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Royal China Grand Ballroom Ipoh

Wedding Package 2020 here. Royal China Grand Ballroom in Ipoh by the famous Chinese restaurant chain Tai Thong is one of the grandest in Ipoh. The wedding packages are not cheap, almost comparable to the ones in KL. Couples consider Chinese restaurants as wedding venues due to their food quality and Royal China doesn’t disappoint. Good food with great ambiance is absolutely the perfect combination for wedding banquet.

However there are certain things many Chinese Restaurants need to catch up on. Service. To rush for dinner set up, the staff would start cleaning up the tables quickly. The guests can’t enjoy the last course (dessert) in peace, and are compelled to leave.

Royal China Grand Ballroom (by Tai Thong)


Address: Ground Floor, Coliseum Square, No 8, Jln Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: +605-241 3088/ +605 – 242 5732

Wedding Menu 2020: RM828 nett – RN1288 nett per table

Capacity: 300 pax

Tropicana Ballroom Ipoh wedding banquet tai thong group

grand ballroom tropicana ipoh wedding tai thong

Decorator: Victoria Wedding Decoration and Design

royal china grand ballroom ipoh tai thong wedding

Photo: WeddingsMalaysia

Weddings at Royal China Grand Ballroom:

Reception area

Wedding banquet which is one of the grandest in Ipoh


Mar 2018

On 10/3/18 my daughter wedding, the food was very good and taste is nice. The ballroom ambience is superb. Our guests really enjoy and happy except certain section is just too cold. Our two families are very very satisfied.

Aug 2017

Good part:
1. Food
On my wedding day, they did promise fresh fish and they delivered it. Throughout the whole wedding luncheon, everyone gave a thumbs up and even the fried rice was licked clean. There was non stop praising on their food and it was definitely good.
2. Banquet Hall
It was fantastic. They knew their way of doing the lighting and filling the atmosphere in the hall. What some uncle and aunties said was they never knew there’s such a beautiful banquet hall in Ipoh.

Not so good part:
1. Service
Sometimes its good. Sometimes its horrible. Good is when they want to get you to sign on their restaurant. Bad part was they did a last minute change on the decoration which was 5 days before my wedding, thankfully they agreed to use some of the old decor to match my theme. They also chased my mother for the money during the luncheon banquet, as if like we could just run off.
They told me that there was another event going on at night thats why we had to leave at 3pm sharp. The last table of desserts were not out yet, and they have already cleaned up the front tables, turning on all the lights, chasing the guest away. I don’t know how awful it looked like to the guest. Worst part was, there wasn’t any event going on at night. I felt awfully cheated on that. They could have just spend another 15 minutes just for the guest to stay and mingle around.
2. Price
Of course, comparing their menu price with other restaurants in ipoh. Their wedding menu price is much higher. But as long as they deliver good food, I think it’s still quite alright.

Overall? Good food, good ambiance but bad service and higher price.


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