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We collect and analyze information like reviews – good or bad, price, general feedback, style or quality of various wedding vendors’ work gathered from different sources and websites, make the research data available here on They serve as guidelines for the initial due diligence before engaging any vendors for your wedding.

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The listed vendors are not necessarily recommended by WEDresearch, they are for research and comparison purposes. Photos and reviews posted here are for reference and their Sources are included. WEDresearch does not hold responsibilities for the quality of services/ products provided by the vendors listed. Reviews are written purely based on personal preference and feedback gotten at a particular point in time. We do not accept the liability for any damages you endure from using the Portal. We are not responsible for the accuracy of feedback and comments posted by visitors of this website. They do not represent our views and are therefore not endorsed by We may remove any derogatory, illegal, obscene or suspicious comments and comments that are offensive towards sensitive topics. This website contains advertisements.


Information and feedback are retrieved from bridal magazines, forums, sites, books, vendors, friends, fellow brides who willingly share their experience to the benefit of other BTBs and based on our personal experiences. Comments regarded are dated approximately 3 years prior to the date of posting (Some are older if they are still valid). The general list of references is here; [SOURCES], otherwise it will appear on the post itself.