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Emcee Desmond Ting

Organizing special activities for the wedding reception can be exhausting. One interesting way to entertain your guests without too much effort from your side is to hire an experienced emcee to cheer up the evening. I came across a talented master of ceremony on my cousin’s wedding at the Grand Imperial restaurant located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Desmond Ting has been mentioned by a few other brides/ grooms who had him emceed their wedding functions. I personally think he is hilarious, spontaneous and a great entertainer. Language wise he could speak in a few Chinese dialects Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien fluently. His spoken English is ok. I would highly recommend Desmond if most of your guests could understand Chinese.

tall chinese guy emcee wedding
 Unfortunately I didn’t manage to capture a good angle and more interesting snapshots. Here’s a short clip of Desmond emceeing.

One of the programs of the night include a game that involved everyone in the audience. Each table was given a task to collect a few items such as a Samsung handphone, a driver’s license, a man’s belt, a high heel shoe… and has to bring the collectibles to the stage by a male and a female. The four pairs who got to the stage first would get an ang pow (red packet) from the bride & groom. They then had to perform a dance with the accompanied music of cha-cha, twist, etc. The loudness of the audience applause would determine who wins the grand prize. It was quite a fun arrangement where everyone had a good laugh. The way Desmond interacted with people was effortless, he managed to set off their sporting self when he asked them questions. His choice of words was witty and most of the time comical. He spoke in Cantonese that night.
Desmond recited some well wishes verses in a poetic way to the couple. He also wished them the best of  health, love, abundance, fertility… all the words that must be uttered on a Chinese wedding.

Jan 2015 (Review provided to wedresearch via email)
We wanted William Lee but he was already booked therefore we engaged Desmond. Kinda worried about choosing him at first since there weren’t many reviews about him (compared to William) but he exceeded my expectations. Desmond knows his job well and great in engaging the audience. He was funny too.
Languages/ Dialect (Fluency): Chinese/Cantonese great, English side was alright for us. Price: RM3k
Nov 2012
Desmond Ting may not have the online presence of William Lee, but he is no where below William in terms of his experience and professionalism. He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Hokkien. Highly recommended to those with guests from a variety of background. If anything, Desmond was much more responsive when it comes to attending to inquiries from prospective clients like me. He does put in efforts to contact the prospective clients in between his busy schedules. He also provides banquet coordination services so that the couple can be relieved of their wedding planning duties for the night. Do take note that he is on the flamboyant side. 

Desmond Ting
FB Page:
Tel: 012-396 9384
Rates: RM3000 (2015)

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