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KENNFOO WEDDINGS – Redefining Elegance

In the midst of researching and appraising the photographer for my own wedding, I have come across the artistic Kenn Foo. His wedding collection left me an impression that ART literally lives in the photographs. The image archive (on his website and Facebook page) is like a gallery filled with masterpieces, every single one of them requires a substantial amount of skill and creativity to produce. Unquestionably attractive and admirable.

He is an artist with amazing creative vision. Kenn works his shots spontaneously by visualizing on-site taking into consideration the available ambient light and the background. Once the conditions are studied, he would then create the story-book wedding shot blending in that special “moment”. Inspiration from other photographers are also essential at times to allow him to create new ideas and concepts. Combining his artistic fine tuning effort post-capture, the final works of fine art are simply stunning.

awards of excellence wppi
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Engagement Category – Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Ship, The Gulls and us
bronze award
Left: CREATIVE ASIA AWARDS 2011, Bride and Groom Category – Bronze Award
Print title: La Porte Rouge
Right: CREATIVE ASIA AWARDS 2011, Bride and Groom Category – Bronze Award
Print title: Beneath The Leirion Roof
created through artistic eyes of the photographer
One of his classics, the images of a love story created through Kenn’s artistic eyes.
beautiful architecture sun set intimate moment
Intimate moment in front of a beautiful architecture while the sun sets.
small town in tuscany
This is a behind the scenes shot. Kenn was there posing the couple, having some fun with them as well 🙂
Taken at one of the small towns in Tuscany, Italy. 

The series of destination wedding journeys in the past to seize the scenes of Singapore, Bali, Japan, Australia and Italy were very successful. Subsequently KENNFOO Weddings launched the Crossing Continents 2013. I have always been curious about how a destination shooting works. KENNFOO’s Crossing Continents Tour destination consists of 2 – 3 couples. The shooting date and locations for each couple will be scheduled differently to suit their preference. Accommodation, transportation & entrance fees are to be borne by the couples separately. In addition a very detailed itinerary of what to expect from the photo-shoot is provided. With that, photographer and models (the couples) will be stress free as they can estimate the time needed from one location to another. It is like a romantic getaway in a land away from home, and is supposed to be a hassle free vacation!

Video of Behind The Scenes – KENNFOO’s destination pre-wedding Italy 2012
(Rome, Florence & Sienna) by JXS Wedding Cinematography

Leo and Belle – Bali, Indonesia

half print competition awards bride and groom
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Bride and Groom Category – Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Light Ahead of Us
bride alone award wppi
WPPI 2011. 8 x 10 SECOND HALF PRINT COMPETITION, Bride Alone Category – Awards of Excellence
Print title: The Sanctum
beautiful background
yellow gown, groom sitting down

A big segment of his clients are from Singapore! (Or Malaysians working in Singapore). Hence traveling to Singapore for assignments is quite a norm. This fast rising photography star in the northern region gets as many customers in Klang Valley as he does in Penang. He is widely appreciated not only in Malaysia alone. His work left footprints on the hearts of many. It came as no surprise that Kenn was one of the notable photographers who made the list of Asia Top 30 Wedding Photographer (You Must Know) by Signature Weddings Magazine in conjunction with the Signature Weddings Magazine Photography Issue.

top photographer, kenn foo
Kenn shoots good quality photos, without questions. His customers were very impressed and grateful for the awesome shots. Photos of the actual wedding celebration reflect elegance and spontaneity. Bridal shops in general set a limitation to the number of photos you get, for example you can only select 50 copies. They will not give you back the images even the un-edited ones. Unlike the bridal studio, you will get back all the pictures soft copies from KENNFOO’s wedding packages. You can have the whole set of photographs, some portraits showing your face clearly while there are others that focus on special backgrounds such as beautiful landscape, or structure. 
Million Thanks! Awesome, we both like it so much, cant wait to see all the photo!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Kenn, the actual day shots were great…
Crystal Chan
Great Job Kenneith Michelle Foo! EVERYONE is very pleased with your fantastic work! You have definitely carved a good reputation here in the Chan & Stewart Family members!
wearing earring with two hands, putting the shoes on
artistic display, facing each other, reflection of the shoes on wedding
bride look absolutely happy, being squized
eating pastries filled with goody, holding a paper fan
bride kissing groom, bride maids impressed
lighted reception backdrop

Kennfoo Weddings

signature pony and dark glasses
From Left: The amazing shots are results of his hard labor of love for
art, Behind KENNFOO’s lens, Kenn looking smart with his signature back

FB Page:
Tel: +6012 471 1020
Location: Penang (outstation fee is applied)
A member of WPPI and WPPM

Packages starts at: RM3,600 – RM4,800
Destination package investment starts at RM7,000 (Inclusive of airfare for Kenn and Makeup artist)

*Express Confirmation Price: You are entitled to a 20% discount on each package should you book your slot within 10 days after receiving the price list
*Kenn will be the photographer for all packages
*KennFoo’s signature fine art prints are only available for engagement/pre wedding packages
*Actual wedding day photos are kept as ‘original’ as possible

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