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Bespoke Suit for the Groom – Ah Loke Tailor

A bespoke suit is supposedly more comfortable and fitting because it is custom-made from the man’s measurements to give the best fit, with his selected fabric according to the desired style. Making suits the traditional way can be very labor intensive, the suit is constructed with a layer of horsehair canvas underneath the fabric exterior – #fullycanvassed. It has become a long lost skill as tailors now found speedier methods and substitute materials.

Finding a good bespoke tailor in Malaysia is not easy, referring to the comments I read. So where can you tailor-make your wedding suit? Check out the forumers recommendation, Ah Loke Tailor (ALT). ALT is one of the most decent Malaysian tailor. If you are looking for something better, then travel to Singapore’s Iris Tailor, a top tailoring shop in South East Asia. A fused suit at ALT will cost about RM900 if you supply your own cloth. A fully canvassed number will cost an additional RM500. The beginning stage of the suit making requires a few fittings to achieve the best outcome, and after confirming the final measurements, Ah Loke will send the bastings to the coatmaker. It should be completed in about 2-3 weeks time.

ALT makes classy and classic suits and they look absolutely lovely. Ah Loke does a really good job other than some sleeve issues. ALT has the latest H. Lesser Swatch! Not even Ian Chang from Bespoke or the Modern Men of Malaysia from Wardrobe has this.

lightweight fine suitings
Harrisons Lesser Swatch

Fabrics from tailors and cloth shops are sometimes questionable in quality and price. Hence people recommended shopping online at eBay (the shops British
Fabrics and AKSTextiles) for your cloth. If you are not going to make another suit in a long time, should try to avoid anything
too delicate like cashmere but get durable ones like the Harrisons Frontier or Lesser. These English cloths will last you longer and wear cool. Mohair
cloth is a good option for our climate because it wears much
cooler than wool. Fresco, the name given to a particular type of weave, also wears cool.

Jul 2013
Gareth wore only one bespoke suit. Gareth got his suit tailored at a
place called Ah Loke Tailor in Kuala Lumpur, recommended by Shah, our amazing
blog manager and one of the most stylish men we know. I love Gareth’s suit
and his bowtie, so classy and classic 🙂
Mar 2013
Many forumers have used Ah Loke Tailor. The results are mostly
underwhelming, but no worse than Bespoked in 1U or Lord’s in Bangsar. At
least ALT is cheaper by a quarter, and has a more contemporary cut that yours
truly has had a hand in influencing. At ALT, a fused suit will cost RM900 if
you supply your own cloth. A fully canvassed number will cost an additional
Sep 2012
Beneath the mess and the deceiving exterior of Ah Loke Tailor, I
still find him to be one of the most decent tailor in town. Well, if you want
something else, probably you might need to swing by Singapore or push it till
Hong Kong. Don’t expect Neapolitan shoulders from Ah Loke but if you know
what you want and you’ve done your homework, who knows he might be able to pull
that off, but no promises though! 😀
There were in total of 2 fittings before Ah Loke confirmed my final
measurements and sent the bastings to the coatmaker. About 2 – 3 weeks later,
it was finally completed. It looked absolutely lovely and I think Ah Loke did
a damn good job. I’m starting to find a harmony with Ah Loke and suffice to
say he is actually my tailor of choice! Other than some sleeve issues he’s
improve tremendously! Ah Loke, and only his joint has the latest Lesser
Swatch!! I don’t think event Ian Chang from Bespoke or the Modern Men of
Malaysia from Wardrobe has this!
Sep 2012
Added the GPS exact location of Ah Loke Tailor shop today. (Visited
there too). I brought my fabrics. Trouser RM150 labor.
A few tailors carry the H.Lesser swatch books, one of them being Ah
Loke Tailor on Jalan Yap Ah Shak.
uncle tailor
Ah Loke
wedding photography outdoor
Classy and classic suit by Ah Loke Tailor
Wedding Gown: Faye’s Bridal House, Jalan Loke Yew
bought in london
Nov 2012: Recent tweed jacket, CMT from Ah Loke, KL, Malaysia. Tweed fabric bought separately in London.
eye for detail Rm1.5k for suit at ah loke
“Mr. Loke is very meticulous and was very patient, especially through our incessant questioning. He is a soft-spoken fellow who was never pushy and was not condescending even though it was pretty obvious I have not had many suits tailored in my life. He has an eye for detail. Paid about RM1.5K and the fabric was from Ah Loke. A bit pricey maybe but recommended!”
ah loke tailor
Accolades and photos hung on the wall
samples suit
Some samples/ ready for pick-up

Ah Loke Tailor

ah loke in kl

Add: 26, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, 50300, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, 50300
Tel: 03-2692 4206


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