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Things You See in Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are amazing and addictive to look at. Thanks to a bunch of very talented photographers in Malaysia whom I think are really outstanding. One of them is Ethan Chow ( | FACEBOOK | 012-393 2885 (Ethan) | Interesting photos that sometimes can only be seen on wedding pictures.

Dramatic photos like the movies. The bride and groom are turned into movie stars.

You get to be a princess and prince charming for one day.

Emotions that will make you cry. Mom, dad and even your buddies join in the fun. Smooch smooch.

Everyone has the most legit excuse to drink. Bottoms up!

Your gorgeous wedding dress is captured in all angles.


Grandpa & granny are smiling like a Cheshire cat

The brotherhood war dance. Wong Fei Hung pose, gangnam dance step, are amongst the popular gate-crashing stance.

Close-up shot of the wedding rings in the most creative ways.

A grand staircase is always a nice backdrop for the bride.

A plethora of photos

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