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My Dream Wedding House – Hong Kong and Malaysia

weddingmoneymagnetbabe (Nov 2011) was noticeably pleased with her pre-wedding photos by My Dream Wedding House (MDWH). The credit goes to the man behind-the-camera photographer Charles who did such an amazing job. All the photos were captivating, making the photo-selection a challenge for the bride because she liked all of them. She adored the quality of the photo album as well. Their photo shooting was done locally at Full House Sunway Giza and Port Dickson. While she loved the photography and the gorgeous European-style gowns, there was a problem where the photo-development was delayed. They got the photos only after her husband voiced his dissatisfaction demanding for speedier processing. Other options: List of Bridal Shops

With not many choices of gowns to select from, the bridal shop provides a small collection of gorgeous wedding and evening gowns. Their Swarovski crystal embellished gowns are absolutely lovely, they come with additional charges. Most of the sales assistants (SA) are gentle and not pushy. If you are looking for plus size gowns, you have found the right place! MUA Raynis is good at what she does, beautifying the clients.

wedding photography at sea
MUA: Jeron. PG: Charles. SA: Angel
trees and dry grass background
popular in hongkong
Photo-shooting on a yacht is very popular in Hong Kong (I think…)
hong kong pre wedding
advertisement for bridal shop
At Penang Fig Tree Resort, Sungai Ara
sitting posing
shooting under hot sun
Worth all the effort being soaking wet and blazing hot
pre wedding amazing
wedding shoot with horse, equesterian
You can try to pose this way
athens theme wedding shoot
cover, editing, template
Photo album
bridal house
Gorgeous gowns

MDWH partners with Mona Lisa and France Bridal Salon in Hong Kong to manage the logistics, and execute the photo-shoot there. For the most part couples are satisfied with Mona Lisa Bridal’s efficiency and professionalism. Hongkies are all about speedy service delivery. The customers can request as many shots they want, the crew would patiently get the work done for a pleasurable experience. Every bride-to-be is entitled to “many” sets of gowns and hair styles. Of course this is subject to the availability of the gowns selected. A bride picked 20 gowns online but end up only getting 3 because the others have been taken. She found out the day before shooting when she was supposed to try out the dresses. Do communicate with the SA’s (Nuptial Initials) in Hong Kong to go through the checklist and confirm the gowns first.


The Hong Kong package (costs about RM5888) does not include AD arrangements such as car decor, wedding day gowns/ suits, corsages, bouquet… Follow up closely with the timeline to avoid issues before your wedding. Check with them about the album posting from Hong Kong as it can be delayed.


Lowyat Forum

Dec 2017

dont worry. look at the bad comments, it is 2 years ago.

i just did mine, and getting married this coming sunday.

my comments.. as usual sales person promise heaven and earth.. and the really huge collection.
my package is RM4800.

Photos was disappointing.. they kept pushing us to select more but it is really difficult to select from very limited ones where we both smile properly. the photographer never told us that we didnt smile properly. We manage to resist their lure and kept to the agreed upon 35 photos (we had the salesperson write it down and countersign there.. the lady handling our photo selection was shocked when we told her we are entitled to 35 photos..



then on the wedding gown.. yeah.. lots of those premiums need pay extra.. the nicer ones taken.. but we managed to find a few we liked.. thats fine for us.

umm.. what else.. aah.. yes.. it takes them a rediculously HUGE amount of time to process the photos.. i tell u i had to take at least 5 days leave for this.
Leave day 1: choose dress for girl and guy..
Leave day 2: reconfirm dress size, a day before photoshoot
Leave day 3: photoshoot
Leave day 4: choose photo
Leave day 5: See layout and approve them. if not ask them to ammend. they spelled my wife’s name wrongly.
Leave day 6: Test fitting for wedding gown, few days before wedding
note: why i took so many leaves? because all their weekends is full.. and i tell u, god dam it u have no choice.. its like, they only allocate 2 or 3 customers a day.. so its pretty pretty long queue

things i left out because my wife is school teacher she settled it without having me take leave.
1. pick up photos. took them 3 MONTHS TO COME OUT WITH THE PHOTO..and album etc..
2. return dress (not yet wedding dinner but my wife will return them while i work)
3. second layout approval because they made a mistake at my wife’s name spelling.

