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Eye Do Makeup (Chew Yen)

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I think Chew Yen has a talent for creative hair-do. Her way of hair-styling is outstanding and very sleek. Comments from BTB’s (Wedding Acronym) give me the impression that she uses extensive makeup to doll up the brides (comparatively). I can absolutely understand as the stars of the day will be photographed more than any other experience in their lives. They ought to look Label:glamorous and perfectly flawless. She is a believer of enhancing the bride’s features with cosmetics to make them stand out.

Chew Yen responds to inquiries promptly and you don’t have to worry about the communication part. She is also super friendly and bubbly. My impression is her style of makeup is catered for PS, therefore keep the communication open and convey your requests properly, how heavy you want it to be.

getting ready for next shot
classy bride, wonderful photo
J’adore Paris with Yen & Johnson
MUA: Eye Do Makeup – Chew Yen
PG: Jon Low

It’s not a very accurate assessment if you already look like a model (Yen, the bride in picture above). Nonetheless she looks out of this world thanks to hair and make-up executed by Miss Chew Yen. I love it so much that I picked a one-shoulder wedding gown, and a bird cage net to Label:accessorize my Label:hair during our pre-wedding PS. I didn’t look as stunning of course 🙂 I was happy with the outcome, I wore my hair down btw. A foreign couple walking pass said I looked very gorgeous…. flattered!

playful couple wedding
Pre-wedding PS of Kian Mun + Kit Mun
MUA: Eye Do Makeup – Chew Yen
PG: Zach Chin with the help of good friend, Jon Low
sitting down bride
Pre-wedding PS of Adelyn and Kiang Ping in Bali (2011)
MUA: Eye Do Makeup – Chew Yen
PG: Paul Kong – Gallerie Ckwedding
twisted curly updo, clean makeup

sophisticated updo evening gown

small curls side pony variety of bridal looks Yen produced

cherrystar @ Dec 2011 says:
“Wedding Dinner: Chew Yen (Eye Do Make Up)
– Price: Slightly above average
– Correspondences: Prompt
– Service: Excellent
– Punctuality: OK
– End result: Good
In general her make up for me was ok, but I guess because Angie made me
feel really beautiful the day before, in comparison Yen’s make up fell
short quite a bit. I still have many guests complimenting me on how I
look, but most, if not all of them did not see me the day before. My
sister and husband said the make up and hairdo was actually quite nice
if we do not compare it to Angie’s. To be fair, it could be that I had
my wedding ceremony in a cool place and that helped my make up look
better than my wedding dinner. However, I can see that Yen’s foundation
turned out pretty cakey on my face (to cover all my scars), and my eye
make up looked like the bridal shop kind — obvious fake lashes. She
also did some corrections on my nose and cheeks with bronzer (to make
them appear less wider) which looked pretty obvious in person, which I
didn’t really like. I know the bronzer won’t be obvious in photos but
guests would still see me up close, I think that would make me look
quite weird. Then again, perhaps because it was my wedding dinner, so
the make up was more heavy and I just wasn’t used to it.
For my hairdo, both the styles she did for me were pretty but nothing
much to shout about. However, Yen was very particular about clean hairdo
and she made sure that I do not have stray hair flying out and that was
Attitude wise, Yen is a very nice person and very accommodating. I
really liked that she replies emails promptly and answers all my queries
— I have lots of them! She’s also very helpful and she offered to pack
dinner for my PG who didn’t manage to take his dinner earlier. I
personally think that she talks a little too much though
Conclusion: Yen is perhaps not that artistic as Angie but she’s very
experienced. I would still recommend Yen for those who are looking for
her style of make up, which makes you look “made up” and flawless, with
clean hairdo”
eskay @ Feb 2010 says:
“And I am so glad I found Yen. She is dedicated, freindly, puntual and
even humor! she replies all my queries/ emails/ sms very promptly and
give very good recomendation on hairdo and make-up.”
cherrystar @ Sep 2011 says:
“I engaged Yen from Eyedomakeup (her name is Chew Yen) for my wedding
dinner that’s coming in Nov. I have not been made up by her but I’d just
like to rave about her good attitude and service! She is very
accommodating, replies emails fast, is friendly and gives me the
impression that she’s all out to please her customers, and is not the
‘money face’ type of MUA”
Debbie @ 2011 says:
“Yen is a friendly & helpful make up artist that I have met. If you
are looking for an artist she would be one of those Make up artist I
would recommend. ”

Eye Do Makeup
Add : 9-2, Jalan PJU 8/5I, Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ
Email :
Tel: 6012 – 215 1152

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