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All About Tuxedo

One of the most elegant attire for evening events, the classic
3-piece tuxedo is a good option for the groom’s attire for a wedding
dinner. The cloth traditionally used was woven in the barathea weave which gives a slight textured sheen. However the finer and even glossier faille is commonly used today among high end tailors. The lapels, made of glossy silk satin suggest special occasion wear as it is too fragile for daily use. 
Accessories/ matching apparels (suggested by Jeremy Tok): 
  • A bowtie to match the lapels. 
  • Tuxedo Shirt with regular spread collar, a Marcella front, and stud buttons on the front. 
  • French cuffs with onyx cuff links. 
  • Patent leather shoes. 
  • A horseshoe vest wears more securely and is more elegant.
Jeremy Tok Tailor creates more glamorous cuts for tuxedos but keep all the traditional features. Wider lapels than average for the peak lapels, and a visually bottom heavy lapel if shawl. Breast pocket welt and hip pocket jets are in the same wool cloth instead of satin to keep with tradition. Buttons are cloth-covered in the same material as the lapels. There are no vents on the jacket.
Learn about the type of material, lapel and other details of a suit here.
bow tie wedding
Cloth is a black twill worsted by Vitale Barberis Canonico, fully
canvassed in the Bendahara model. The peak lapels are in genuine
silk-wool by Drapers – this is a true rarity.
where to buy tuxedo shirt
Buy a tuxedo shirt from Lazada or get it custom made at Jeremy Tok if you have special specifications

vest tuxedo
Tuxedo is worn to lend the wedding occasion an extra elegance.

fitted body
Instead of the cummerbund which some may think is clumsy, Jeremy prefers a horseshoe vest. It wears more securely and is more elegant.
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