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Merchant’s Lane 美真林 | Photography Location

A modern take on the heritage of Petaling Street, Merchant’s Lane is a
cafe and restaurant that sees the transversing of local charm and
current culture. Getting there is easy enough, but finding the entrance could be a challenge. It is located in an heritage building in Petaling Street. The entrance is next to a stationery shop; Merchant’s Lane is on the first floor. The way up the stairs you can see bright sunlight as the ceiling is transparent. The interior is the perfect backdrop for a rustic photoshoot, with rough unpainted walls (eroded wall effect), rattan chairs, stainless steel tabletops and wooden floors.

Photos by The Wedding Barn (more pics here)


round case

old time

rustic photography

petaling street
the blue entrance door

merchants lane

vase chair


green black

Sep 2015
The name of the cafe is quite interesting and I always thought is a name when i heard someone mention. ”mei zheng lin” chinese of of Merchant’s Lane. The cafe restaurant is situated at the second level, along the way up the stairs we see dark bright sunlight as the ceiling is transparent.  The buildings here are long and depth inside have several different corner for customers to pick on. Outdoors, indoors, sofa tables etc. I like the natural eroded walls but went there during noon, the sun is just right shinning on top of our head. Can’t sit there for long.
Getting there was easy enough, especially on a Friday morning when school’s out. I parked the car at a lot across a street, next to a police station. Finding the entrance, however… (Psst, look for the entrance next to a stationery shop; Merchant’s Lane is on the first floor.) Pre-war chic, I call it, with rough unpainted walls, rattan chairs, stainless steel tabletops and wooden floors.

like old days
al-fresco seating

many people


Merchant’s Lane 美真林

go up stairs

FB Page:
Add: No, 150 Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2022 1736

Hours: 11:30AM – 10:00PM



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