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SG Bridal Johor Bahru

Founded by Kenneth Lau, a professional photographer with 18 years experience, SG Bridal is one of the more talked about bridal houses in JB. The qualified photographers (THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY INTERNATIONAL, HASSELBLAD MASTERS) are able to capture fantastic images. Some photos may appear too dramatic or have been edited too much for one’s taste, but you can always request them to adjust the photography to suit your style. 
Not a big selection of gowns to choose from, you will be able to find more classic dresses that are timeless instead of fashionable pieces which could go out of date in the future. Customer service is good generally and price wise, ok for the quality of their work. 
Apr 2011
SG Bridal do not allow price reduction no matter how u bargain. They can let u add and deduct things from package. Like for me I didn’t want the big wedding photo. I upgraded the page and pose. Then I add on silverprints and I think they give me free page too.

I do agree that their collection of gowns is quite limited, but the way kelvin was able to capture the couple in the photos was fantastic!! I was given a few choices for my indoor gowns and the girls was telling me that I look better in 1 of the gowns… at first glance it didn’t have the WOW factor but the album with the pic was totally different…
Before I signed up with SG bridal, I was also very particular to have dramatic and unique pieces of gowns for my photoshoot… but later to realise that, that will also mean more photos to select afterwards and remove/omit when you are limited by the no. of poses for your album. But of coz you can always top up the no. of pages and pay $$ for more poses to be included.

I think SG Bridal customer service is good to a big extend la… Imagine I neg my package from 1pm to about 9pm. They did not give me bad attitude. I do agree that their gown is quite limited but I would say classic. I am not a trend follower for wedding gown because when seems fashionable now might be outdated in the future. For me, I want a classic gown that bring out my beauty. For me, the willingness to let u try is already very good. From my understanding most bridal shop dun let ppl try out their gown. I have yet to go for their phototaking as I postponed my wedding. However, I am a XL and they do have gown for me.

They have affordable packages.
May 2011

Actual day in S’pore
1 Wedding gown
2 Evening gown
2 coat for groom
1 bouquet
Car deco
(I have one more wedding dinner in Thailand and they allow me to take the gowns there without extra charge)

Photo shoot
1 indoor + 1 outdoor (Sultan garden)
7 sets of costumes with accesseries
7 makeups and hairdos.
7 coats for groom

Take backs
12″ x 30″ crosspage album, 13pages 32 poses (Silverprint)
8″ x 10″ mother’s album, 10pages 21poses
8″ x 10″ table top frame X 2
4R photos / Bookmarks X 200
20″ x 40″ Photo frame
DVD montage
CDR (selected poses) Written as 4R, but they say can print till 8R…

Free gifts
Roll up poster
Guest book
Crystal table top photo

RM 4688
Provide Photo Session
• 2 WG (indoor) + 2 WG (outdoor)
• 3 EG
• 1 Traditional Costume
• Groom coat will change according to Bride’s gown

Provide on AD
• 1 Rom dress
• 1 WG, 1 Tea Dress, 2 EG
• 2 Coat
• Car Decorations with Bear
• Hair Accessories
• Hand Bouquet

• 18 x 24 Crosspage (12 pages) (30poses) with SIlverprint & 七彩边
• 8R album (Full) (21poses)
• 11 x 14 Table Top frame x 2
• 24 x 30 or 20 x 40 Photo Frame x 1
• DVD Montage (2 Songs) (40 poses)
• CD-R (Selected Poses) (4R)
• Guest Book x 1
• CD-cover x 1
• 30 x 60 Poster

actual day photo
Actual day photography
white prince charming
Indoor shooting
shirtless groom photo rose
red black dress
Destination: Italy
prewedding photo holding hands
night stars in the sky
nice building architecture
hold your breath!
nice colors like drawing

SG Bridal House
Add: No.108, Jalan Harimau Tarum, Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607-333 8813
Fax: +607-331 8392


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