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Shanti’s Bridal, Hair & MakeUp | 3D Makeup

I love their makeup! The brides’ faces look like they have been photoshopped, the colors are so vibrant, skin extra smooth, and the eye 3D effects really stand out. It reminds me of reality star Kim Kardashian’s makeup, smokey, prominent eye liners and mascara to make the eyes pop, and the use of shimmery eye shadows in various tones.

Shanti and her daughter Jastina (makeup artist, tailor, mehndi artist, stylist) run a beauty salon one floor above Madras Store in Jalan Masjid India. Their skills in beautifying their brides leave them awe-struck. The art of saree tying and draping, mehndi styling, bridal makeup and hair require a great amount of training.

Nice makeup skill

3D effect of the eye makeup
Modern bridal style.#smokeyeye
before and after
For the white wedding gown
very stunning! #3dmakeup
Traditional Indian bridal style with a modern twist
Mehndi services
You can look your best for the pre-wedding photoshoot
Mar 2017
Dear Jastina,
Thank you for making me to look like a doll on my wedding reception. The eye makeup was simply a bomb! The colors you chose for my eyes and how bright you made them look. My hairstyle suited the outfit and the accessories complimented what I wore. Taken together, you’ve totally made me feel like a Bollywood star on my big day! Tons of thanks and meg zillion thumbs up for the amazing work done on me!
Jan 2017
Jas, I can’t Thank You enough for the awesome work you have done for my wedding and reception.. You are so talented and such a sweetheart.. Your mom would make any bride who is nervous to calm down with her jokes (she is too cute).. I would definitely be in touch with you and would highly recommend you for the upcoming brides out there.. Keep up the amazing work.. Thank You once again
Sep 2016
Dear Jastina & Shanti aunty
Thank you so much for an amazing service (make up, hair do and saree tying) for my engagement & ROM. Everything was spot on and everyone loved the way I looked. <3 See you again in November
Aug 2012
Shanti Perumal, 48 (in 2012) runs Shanti Colour and Beauty Salon, one floor above Madras Store in Jalan Masjid India. She said that in the old days, adorning the hands of a bride with henna was not only a beautification process, but a way to divert “first-night” anxieties.
Her daughter, Jastina Mary Bernard, whom she has coached since age five, charge between RM300 to RM500 per bride to adorn their hands and feet, adding to the tab on a per-hand basis should there be extra requests from the bride’s family members. She offers 10-session mendhi courses for RM800.

Shanti’s Bridal, Hair & MakeUp
FB Page:
Jastina’s House of Mehndi & Bridal:
Add: Jalan Masjid India, KL

The Services they provide: Wedding / Reception make over, All types of Saree tying, Hair-Do, Mehndi Nights, Mehndi for brides and family (Home Services), All types of facial and skincare treatment, Tailoring for wedding blouse / traditional attires and casual saree blouses.


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