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The Ming Room (名城酒家), BSC Bangsar

My visit to the Ming Room at Bangsar Shopping Centre was quite a pleasant one, even though the restaurant was full and there was a long queue at that time. It only showed the good food and service attracted that big a crowd. I like the interior very much. I was surveying for my wedding then, the place looked fairly new and I didn’t have to worry about worn-out table cloth with holes or things like that. Unfortunately the venue is way too small.
The wedding food is nothing less than fantastic, the best part is, it comes with absolutely unique and nice presentation. You won’t get the boring same old menus at a regular Chinese restaurant, the dishes will surprise you. On top of that, most of the dishes are individually served.

The restaurant is nicely tucked at one corner of the shopping
complex. The tiny main
hall can only fit 15 tables. In the case when your wedding reception
exceeds 150 pax, some of the invitees have to sit in their VIP rooms.
The separation means they cannot be part of and participate in the
wedding events like the others.

Ming Room wedding dishes
Uniquely presented delicious wedding food. Left: Dim Sum Three Treasures.
Top Right: Fresh scallops with XO sauce and scallop cake with Portuguese salad

ming room wood panels
Cozy interior with wood panels.


chinese restaurant wedding, small size
From the lovely ambiance, to the trendy tables and chairs setup, Ming Room has it all. However the down side is the size of the venue.
wedding at ming room
The modern looking Ming Room Restaurant is the perfect venue for a small wedding. The cake was made by bigboysoven.

http://vimeo.com/47149125 | Jul 2012

wedding stage decoration
The backdrop
wedding dinner, parents in laws brother sister uncle
The host table
wife covering ears, very loud
ming room dinner
Jun 2017
The place is small but the food is just awesome. It’s creative and tasty.

Jul 2012
The Ming Room is one of the restaurants under the Oriental Group of restaurants. The group is known for good chinese cuisine with infusions of artistry in food presentation and distinctive tastes and ambience.
My visit there was for a wedding lunch and one of the items in the 8-course menu was the Dim Sum Three Treasures.
This is basically steamed ