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The Real Crazy Rich Asians’ Wedding

The news of ‘The Crazy Rich Surabayans’ wedding have been circulating in various social media platforms. The extravagant pre-wedding photography, proposal, invitations, engagement party and the rumored door gifts of Jaguar sedan and gold coins on the wedding of Jusup Maruta Cayadi and Clarissa Wang, have caught the attention of netizens, comparing it to the wedding in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”.

real crazy rich asians wedding

However not everything you read on the internet can be trusted. Father of the groom, Rendra Tjajadi, owner of palm oil conglomerate (Best Industry Group) has clarified that the Jaguar sedan and gold coins door prizes are hoaxes and not true. There is a prize of hand phone, given to the best dressed guest though. Rendra also denied the rumor on social media that the wedding costs Rp 1 Trillion, it actually costs not more than Rp 10 miliar (about RM2.9 million).

The couple’s pre-wedding photography was taken in five continents Africa, Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Rendra said that they were done spontaneously, when the family was holidaying in those countries.

They do provide air tickets for family members (from both sides of the family) from Surabaya to attend the wedding in Bali. The guests from Jakarta and other countries will pay for their own travel expenses. The wedding will have not more than 450 guests.

The Grand Wedding will be held in Grand Ballroom, The Mulia Resort, Bali on 1 December 2018.

The Proposal at The Venetian Macao, starting with the couple riding on a gondola, then welcomed by a group of dancers, the red carpet, and finally the roll-down proposal banner.

3D Invitations, spinning cut-out of the couple controlled by a button:

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