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How to Plan For Your Wedding Live Band

Everyone would love to find The best wedding live band in Malaysia for their wedding, but in my opinion there is no such a thing as the best wedding live band, there is however the most suitable one. Together with feedback and comments from different readers’ as well as my own experience, here’s something I would like to share to inspire your wedding live band hunting/ planning journey.

1. Research and Plan your Live Band as Early as Possible

Live Band is an industry of talents and vocalists are unique. It is absolutely possible to find and meet a very good singer or musician who fits your exact requirements, but she or he may not be available on your wedding day. As I have been told, good vocalists are booked way in advance (a year before) especially on hot and auspicious dates. Therefore the sooner you seal the deal, the better choices you will get and usually at more attractive rates.

Research and plan the wedding live band as early as possible to book your preferred vocalist/ musicians. Photo:

2. Budget

There are full or part time, professional, semi-pro, freelance singers and musicians. Truth be told, hiring professional and good musicians is definitely not going to be cheap. They can only play in one location at a time and reputable, talented, experienced ones are grabbed fast. Naturally, the popular ones demand a higher fee. You get what you pay for. To get good quality performance, I would recommend that you choose a more professional band from a reliable company. Get ready for an above average price tag.

3. Sound System

This is generally ignored during planning. One cannot assume that the venue’s (restaurant or hotel) sound system is good enough for a live music performance. As a matter of fact, many restaurants do not provide the audio system for live bands. Even if there is, the system would not be of live band quality and there is no sound engineer provided. A live audio engineer is responsible for blending and balancing multiple sounds from musical instruments, voices or recording. The sounds are equalized, in harmony without anyone over-powering the other. It is recommended that you hire a reputable live band as they usually provide a good sound system and sound engineer to control the audio quality the audience hears.

A reputable live band provides a good sound system and sound engineer to control the audio
quality the audience hears. Photo from

4. Let the Professional Advise You

It is very normal to have your own preferences in terms of song genre or the kind of musical instruments to be played on the wedding day. Unfortunately your preference may not match your guests’ taste. Hence a professional live band is there to assess the crowd’s musical inclination by observing the audience age group, their responses to the performance and so on then react accordingly. They will adjust their repertoire list to achieve the best result in entertaining the wedding guests. For example Jazz music is really relaxing and unique but not everyone appreciates it, oldies definitely please the older generation but may not go so well with millennials. The experts know the best combination of instruments and song choices, taking your preference into consideration of course.

Experienced live band will adjust their repertoire list to achieve the
best result in entertaining the wedding guests. Photo:

Here are some reputable and recommended live band companies. View the samples on their websites to see which one suits your taste:


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