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Jenny Sun Photography

Jenny Sun’s strength is her talent in capturing her clients’ candid moments through her romantic eyes. Her true passion combining great skills and honest approach give her the competitive advantage. She graduated from a 4-year degree in Graphic Design at University of Technology, Sydney, then pursued a profession in the design field before being actively involved in photography.

This I’m sure is a career that she would have no regrets getting into. Fellow photographers have praised her outstanding abilities online. Jenny currently provides wedding photography services mainly in Australia and Malaysia, also other parts of the world. Comments have it that her work is colorful, bright and full of emotions. The way she works with colors is absolutely tasteful.

People were amazed by her technique of shooting the couples against the sunlight which brings out their happiness colorfully. There is even the word “sun” in her name. True enough she has a vibrant and sunny personality.

Malaysian Customers:

modern wedding
Edah and Yau Chung’s Wedding
Wedding Dress: Chiffon & Lace (strapless silk satin mermaid wedding gown with #sweetheart neckline)
Location: Tenggiri, Bangsar, Malaysia
Photographer: Jenny Sun
Sunny and Bright Shots:
wedding photography

 Jenny’s Favourite Shoots:

wedding portrai on lawn
sydney wedding portrait

Australian Customers:

hugging kisses
wedding ceremony outside taken from above
Shae & Richie’s Wedding
Venue: Long Reef Golf Course

Comments about Jenny Sun:

simplypeachy @ May 2012 says:
“Jenny really captured the abundance of love and emotion from the day
and makes you feel like you were there and I just love that. Thank you
Jenny for capturing and sharing on your blog such a wonderful
celebration that really makes you want to get up and give your loved
ones a call or a cuddle.”
teng wei @ 2010 says: 
“Jenny Sun Photography has that style that many couples dream after.”
Karissa @ Feb 2012 says:
“Every year I try to do a course in photography to keep me fresh &
up-to-date. So as soon as the Jenny Sun workshop came up- I booked very
quickly as I knew this would sell out. This workshop didnt disappoint. I
learnt better shooting techniques, stuff on work/ life balance business
skills. Yes just about EVERYTHING. I would go as far as saying this was
the best course I have ever been to!! Jenny was like one of us, she
fitted in with everyone & was interested in everyone. I guess
honestly the photography industry can be shallow like most professions
& the “who’s who” can think their better & only associate with ”
those sort of people” even though Jenny is a “who who” of the
Australian industry shes is so not like that just cruisey, friendly
& cute.”
Forum with loads of comments –

Jenny Sun Photography

photographer siting on flowers

FB page:

AD wedding collections: from RM4,800 (half to full day coverage, as well as tailor made menus such as premium designer albums, and deluxe prints and canvases)
Pre-wedding collections: from RM2,200.

Wedding collections: fr $3,800
Engagement/pre-wedding collections: fr $650.

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