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PG | Saiful Nang

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Saiful Nang believes “in order for a human being to success in what they do, they must do it passionately.” These were the words of a very successful man and one of the most celebrated photographers in Malaysia, they can’t go wrong. People go on an auto-pilot mode to work day in day out, who would actually renew their enthusiasm constantly? It’s not an easy thing to do, however I do also feel passion is key. It moves your feet to go the extra mile, gives you the urge to learn more, think outside the box and keeps you motivated even on a bad day. 

Because of this passion for photography, Saiful has been developing himself continuously throughout the years. He is a qualified professional Master Photographer certified by MPA and a member of the Wedding & Portrait
Photographer Malaysia, WPPM. Founded by SN in 2004, photography and videography company, CandidSyndrome has covered many high profile events in Malaysia and internationally. For instance, big weddings like the nuptials of the Bruneian royalties, Divas; Ning Baizura & Erra Fazira, musician and producer; Audi Mok and Mr Astronaut; Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar.

As a retired photographer, he shoots irregularly now.
saya hanya shoot 3 wedding sahaja sebagai seorang pesara jurugambar perlahwinan. Yang pertama wedding Prince Malik Ibn Sultan Haji Hasanal Bolkiah, kedua perkahwinan bekas fotografer CS Mattias Ram dan Sara Lindt di Sweden dan yang terakhir perkahwinan staff istimewa kami Shakir di Behrang. Semoga mereka baik-baik hendaknya dalam menjalani rumahtangga.

Einil says:
“Actually Saiful Nang is one of my Fav photographer. I really adore SN because he be able to translate the emotion from the picture that he takes. Seriously, hope sgt2 Encik Faiz Hilmi (i’m really begging u for this sayang) untuk hire SN utk wedding kami.”
pinkbrolly says:
“Engaging SN to be my wedding photographer is one of the best investment I
made. We’ve received some of the photos already and we are blown away! Personally,
I think SN’s strength lies in his eye for the tiniest detail. And that
is exactly what I want in a photographer. I want the different emotions,
that gorgeous detailing of the pelamin, those little beads on the dress
to be captured. For those are the moments that I want to be able to

oversea destination shoot, dancing ballroom in the street Pre-wedding collection
realistic attentive to details

photo samples:
everyone dress up in different color saree traditional indian clothes
A very creative way of shooting a group picture
yellow umbrella to cover the bride Saiful captures the spontaneity of the moment

Malaysian singer Ning Baizura wedded Omar Sharif
Christopher Layton Dalton in Feb 2008 at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre. Saiful Nang and his team CandidSYNDROME were the official photographers to shoot the diva’s wedding and pre-wedding photos.

java ceribon dress, javanese style
On the left: Ning’s Wedding Book.
Right: Ning wearing a Java Ceribon dress made by Jovian Mandangie due to her Javanese background

CandidSyndrome website:
FB page:
Tel: +6 03 80766878 (Office), +6 013 3977715 (Mobile) 


Starts from RM 7,200 per event (4-6 hours coverage)
Inclusive of a grand photobook or a classic b/w album
Outstation fees
RM 500 per day(Malaysia)
RM1,100 per day (International coverage)
Not inclusive :
Mileage at RM0.80 per km
Air-fare ground travelling
Meal at RM50 per day (local) & USD50 per day (international)
Accommodations claimable max at RM250 per day (local), USD200 per day (International)
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