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Advertising Process Workflow

Package Payment

Choose a package and Make payment (Paypal)


Provide company’s details and photos. They can be changed later.


All the ads and the first article will be published within 10 work days after payment is made and information/ material provided. All the articles will be completed within 2 months. 

Listing Features Descriptions

Premium Priority Listing (Gold Package) will be listed first, followed by Promoted (Silver) and Featured (Bronze). 



We will write a short description and what is special about your work/ products, service based on your websites and our research. There is a photo gallery on your profile page.


The short description will also be featured on the vendor blog post. Click on ‘Listing’ on the Menu -> Choose your vendor category. If you Category does not exist yet, we will create a new one.


We will pick a photo or video from your sites to be posted on our Facebook Page: WEDresearch.

Your business and work will be showcased under the Menu ‘Plan’. Here you can find all the tips, research information and options about planning your wedding.


Images and videos for couples to set the bridal, attire, photography style, colors and tone of their wedding. It can be filtered by category.


  • Photo featured on the homepage gallery (Silver)
  • Header banner on homepage on rotational basis (Gold) for at least 3 months


  • Header Banner (on Home page and all blog posts) on rotational basis – Gold
  • Side Banner (on all blog posts) – Silver


There will be a placement of your service/ product into our most popular and high ranking (Search Engine Results) pages relevant to your business, for example: