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RM 250 for 12 months
  • Normal Listing
  • Photo Gallery
  • Short Description on Vendor Blog Post

Step 1: Make Payment


Make Payment to either one of these accounts:

Name:       TANG LEE YAN 

Bank Name:  Maybank Banking Berhad

Account Number:   114600053717

Name:         INDAGO PLT  

Bank Name:       OCBC Bank 

Account Number:     7011512013

Step 2: Requirements

  1. Company Details 
  2. Company Logo (image file)
  3. Listing: At least three landscape photos 
  4. Profile Header Photo: For best result – Landscape photo with width: 1800px
  5. URL to your video (Youtube or Vimeo) – Optional

Total image files size up to 10MB or 15 photos

Step 3: Company Details, Upload Photos, Payment Receipt and Terms

If you miss out any details or photos, you can upload them later 

By clicking on "I Agree and Send" you agree to the [WedResearch Advertising Service Agreement Terms]