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List of Wedding Emcees Malaysia

Wedding Emcee (Master of Ceremony or MC) is very crucial in making the wedding event more memorable. He or she keeps track of time, makes sure the event flows smoothly, engages the audience, announces the bride and groom’s entrance, ceremonies and adds more excitement to the celebration.

Cecilia Emcee (Yen Lin) | Facebook | Instagram | 016-221 3799 | RATES $ 

wedding emcee Malaysia

The way Cecilia interacts with the crowd is really honest. Funny and lively, she is such a natural entertainer. From organizing the event order, presenting messages that represent the true wedding story to thanking the guests, she makes sure that your wedding reception runs like clockwork. She fills in the gap, assisting in any manner required; Languages: Mandarin / Cantonese, English, Malay.

Adam Shamil Studios | YouTubeFacebook | Instagram 

A Malaysian content creator, emcee (English and Malay), actor, film enthusiast, and aspiring singer-songwriter brings a unique blend of talents to the role of a wedding emcee, promising a memorable and inclusive experience for all guests.

Pencipta kandungan Malaysia, pengacara (Bahasa Melayu, Inggeris), pelakon, peminat filem dan penyanyi-penulis lagu membawa gabungan bakat yang unik kepada peranan pengacara perkahwinan, menjanjikan pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan dan inklusif untuk semua tetamu.

Emcee Arasan | Facebook | Instagram

Excellent spoken English and Tamil. Play games during wedding, made everyone laugh. He is hilarious!

The Raw Note | 016-207 0957 | PACKAGES $ 

As the live band, wedding coordinator as well as the master of ceremony, The Raw Note really excels in running the show. The emcees are articulate and multilingual, particularly fluent in English and Mandarin. This is much needed for guests that come from different backgrounds. [Reviews]


Emcee Mei | Facebook

Emcee Mei brings vibrancy, and charm to her role as a wedding host.

Emcee Mei 是一位充满活力,亲和,经验丰富的婚宴主持人。她把您的婚宴当成自己的人生大事看待,而每一次的呈现,都是用心付出。

Megat Hakim | Instagram

Event planner, Emcee and sound system


Emcee Aaron | Facebook | Instagram

Professional Emcee & An entertainer. Specialized in Wedding Receptions & Hype Event

Right Tone Music – Live Band and Event Planning | | 016-778 5723 | RATES $ 

Right Tone Music provides live band, emcee and event planning services. Customers praised Joyce for being a terrific emcee, executing a stellar show, guiding them throughout the entire wedding event, and making sure that it ran smoothly. Other commendable emcees are Winford, Jeros and Kelvin. Check the review here.

Wedding emcee Malaysia MC master of ceremony

Grace Tan – Rhumba Event |

Review: “Thanks to Emcee Grace for the smooth coordination, albeit my “kinda” last minute planning.”

With a keen sense of timing and attention to detail, Grace ensures that each part of the celebration unfolds smoothly and according to plan. She engages with the guests in a warm and inclusive manner, fostering a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. 





  • Azam Zainal | FB Page | 016-665 2247 

Freelance emcee, Top 10 Pantene Star Search from RM1K

Wedding emcee and singer. Review: English, mandarin + singing and own band. freelancer with many years of private & corporate experience.

Host Wedding and Events, Pengacara

  • Cody Lim | FB page  | 012-402 7879 

event planner, emcee, game master, voice over, guests had positive comments about him. did a great job. converse in English and Chinese

professional, entertaining, made the reception lively, uses unique words, nice and highly recommended, RM2K++, speaks English, Canto, Mandarin, Hokien, more responsive, flamboyant

fluent in BM and English, Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding MC

Review: Can try looking for my previous wedding emcee @emceevivian on instagram. Superb wedding emcee with reasonable prices. 

wedding emcee, dai kum (tea ceremony), humorous.

mc, entertainer, comedian

She is great and she helped me a lot, you wont be regret if you are looking for a good emcee

Emcee Charles Anthony, a versatile fun loving trilingual host capable of handling protocol & casual events with his own signature stage showmanship.

Experienced emcee

She is eloquent ~ Multilingual Emcee with rich experience, LIVE anchor ~ Hosting makes her feel happy and warm

喜爱旅游;能言善道~临场经验丰富的 Multilingual Emcee, LIVE 主播 ~ 主持让她感到快乐与温暖

Jessy – very natural, does not have to read from paper, she can sing well too

Anthony provides a comprehensive single or bilingual emcee service of English and Mandarin!

  • Azman Zakaria | | Facebook |  019-354 9878 

Professional Emcee

Wedding reception planning, coordinating and bilingual emceeing. excellent stage presence. entertaining, really good. Former actor.

Value for money, stylish mc.


  • Emcee Henrrey | Facebook | 012-574 2989 – Henrrey is a quick witted, humorous emcee
  • Jason Jay – Trinity Events | Facebook – wedding celebrant, emcee, musician, event management, decorations
  • Emcee Zi Wen | Facebook | Instagram – English, Chinese & Cantonese Emcee | Host. She is caring and try her best to organize everything 
  • Macho Macha Entertainment | Facebook – Sound + DJ & Emcee
  • Adrian Yeoh – Awesome Creative Events | Facebook – good English communication


  • Emce Rozana Rahmat | Instagram – Wedding emcee, deejay, professional host
  • Emcee Simon Chua | | Facebook
  • D’Amore Music Entertainment | Facebook | JB | Emcee Shin Kong and Lawrence, Live band
  • Fusion Music Event | | JB – Emcee, string quartet, live band, Chinese Orchestra


  • Emcee Ryan Han | Facebook – Emcee and yoyo performer
  • Fredz Yeoh | Facebook – Event host and wedding emcee
  • Nazrul Zawawi | Facebook – Entertaining, have been emceeing weddings since 2017. Mengacarakan majlis persandingan sejak 2017 dikawasan sekitar Kuching dan Samarahan. Pengalaman mengacarakan majlis perkahwinan secara santai dan menghiburkan.
  • Jeff Chan | Instagram – Wedding emcee and Chinese traditional wedding chaperon, Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei


  • Diana Clevon Monjuil Sabah Emcee Event Wedding Planner (Dcm Entertainments) | Facebook – She is sporting and very reliable
  • Margaret Kibat | Instagram – Kota Kinabalu MC, celebrant & singer
  • MC Jason – That Sabahan emcee | Instagram | Facebook – Lifestyle & Entertainment Host, HRDF-Certified Corporate Trainer & Speaker, wedding emcee
  • Emcee Mag KK | Facebook – Jinnyboy famous youtuber’s Wedding Celebrant


  • Kisha Mega Events | Kedah, Ipoh | – Emcee, DJs, dancers, audio, lighting systems, fog, bubble machine
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