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Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

As we bid farewell to the GoT series, we will always remember how the details of the production amazed us in every sense of word. It is not surprising that wedding vendors and planners want to make use of the theme to create a special wedding. 

game of thrones wedding

The impeccable hair-styling, the contrast of the dragon queen with snow white hair and Jon Snow’s pitch black outfit   

Fur coat for the winter


dani and jon snow wedding

Jon, Dani and Ghost


Photographed by WLOON Photography at the most amazing place full of mystery in Northern Ireland, the location where Game of Thrones was shot. 


Game of Thrones is impossible without the Iron Throne of course. Louisville’s Knight School of Welding funded the project donating $7,800 to make Michael Hayes’ dream of building a replica of the Iron Throne for his wedding come true. [source]


It took the team 110 hours and over two months to make the life-sized, aluminum throne equipped with up to 400 individually-cut swords for this lovely GoT wedding.

Wow direwolf!


Thematic GoT dragon cake


Bring on your House’s sigil!

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