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Wedding Banquet at Sime Darby Convention Centre

For a list of other wedding venue options, pop in here.

After having done my research, I realize there are ample of wedding banquet options. One of them is a convention centre. The Sime Darby Convention Centre (SDCC) located at Bukit Kiara, KL offers hotel standard service, food (halal) and ambiance with a better price. No fuss with parking at all as the space is huge and it's totally free of charge. You have a wide, pillar-less grand ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom comprises a column-free area of 19,000 square feet to accommodate 2,600 guests. If necessary, the Ballroom may be divided into three smaller function rooms that can accommodate up 800 guests each.

Aisyah and Hafiz's Wedding Reception

projector screen
The ballroom with orange umbrellas hung down the ceiling
sime darby convention centre

Fahril & Zara’s Wedding

host table
going up the stage

Comments about SDCC:
siewwee @ Nov 2012
Attended a wedding dinner at Sime Darby Convention Center last weekend. My first impression: this place has ample parking. The moment i set foot into the grand ballroom, my first thought was that the design is stunning with a touch of oriental - i really like the yellow and orange umbrella on the ceiling. The ballroom is spacious with no pillars. So, all the guests can have a good look of the couple march-in and other event on the stage. The environment and ambiance are definitely of hotel standard. Further, this place serves halal Chinese food, so it's a great option for couples who intend to invite Muslim guests.
Well, the only down side of this place was the quality of the waiters. From what i observed, some of them acted prompt and efficient. They took the initiative to ask the guests whether they need a refill of wine. But some of them just stood there, ignoring the empty tea cups that are 'dying' to be refilled. One waiter accidentally drop the wine glass and the lady's blouse was soaked in wine. Instead of grabbing a napkin and apologized, he just stood there and looked stun. It was the supervisor who saves the day. When the supervisor wasn't looking, he actually turned and made stupid faces to another waiter. He did not look sorry at all.
Well, my final verdict, for brides-to-be who want to be away from the crazy kl traffic, this is definitely the place.

saycheese @ Nov 2012
Attended wedding dinner at Sime Darby Convention Centre. Good ambiance and waiters divide foods for everyone. This is good as it will prevent food wastage.

@ Oct 2012
Visited Sime Darby Convention center last week, very nice pillar less hall.

"Everything same as hotel. Food is good. Package is good. They even have a roof garden and 2 suites up there which is included in the package. The only deciding factor is the 'convention center' vs 'hotel'."

clarins @ 2010 says:
"I attended wedding at SDCC few times! service, food, ambience excellent. This place ambience as superb as Hotel standard. Can contact Mr Lee, the Sales Manager."

hot-choc @ 2011 says:
"You can try Sime Darby Convention Centre. Big ballroom with no pillars"

amanda angels says:
"After our Live Band's show last night for a wonderful Wedding....I also vote for the impressive SIME DARBY CONVENTION CENTRE. the place is pillarless..high ceiling...lots of parking. Easy access. No jam. Away from the hustle and bustle of the maddening KL traifc Jam."

"The finale of Fahril and Zara’s Wedding was a magnificent reception at the SDCC. Everything was beautiful from the lovely hall, the stunning gown, elegant deco, delicious food, etc."

sime darby convention centre
The SDCC Grand Ballroom wedding banquet setup, deco, wedding cake and exterior

Sime Darby Convention Centre
Website: http://www.simedarbyhospitality.com/sdcc
Add: 1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1, 60000 KL
Tel: +603 2089 3688
Email: enquiries.sdcc@simedarby.com

China Treasures Chinese Restaurant
Tel: +603 2089 3788
Email: chinatreasures.sdcc@simedarby.com

Wedding Packages:
Price per table options: RM988++, RM1,199++, RM1,388++



References: theestherchew.blogspot.com, simedarbyconvention.com, http://www.themarriage.com

Shots and Poses Ideas with Arture Photography

You can get some ideas on the poses/ shots to prepare for your upcoming wedding or photo-shoot here. Take note on how to pose, what you want in the photo and the overall mood. A good photographer will make it happen.

Lighting is usually a problem with indoor photography. Experienced photographer Shin of Arture Photography makes good use of natural and artificial lighting to capture the interior details beautifully.  Where you stand, where and how to focus matter, they are well taken care of. 

When you are at a location away from home, remember to seize the uniqueness of that place. Landmarks such as structures and buildings photographed with the right techniques are going to look great, different from what the naked eyes see. Birds hovering in the sky against the background of the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic below is such a wonderful sight to behold.
A majestic shot

Have some greens for a refreshing image

Brides and their wedding dress, her most prized possession shot is a must.
Admiring the wedding dress before it is donned. The brightness enhances the image.

Try the dramatic night shot at the beach. Sometimes getting dirty can be rewarding. The result is remarkable.
This is how you showcase your stunning wedding gown in a dramatic way

Examples of intimate moments with an artistic touch and good composition.
Sun glare is right at the spot where he kisses her

A good close-up of happiness

The casual shot with the two enjoying the sea breeze in a stylish way.

You want to share your happiness with the people you care about and this picture says it all.

Fetch-the-bride on the actual wedding day. What a precious moment.

Sometimes adding a little imagination to the framing makes the photo more captivating. This image captures the couple's smile as they have fun together.

