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Nothing is more frustrating for the bride and groom than a distracting photographer who is in the middle of everything, always in everyone’s way. Click4loves understands the skill of blending seamlessly into a busy wedding day and organizing everyone for the special portrait shots when the time is right. Experience and trusting-the-instinct are what Click4love’s team is dependent upon when capturing a scene at the right moment. The approach is unobtrusive, the result journalistic yet remarkable.
They take pride in capturing beautiful images that authentically reveal the joyous moments a wedding conveys. I personally think their work is tastefully gorgeous. I believe that’s because they are taking memories captured in time instead of merely pictures. That of course requires the technical skill one accumulates through hard work.

taken unobstrusively
Actual day happenings taken unobtrusively
on top of round table with glass vase
systematically arranged at the right time
Group portrait is systematically arranged at the right time

I have always wanted my wedding photographs to be beautiful in the dreamy and artistic way. To produce work of art as such requires the skill to press the shutter at the right condition and mode with some meticulous post-processing. Small moments and subtle feelings are the little things that do matter on important occasions such as a wedding. In fact we don’t have to pre-arrange every shot taken during the wedding shoot. Speaking from experience, as amateur posers, we required sufficient prep time for our emotions to set in before the photo taking session. My eyes met his, sparked off the light moment to get the ball rolling. Click4Loves shines at capturing these realistic precious instances, depicted in the following pictures; groom whispers in his bride’s ear while having a glass of wine, couple tries to be playful with each other or the intimate moment which the two enjoy.
groom bride light moment, having wine
Natural, journalistic light moment
jumping in wedding gown suit
Having fun is a big part of the romantic journey
backdrop of medieval fighting
crossing legs
beautiful scenery of beach and sky
Beautiful scenery with you in it

Click4Loves captures the state of event with its complementing background at the right quality according to the client’s requests. It is therefore very important that the photographer spends time to understand the couple’s likes and dislikes, preference, wedding detailed schedule, etc. You want the photos to realistically portray all of the joy that a wedding brings and at the same time you look gorgeous in them. I wouldn’t want to look silly with horrible expressions or be the most un-photogenic bride. Click4Loves can help you fix that. They capture memorable shots with precision and attention to details. The beautiful structural design of the church where the holy matrimony ceremony took place together with the charming morning sky made a wonderful scene for the couple. Their objective is to provide you with illustrious, pretty images for you to see and relive time and again after the special day. 
wedding lovey dovey couple
Wonderful capture of the Holy Rosary Church (Brickfields), lovey-dovey couple and the beautiful sky
simple photography, white dress
up close personal shot for keepsake
Fully dolled-up, up-close and personal shot for keepsake
looking pretty
Looking pretty. This is one of the images you want in your wedding collection.

Click4loves Photography

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World’s 25 Destination Wedding Photographers by BRIDES (UK magazine): Jackal Cheng
Member of WPPI

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