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To Hold a Garden Wedding

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Garden weddings are definitely more beautiful and romantic. However there is a list of disadvantages that goes with it as well. Wedding happens once in a lifetime and I strongly believe it should be how you envision it to be. Do not mind what others think or worry about. It’s your day and your say. 
Always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So take note of the items you should get ready for instance air coolers, fan, mosquito repellant (preferably odorless/ natural one), or have the venue fogged before the event, canopy, plan B: alternative place to move the wedding if it rains, platform for guests to walk on if the ground gets too muddy.
Positive Remark: For buffet reception, guests are given the choice to leave early, esp old ppl, guests with kids who don’t fancy staying up too late. Traditional wedding is just too boring, everyone is expected to sit down looking pretty, then toasting session and so on..garden weddings will be more fun, people get to mingle around. Overall atmosphere is more relaxed. Very romantic and cozy.
Negative Remark: Super hot weather, everyone will be sweating and uncomfortable, make-up will smear. Irritating mosquitoes. Unpredictable weather, rain, strong wind, soggy and muddy walkway, might trip and fall due to slippery walkway, garden is drenched if it rains. Air pollution.
Unpredictable weather, irritating mosquitos, Rain, super hot weather, air pollution,stong winds etc…these are things (that Malaysia has loads!) that will destroy a garden wedding. Too many times I have seen garden weddings in KL spoilt by the rain. Guests all sweating, bride and groom sweating…poor bride’s make up literally melted and the discomfort of having to touch up her make up WHILE sweat continues to come out on her warm face…OMG!. You can see all the guests were very uncomfortable cos too hot…babies crying, kids whining…MOSQUITOS biting and having a gala blood feasting time, people suffering from the itch form mosquito bites, chaotic indeed during the wedding. When it’s not hot…rain pulak happily poured down…creating soggy and muddy walkway…which makes all the girls’ gowns coated with mud and wet, guests scurrying all over the venue for shade, old people falling down due to slippery walkway, etc…and your garden Decor also drenched in rain. Personally I have witnessed many, many garden weddings that are far more uncomfortable than comfy ones. When asked ,the guests said they wished the wedding was indoors so they need not go through such unpleasant moments.

i think it’s no problem as long as u come prepared and get the guests to do so too. i have a few guests from the Europe who will be visiting M’sia and definitely the 1st thing they love is our weather (in fact the only people whom i see love to complain are none other than Malaysians). Secondly with buffet style guests are given choices to leave early too, esp old ppl & guests with kids who don’t fancy staying up too late for obvious reasons. Finally … traditional wedding is just too boring for us as we’re expected to sit down looking pretty and called to yam seng to every single table to some of the guests whom we hardly ever know.

Passion Road. Photographer: John Poh
garden wedding church ceremony
Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa
ciao ristorante wedding
Ciao Ristorante

Here are a couple of options that I have posted:

Indoor Garden at Royale Chulan KL

Villa, Subang

Lodge Resort and Spa


FlamingoHotel ~ by the lake

A New Chapterin Life begins at the Passion Road

TropicanaGolf and Country Resort

CiaoRistorante, Jln Kampung Pandan KL

PulaiSprings Resort, Johor



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