Arture Photography - Shin (ChongSian)
Website: www.arturephotography.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ArturePhotography
Tel: 012-294 6169/ +65-8444 5582
Email: info@arturephotography.com

  • 3rd Place of AsiaWPA First Half Competition 2015
  • Execellence Award of AsiaWPA First Half Competition 2015
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Wedding Details)
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Bride or Groom Alone)
  • Silver Awards of WPPI First Half Online Competition 2015 (Portrait Individual)
  • Excellence Award of AsiaWPA 2014
  • Member of Master Photographers Association, UK (LMPA)
  • Member of Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA)
  • Member of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 

A New Chapter in Life begins at the Passion Road

For more wedding options, their package prices, review and details, follow the link here.

I would describe it as a modern private wedding venue. Passion Road offers wedding packages with Asian or Western menu. The food received very good comments, taste wise. Everyone loves the delicious mushroom soup, assam laksa and brownies. However the set menu food portion may be too small and the dishes get cold. I can already imagine my uncle saying "Aiya, not used to gwai lou food, have to go supper later." If your relatives are comfortable with western or fusion food, this will be a perfect choice.

Alternatively go for the buffet where there will be plenty of food. The only problem is your guests may have to queue up for a long time if the group is big. With everyone walking around, it can be a little messy. Try not to max out the space. I once attended a garden wedding, the tables were set up on a wet grass compound after an earlier heavy downpour. It was definitely challenging for the ladies who walked in their lovely stilettos.

The ambiance of this venue when lighted up at night will blow you away. Just by looking at the photos, I could already feel the excitement and love being emitted in the air. Very pleasant environment no question. The guests will be surrounded by nature, they can see trees and greens and beautiful ornaments all over. Don't forget about the cooling system, have sufficient coolers/ fans to ensure a comfortable celebration that will be remembered for a long long time. On the flip side, the PIC is hard to contact. Tables are scattered in different sections of the restaurant and not every guest could have a good view. There is no elevated stage.


Source: iamthewitch.com | Jul 2011
passion road
Ryan + Joanna (Oct 2013) by JohnPoh
 A purple butterfly church solemnization ceremony at Passion Road outdoor

garden wedding shaded
Outdoor solemnization ceremony
nice photo
(http://munkeat.com/?p=1118) Andrew and Penny's Wedding; photos by MunKeat

Apr 2014
We had our wedding dinner reception a year ago in Passion Road and was very happy with the food. While food tasting experience wasnt very positive, after some face to face discussion with Vinz I think their kitchen crew got it right. Laksa was simple awesome. Another commendable matter was how our concern on mosquito was handled. Fogging was done pretty thoroughly lol. Generally we are happy to recommend this laidback venue to anyone who prefers a more casual and homely environment for a wedding =)

Sep 2013
Gosh, my experience with Passion Road was so bad! Our wedding planner said she never worked with anyone THAT bad. The guy Vinz never calls back and will not help you to do anything. They just want you money! Do yourself a favor and don't use them!
Jul 2013
Passion Road was indeed beautiful but HOT. However the concept was brilliant. Instead of typical Asian-style of sit-down-and-wait-for-food-to-be served for the entire night, people are FREE to get rowdy, i.e. hovering around meeting other people, roaring with laughter, dancing to the music and eating heartily. Wall partition and pillars - blocking the view.

White drapes, ceiling ball lights and mirrors helped to enhance the ambiance. No stage. Pork-free. Asian buffet menu would generally be loaded with really spicy dishes. There were positive feedbacks on assam laksa and brownies from some of our guests while roast lamb recived mixed reception with some commenting that it was awesome, some mentioning that it was not fresh. Two-line buffet queue for a crowd of 250 pax would take anything more than 30 minutes or even up to an hour. Otherwise, while table d'hote may save the irritation of human traffic jam, it may not be great option to ensure that the food served would be optimally warm, especially dishes that would be served at later times. Do take note that food tasting is not complimentary service but 50% discount is entitled for clients.
Ambience ia good but the mosquitoes spoil the environment. I was here for friends wedding. Food, ambience, decor, all ok, but the ventilation is quite poor. Maybe better if they install mist fans.
Attended wedding dinner here, poor service, left the place still feeling hungry.
Jul 2011 
During my first visit there, our major complaint was that the venue was warm and stuffy, even though there were ceiling fans provided. This time around, they added more fans on the pillars, as well as several units of giant coolers surrounding the area. It was a very pleasant environment with plenty of air flow. I always loved the lighting and decoration at Passion Road – the chandeliers and warm orange lights set the right atmosphere and mood for not only the couple but the guests.

Passion Road

Website: www.passionroad.com.my
Add: No.16, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (603)2166 7111
Email: passion.rd@gmail.com / passionroad@passionroad.com.my

Rental for outdoor solemnization ceremony: RM5000
Passion Road Wedding Packages details for 2013. from RM120nett per pax
Package includes: free-flowing RO water, free-flowing RO water, welcoming drinks, candlelights and basic fresh floral arrangement (gerberas and roses only), table runner, mosquito-fogging done a night prior to the wedding,
Does not include: wedding favours, invitation card, guest book, PA systems and multimedia equipments, Air coolers, Wedding dummy/ real cake

Buffet table set-up > up to 300 pax
Table of 10 set-up > up to 150 pax


Ref: ruecardengineer.blogspot.com
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