now.. on the photoshoot:
Photographer and helpers not bad.. but prepare at least a sedan car with empty boot.. lots of camera EQ, dresses, makeup kits to carry along.
make up artist not bad.. but as someone mentioned before, they charge for the “dont know what” and very very wasteful.. my wife brought her own and they manage to finish 2 bottles of it.. and it aint cheap

if u want flowers or any other materials, bring your own. flowers, giant human sized stuffed toy.. etc..

Lowyat Forum

Oct 2019

Just finished my photoshoot 2 days ago with mdw. Actually I just walk in to their studio in jb. After tour of the place we decided to go for it.

First part consultation. Every package explained well. All the top ups early early they mention. Standard gimmick of I give u discount here, free you this, upgrade u this when she saw we hesitating but this I encountered at other studios also.
Finally end up with 4988
45 pose
12×15 album 45pose
8×12 album 19pose
24×30 1 photo with frame
X2 10×12 table top frame
Pen drive with 30 pose + song
30pc 4R with 3 pose
24×24 canvas
12 pc car deco

3 gown for female + 2 casual
2 tuxedo for male + 2 casual
4 hairdo + makeup with eyelashes
1 hand bouquet

Gown/tux picking
Whole stretch to choose for the gown. They let her choose what she like and if can fit they let her try and take pic. Then they bring the platinum gowns. Obviously they were nicer and since fiancee liked. Know liao need bring out wallet. Upgraded 2 gowns to playinum and 2 regular dress. They threw in a 3rd tux for groom for free. Cost me another 1.8k. While we were at it, took the night shoot for another 300 extra. No hard sell, everything we own add.

Following day we did actual shoot. No problem here. Lovely make up artist plus photoshoot crew. 12 hours flew by and we were not tired at the end. There were charges here too. Ampoules, nu bra, body foundation and extra pair eyelashes were extra. Not sure how much cause fiancee paid. I think around 300 too.

Next week I’m going for my photo selection and Im already keeping some cash for the add on posses.

Personally I feel if u know what u are getting into then there are no surprises. I choose mdw and maybe there are better deals out there but in the end we both happy with our experience so all is good.

Feb 2020

I just collected mine. No one inform me that my album is arrived until i called them to follow up, one month from the date we confirmed the layout. But i was told that my slide show is not ready.  And they told me it will be ready before my actual day…

shocking.gif doh.gif

Also, I done my actual day gown selection. As foreseen, lots of gown been taken/booked. Some was very ugly and old style. Some was altered to smaller size, it can’t fit in well, the consultant said can be altered if I like. I wonder why she thinks that I would confirm the gown since it’s not my size, not fit me. In conclusion, the choice really not much. I just take those that fits me. If you really likes their style, please confirm all your dates (actual date / shooting date) and confirm the gown you like BEFORE sign up. SO DISAPPOINTING TO THEIR GOWNS.

May 2019

I agree that MDW price is expensive, and need top up this and that… But all these “extra” charges is not “hidden”, was explained clearly what is in and what is excluded from the package…

And I guess nothing in this world is “cheap and nice”. You want nice gown of course need to pay more. I guess all bridal shop is the same. Unless those shop upfront mention you can select all gown or all photo softcopies return… otherwise it is depends on the person’s determination not to pay extra.

The package include 40 photos, which I think it is way too little as their photographers took many photos up to 300++. So I think if don’t want crack your head or pay extra during photo selection maybe have to consider their “all softcopy return” package upfront which is 7k+ if not mistaken…otherwise you may really need fork out extra few k just for the additional softcopy… *heartache* definitely!

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