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Classic Wedding Invitations

Classic Wedding Invitations creates unique and delicate wedding invitations and stationery. The designs are made using revolutionary
laser cutting technology, insuring each invitation is produced with
precision and beauty. Invitations are exclusively designed by Shades of Green and laser cut by Melbourne Laser Cutter in Melbourne.

Here’s a sophisticated invitation printed on beautiful thick wedding paper. With a customised map to guide your guests in the right direction and a postcard to send for RSVP attendance. Perfect for an engagement or wedding invitation.

stephenson chilled white wedding invite
Cherry Blossom. Material: 330gsm Stephenson Chilled White.
engagement invitation
Green Rose: A classical invitation appropriate for your engagement or wedding.

Digital printing on wood creates a romantic invitation that opens up like a present to reveal the wedding information. This is a new technique in studio, creating vibrant and rich colours.

red poppies, vintage birds
Left: Red Poppies. Right: Vintage Birds

wedding outstanding
rsvp, venue, details
St Gertrudes Laser Cut Tree Invitation
Country Landscape. Romantic Landscape
Landscape Laser Cut. Left: Country Landscape. Right: Romantic Landscape

Finely detailed, this exquisite circular design flaunts unique and striking designs, sure to inspire and create anticipation among your guests for your wedding day.

lace paper wedding invitation card
Intricate Doilies: Lace paper like doilies

For inquiries and further details, here’s the contact information.

Classic Wedding Invitations
Location: Melbourne
Tel: +6103 9077 434

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