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A Romantic Comedy Flick by YH Photography – The Eternity

YH Photography’s Ethan Chow (Yi Heng) is an expert in story-telling photography. His collection of photos is as stimulating as a Romantic comedy/ Chick flick which is filled with drama, comedy, storyline that revolves around relationships of friends, family and lovers, with a happy ending.

1. Heavy with Emotions
The protagonists of the story are of course the bride and groom. The strong emotions experienced during a wedding will turn you into a drama queen – laughing very hard in one instant and crying like a baby in another. Ethan captures the moments so beautifully that you can actually feel their emotions just like watching a film. 
crying while listening to hubby talk
The EMO state
clapping and enjoying the speech
The smallest thing would make you go hysterical
hugging parent during tea ceremony
Grinning from ear to ear

2. Relationship Based

The story is based on love and relationships. Ethan makes sure the important people around the couple are captured in the wedding photos in a special way. The side plots of your best buddies aka the bridesmaids and groomsmen would make the wedding story more interesting, especially their efforts in arranging the events and making them fun! The feelings of the bride/ groom’s parents would be somewhat bitter sweet. On one hand they are happy for the blissful marriage, on the other, they will miss their children and get anxious about their journey ahead.

important people around the couple are captured in the wedding photos in a special way. 
the cast of this melodrama
Positioning the supporting casts in free-style poses will add more spice to the wedding melodrama
miss the daughter
Father and motherly love
groom did something
Don’t know what the groom did, but it certainly was something touching… makes me want to see more photos from this album.
romantic comedy is relationship based
Nice Girl power shot – your confidante to whom you share all your secrets with
time to reflect the things in the past
Individual portrait. Some “alone” time.

3. Fairy Tale

You will be the center of attraction with all eyes set on you, your groom and the smashing wedding gown. Equipped with the skills to capture the intricacy of any unique venue or details, beautiful scenes of the environment and people, “YH Photography – The Eternity” creates images that are fairy-tale-like for keepsake. How often will you dress in a princess gown, walk gracefully in a nicely decorated room full of people – your prince charming then invites you to the first dance? Every bride should relax and enjoy her day; and let the professional photographer capture the precious moments.
grand church wedding
The magnificent church captured beautifully. The entire congregation’s focus is on you.
white castle romantic
Your knight in shining armor invites you for the first dance in a white castle. So romantic.

4. Comedy

At times things happen spontaneously or unexpectedly which provide some comic relief to the event. Your friends and family might give you a surprise, the popped champagne bottle may send some of the fizzy drink the crowd’s way, your best man say something extremely hilarious. The joy and laughter are the best part of a wedding.
captures the moment when the wine splashes
A popped champagne captured at the right time
pushing the couple together
They are having so much fun

5. Happy Ending – They Live Happily Ever After

The climax of the movie is when he finally confesses his feelings and the two kiss. These valuable scenes should not be missed! 
time to say the vows
An artistic framing and focus.
cherish the moment
The couple will definitely cherish this

May 2017: Having gone through quotes and discussions with a few wedding photographers, we felt at ease and comfortable with Ethan. He takes the time to listen and understand the couple’s perspective and vision for their wedding. We were referred to Ethan and his team by my makeup artist who gave her recommendation after working with so many photographers in her profession. Ethan’s portfolio impressed us and we confirmed with Ethan without a hesitation right away.
Ethan is very patient and comfortable to work with. He even made time to meet with us to discuss about the schedule and planning before the wedding and this honestly eased our worries.
Ethan and his partner Ryan demonstrated how passion drives perfection on our wedding. We received requests for his contact from our family and friends, and that speaks louder than any reviews on words!
We sought for a photographer but we got ourselves a friend in Ethan and Ryan!
Oct 2016
very friendly and professional photographer…..he really have patient to teach us how to pose. his photo really make me feel alive!!! really recommended to all of you who need a good photo shooting.
Perfect!!!! I like all photos here. Impressive. Reminded me about all special moments in my life as well.
Amazing wedding photographer!!!True professionals!!!Highly recommended.
Jan 2014
A BIG BIG thank you to Chow Yi Heng & Teng Foung for the amazing wedding photos…
To us the day itself felt perfect, but to have all of those special moments captured in the photos makes us feel exceptionally privileged. We knew that finding the right photographer for our wedding was one of the most important decisions we would take. We really appreciate the high level of service that we received, your professionalism as well as passion; and most of all the exceptional artistic talent that you have.
We were very impressed with the way you effortlessly captured the relaxed easy atmosphere of the day. There are some awesome shots. We look so relaxed and happy and so do our guests.You blended in perfectly and I don’t think people even realised their photo was being taken!!

YH Photography – The Ethanity
FB Page:
Tel: 012-393 2885 (Ethan)

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