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Modern DaiKum (大妗) or Master of Tea Ceremony

Chinese wedding DaiKum/ Dai Kam/ Chaperone/ 大妗/ Master of Tea Ceremony for your traditional wedding, Yes or No? I would say YES if you want a fun-filled auspicious ceremony. For the preservation of traditions, good luck or simply for entertainment’s sake, a good DaiKum is there to host the rituals, make sure everyone knows what to do and create a joyous atmosphere for the happy occasion. Modern DaiKums are no-nonsense, more professional, well-groomed, very hilarious, come in handy if there’s no one in the family who can act as one. 

1. Cecilia Emcee CC (CYL Events) | Website | FB Page | 016-221 3799 |

She is a professional Master of Tea Ceremony, commonly known as Daikum jie (大妗姐), assisting her clients in performing the momentous wedding rituals in the most auspicious manner, with a modern twist. Fluent in Cantonese/ Mandarin, Cecilia can even conduct the ceremony in English if required. She is a very positive, fun person, and it does reflect in the words she utters during the ceremony which really helps. With an attractive personality and appearance, Cecilia is not your usual 大妗姐.

CYL Events is a complete one-stop wedding shop that provides traditional Chinese wedding essentials, ritual & DaiKum services, Chinese wedding attire, wedding gifts, ka lui peng (wedding biscuits), consultation, venue decoration, backdrop design, emcee/ coordinating services, etc. 


CYL events 囍缘楼婚宴礼品以及活动策划完善服务中心 

Add: 181-4, Jalan Lancang, Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: 03-9134 1666


best dai kum

Cecilia is a very positive, fun person, and it does reflect in the words she utters during the ceremony which really helps.

2. Apple Dai Kam Wedding Match Maker 大妗姐 (Apprentice of Kengo) | FB Page | 016-237 6848

She is adorable, lively and funny.

3. Dary Chong | FB Page | 012-615 8512 

Dary (大妗-欢喜哥) is someone who brings joy to the wedding, great problem solver and helpful in making sure that the wedding is under control and the guests entertained.

Dary Chong brings much happiness to the wedding

4. Kengo (Geng Gor) | FB Page | 012-501 3301 | Ipoh & KL

Very methodical, Kengo conducts the Chinese Traditional wedding confidently in fluent Cantonese/ Mandarin.

Review on forum Jan 2019: “i used kengo (geng gor) before.. very fun to work with.”

Kengo is experienced and he knowledgeable in Chinese weddings

5. Jerry Wong (Emcee and Master of Tea Ceremony- Dai Kum) | FB Page | 016-202 2528

He is a wedding emcee and Master of traditional Tea Ceremony. His modern style approach in handling the crowd makes everyone of all ages feels comfortable. Able to speak in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Jerry will make sure that your wedding ceremony run smoothly with a lot of laughter and jokes.

Review on forum Jan 2019: “Modern, young and easy going dai kam. One of the best MC (say soya intro, maybe can get discount) “

Jerry is funny and good with people

6. MC Jo | | Emcee and Master of Chinese Wedding Ceremony.

Jocelyn is a professional emcee who runs an academy providing hosting and emceeing training. She also conducts traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, a modern 大妗姐. She took professional Chaperone course by Dary Chong. 

Professional wedding emcee and chaperone MC Jo

7. 大妗姐 喜姐 Alicia – Hei Jie (Golden Wedding Store) | FB Page | Website | 017-889 4885

Thoughtful and reasonably priced.

8. Gaga Ong | 011-28080179

Review on forum Jan 2019: “Funny and best dai kam imho”

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