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GANCUBE – Gifts and Rubik’s Cube Wedding

Engineered for speedcubers, GANCUBE is recognised for its powerful performance. There are many enthusiasts who love a high quality cube which is cool with amazing features. GANCUBE is a wonderful Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine’s Day gift as well as a thoughtful personal gift for those are passionate about this competitive sport. It has a robust design that reduces its susceptibility to accidental damage. Rubik’s cube is a low cost yet very rewarding hobby.

GANCUBE Rubik’s Cube – Lovely Wedding Gift or Thoughtful Personal Gift

Why You Should Buy a GAN Air 

Magnets-Locking Design

The Magnets-Snap-On feature in AirSM prevents magnets from dropping and improves the precision of their positions. The handfeel will be more steady and comfortable with the 3mm*2mm magnets.

Powerful strength with favourable weight

The high strength screws keep the cube light but strong, which weighs only 76 grams

Magnet Capsules – 48 magnets, 48 accelerators

The 48 magnetic capsules that are already present in the GAN356 Air M help each layer to move into place more quickly due to the attraction of the magnets to one another. Each capsule is visible and is perfectly positioned in the notch.

Fast and Smooth

A modulation of the curve parameters is made to make them more compatible with the magnet positioning system. Therefore, the AirSM is more stable and better-performing. With its splendid Corner-Cutting system (Positive 55º Reverse 30º), it turns in a blink super smoothly.

Feliks Zemdegs broke the 3×3 Single WR with 4.22s using GAN Air SM at Cube for Cambodia 2018.

Tune to Your Handfeel

Set up to your best handfeel without opening the whole cube. GAN 356 Air offers 4 types of GES springs with different elasticity. You can try out the various tensions by just opening the center cap and replace the nuts. Then put the cap back to the speed cube (aici).

Rubik’s Cube Themed Wedding Ideas

GAN330 key ring is a convenient speed cube puzzle you can bring wherever you go. This cool mini cube which has GAN cube’s features, is perfect for wedding favour or door gift

Rubik’s cube Key Chain Wedding gift or favour

Cube Wedding Announcement

Benefits of Playing Rubik’s Cube

Helps in Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition includes comparing and making connections between the information received with data that has previously been stored in the brain. Understanding patterns enables us to foresee and prepare for the future, therefore improve cognitive skills.

Improves Problem Solving Skill

This is the ability to dissect a problem into numerous, little components and then concentrate on each one separately. Solving a Rubik’s cube involves many variations of twists, turns, and combinations.

Improve Your Memory

You will need to focus and memorise the spatial patterns to solve a Rubik’s cube.

Helps Prevent Boredom

This leisure will keep your attention focused because it requires a lot of concentration. It’s physical and brain-centric, a great brain teaser to occupy your time. 

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