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Wedding Emcee | Kelvin Sim

Experienced in emceeing since 1991, Kelvin has hosted more then 250 wedding dinners. That is a really impressive number. He emcees and coordinates weddings, liaises with the banquet manager to ensure things go smoothly. Language : English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay. If you are looking for a wedding emcee to add some sparkle to the auspicious celebration, hire this organized articulate master of ceremony. Check out his blogspot page. He is a detailed person, you can find his biodata, from work experience down to his vital stats! interesting guy. His spoken Chinese and English is good, but I am not sure about this “Ladies and gentlemens…”

Kelvin hosting in Cantonese and English. The video also shows him as an event coordinator

Emceeing in Mandarin and English
Feb 2016
My emcee – Kelvin Sim. Super duper good..If you gals liking for emcee, i seriusly recommend look for him as he can speak English, Mandrin and Cantonese. And he will assured you that he will do the liasing with the venue wedding banquet manager to ensure things goes smoothly. He is well planned and organized too! Very experienced emcee.

Kelvin Sim Hun Beng Emcee

FB Page:
Tel: 016-206 6530

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