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Wedding Decoration DIY

Do-it-yourself wedding decoration offers many ways for you to be very creative. You can incorporate your ideas to the entire setting; from the stage, reception (gallery) table, centerpiece, wedding ceremony arch, aisle to the photo-booth backdrop. The cost of personalizing the decor might be manageable, the effort not so. It certainly requires a substantial amount of time designing, crafting and putting up the decorations. 

One of the loveliest ornaments in creating a romantic mood is the pomanders. This tutorial on “How to make paper flower poms” would come in handy.

How to make paper pomanders

pink poms garden wedding
for wedding decor
Different ways of using artificial or fresh flowers balls to spruce up your wedding venue

Some of the arrangements are pretty simple. What you need is the right combination of colors and textures to make everything go together wonderfully.

theme wedding
pastal flower, candle, liner, for wedding
mixture of flowers in different sizes, type, colors
Mixture of flowers in different sizes, types, colors to form a unique arch

Tutorial on how to make some cute paper flowers which can be used to construct a flower garland, be part of the ceremonial arch or the stage decor.

DIY paper flowers

wedding garden decoration
Flower garland
creative backdrops, blackboard chalks
Creative wedding backdrops.
Left: Draw/ write the bride & groom’s names on a blackboard with chalks.
Right: Simple ribbon or paper strips

Here’s the step-by-step DIY paper wheel backdrop instructions:

creative wheel background for photoshoot
Click to enlarge
assorted colors
Artistic backdrop made of paper wheels of assorted colors
dangling flowers in bottles
Cool idea: dangling flowers in bottles
display wedding photos with string
Easy way to display your wedding photos and be part of the decor at the same time

To buy colored fabrics, materials for DIY decorations, try:

  • Apple House Enterprise | Klang | ContactsJul 2013: “I bought a lot of fake flowers and different coloured fabrics from a shop called Apple House Enterprise in Klang. Almost the entire wedding decorations were made out of materials from this shop. I also bought ready-made corsages from the same place.”

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