized ballroom gives way to natural light which can brighten up the wedding celebration held during the day. It is a lovely carpeted hall with modern decorations, classic white wall panels, tall window artwork, ambient and stage lights.
The French Chic Minimalist concept ballroom at Bora Ombak Marina keeps your wedding decorations effort to the bare minimum.

13. Industrial rustic - Glasshouse Seputeh (8,985 views) | 010 948 2878
Glasshouse is a spacious urban architecture nestled amidst the hilltop surroundings of Seputeh, right in the heart of KL, floor to ceiling glass panelling and versatile floor plans ensure comfortable seating. Your wedding guests can admire the property's sun kissed lawns in the afternoon and moonlit evenings from the comfort of a fully air-conditioned space through the glass windows.
Your wedding guests can admire the indoor sun kissed lawns in the afternoon and moonlit evenings from the comfort of a fully air-conditioned space through the glass windows. Photo by The Wedding Barn.

14. Beach - Lone Pine Penang (14,910 views) | 04-886 8686
With its rolling lawn which fringes the sandy beach and sea beyond The Garden at Lone Pine Hotel is a charming venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. There's something really magical about saying 'I do' against the backdrop of the sparkling sea with the setting sun as witness and the graceful Casuarina trees as the audience.
Beach fronting transparent canopy garden wedding. photobykeith

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Once In A Lifetime with 3Ants Wedding Studio

Pre-wedding packages are abundant but which one is the best for you? In my opinion, it is one that stirs your soul and warms the heart. 3Ants Studio's pre-wedding bundle of goodness includes creative shots, ever soul-stirring cinematic footage and a once in a lifetime experience that will put a special mark in your heart forever.
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Techno Dancing Lights TG Grand Ballroom Setia Alam by Hao Xiang Chi Seafood

016-219 7760 | 03-3362 3118/ 5618 | Packages 2018: from RM998 per table | Capacity: 1200 pax |

Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Setia Alam is one of HXC Catering Sdn Bhd's branches which is situated in Top Glove Tower, Level 9. Newly established in 2015, This outlet offers an elegant and glamorous ballroom for your wedding reception. The pork-free restaurant prides itself in using the freshest ingredients for food preparation.
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Stunning Chapel-Shaped Gazebo at UCSI Hotel Isthmus Kuching

Located at the Isthmus confluence, about 10km from the city, UCSI Hotel Kuching offers spectacular panoramic vistas of the Kuching waterfront. Many say it is "far" from town but is conveniently near the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCKK). The hotel boasts an infinity pool with a stunning chapel-shaped gazebo for a small poolside event or ROM ceremony. Your wedding guests will be able to enjoy the river breeze in the evening.

In a city famed for its heritage and its proximity to natural wonders, UCSI Hotel Kuching plays its part in the sustainability of environment. It is a Green Building Index-certified establishment. Flowing river water and wind funnels are utilised to lower temperatures in the lobby by around 2°C. An advanced rain water harvesting system is also in place.

This pleasant hotel in the Land of the Hornbills, with green environment, trees and waterfall at the lobby is the perfect place to hold your wedding events as the service and efficiency of the staff here are really commendable. Particularly Floor Manager, Walter is awesome and very helpful.

Poolside ROM by Fabulous Moments | Jul 2018
The white wedding pavilion looks gorgeous on camera
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List of Wedding Decorators in Malaysia

wedding decorator Malaysia
 012-648 1977 | hnwstudio@yahoo.com   FACEBOOK  
Can make whatever font or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to the customer's request or customization. Very convenient. The ready-made decoration materials in the market might not suit every individual's needs.
 03-8740 7977 | periwinkle.design2007@gmail.com   Website   FACEBOOK  
Dec 11: Amend pricing within my budget. Chose them because of the use of fresh flowers and new ideas for theme. Nov 11: Karen revised the theme decoration design a few times to fit my requirement. Thumbs up for their passion.

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