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Amazing Results by Popular Chris Fong Make Up

The older post I wrote about Chris Fong became the undisputed most popular bridal makeup artist page of WEDresearch wedding blog. It fetched in total of 1510 hits, the all time highest with the most Facebook LIKES. Hence there’s little reason for me not to write another blog review on this popular MUA. I was initially drawn to her by the “before and after” makeup photos on her official websites. The transformation was unbelievably amazing. I thought she created wonders with her proficient fingers.

With this post I have carried out a more in depth study and gathered better understanding on her bridal styling. Chris understands every bride’s desire to be beautiful and to photograph well. She is going to make you look like the best version of yourself not someone barely recognizable. After a session of careful analysis on the results she delivered, I am now more convinced of the reason she’s so widely admired. The bridal makeup is not over-applied. Chris contours the bride’s facial and eyes attributes to compose an outstanding look intensifying their own natural beauty. 

Read the actual brides’ reviews and understand their perceptions of Chris Fong. Brides loved the natural makeup and fantastic hairdo she created which turned them into a classic beauty. She is very talented and professional in conforming to the situation at hand. No more puffy eyes! The computing term WYSIWYG is the acronym for “What you see is what you get”. Likewise Chris’ deliverable is WYAIWYG which is “What you ask is what you get”. Her customers seemed to receive the styling they requested with high satisfaction.

Jess @ Apr 2012
thanks Chris, your make up and hairdo is fantastic and so professional,
its very natural and the hairdo suit me well. love it love it love it.
Veron @ Nov 2010
I gave Chris Fong a “Wow….” Amazing…. I just woke up with puffy eyes and she actually turned a monster into a beauty!!
AnsonC @ Mar 2010
“Hi, my MUA was Chris Fong. I need to share this with you, she
is very talented and professional, and I received a lot of compliments from
my guests about how pretty but natural I look during my wedding dinner. I had
short hair and had been really worried about how my look will turn out to be.
2 weeks before my wedding event Chris came to my house, and I shared my
concern with her and told her that I did not want to wear fake long hair, she
took note of my request and just asked me to get some hair piece that I like,
which I did. And the whole effect turned out awesome! I also told her I
wanted elegant, “bare” and natural look, I did not like heavy make
up, and again she did a really good job. When we met, Chris went thru’ all my
gowns to have a better idea of how to design my makeup and hairdo.”

Brides were absolutely delighted with the results crafted by Chris as they were complimented about how pretty they looked. With her experience, she is able to turn a concern or problematic condition into an advantage. The anxious bride with short hair got an awesome bridal look with the right combination of hair piece, accessories, makeup and styling. Veron commented Chris got rid of her puffy eyes and turned her from a monster into a beauty. Btw she is not at all a monster 🙂 (photo below)

young cute looking
Bride: Veron
Sultry beauty bride
Bride: Connie. The natural makeup that is able to bring out the raw beauty in her.
choker necklace pearls long curls
Bride: Jesslyn. Matching hair chain, pearl choker, half down soft curls, glamorous makeup and the princess gown.
side curly pony, looks elegant in orange dress
Bride: Viny. Chris made her eyes pop with radiance. Along with the side curly pony, she looks very elegant in that orange dress.
from plain jane to utmost gorgeous and glam, enhance facial attributes
Bride: Ya Yee. Superb and amazing result by Chris. She understands how to refine the eye contour and facial attributes in the right way.

match overal shade lip color, classy twisted loop updo wedding
Chris carefully draws the eye lining, matches the overall shade and lip color. She gave the bride a classy twisted loop updo.
single strap wedding dress, getting ready morning AD
glamorous happy occasion
versatile, soft, bold, funky, sweet, innocent, sexy
Pick your favorite hair style. I like the side low updo.

Chris Fong Bridal Makeup Services

FB page:
Tel: +6012-6866588
Package price:
2 sessions (2 makeup + 2 hairdo) for wedding day and reception starts at RM800, free ampoules, fake eyelashes.

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