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MUA | Aivy Yong – Part 1

There’s another more updated post about Aivy Yong here.

Aivy is characterized as
skillful, professional, punctual and able to fulfill the customer’s
requirements. Brides are happy with the results so far. She uses the
air-brush technique which is spraying microdots of liquid foundation
masking your face to not exaggerate the pores, giving it a more natural
look. Do be mindful, this technique may not compliment your skin, my
advice is test it first, book one round of trial with Aivy. It can work wonders covering blemishes evenly which cannot be achieved by traditional makeup.

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Reviews about Aivy:

visitor of WEDresearch @ Mar 2012 says:
“Makeup artist I settled with Aivy Yong, as I think her price is fair and
she’s good at airbrush makeup-going for trial on 6th april..I rarely
wear makeup so it’s ok with me..”

cover all break out pimples blemishes
perfect bridal makeup

detailed intritacate hair piece, big beads
Stan and Bee pre-wedding PS
PG: Andrew Yep
MUA: Aivy Yong

Contact Details:

Mobile: +6012 3226398

Location: Publika Solaris Dutamas


side swept bridal hair, clean smooth complexion
Soothing and sweet air brush makeup by Aivy
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