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Wedding at New Lagoon Restaurant (海港城) Melaka

Wedding venue information of Malacca is scarce. Here’s one. The New Lagoon Chinese Restaurant’s food does not disappoint. Many are attracted to conduct their wedding reception here due to its tasty and unique Chinese dishes. The ambiance is pretty classy too. It is one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Melaka.

Anyone can share their wedding package? 


Oct 2019

Wedding Banquet. What a fantastic place to eat! The food was delicious and made our night special with friends. 

June 2018
Was perhaps our best rated restaurant. The food is good and the ambience is pretty classy and air-conditioned. | Jul 2013New Lagoon Melaka Restaurant Wedding
New Lagoon Melaka Restaurant Wedding stage
New Lagoon Melaka Restaurant Wedding decor

New Lagoon Melaka Restaurant Wedding chinese
The banquet hall
New Lagoon Melaka Restaurant Wedding stage
Quite a pretty (dummy) 5-tier wedding cake
malaccan favorite
 A Malacca favorite, Coconut Jelly.
noodle peking duck
Clock wise: (1) The usual combination platter (entree). (2) Fish cooked in 2 different ways (steamed and deep fried) (3) Noodles (4) Peking Duck
private room fits 50
Private room (fits 50 pax) equipped with karaoke set
chinese banquet

New Lagoon Restaurant海港城酒家马六甲 Restaurant-New-Lagoon
Add: No 2 Jalan Kpks 3 | Kompleks Perniagaan Kota Syahbandar 75200 Melaka
Tel: 06-288 0889

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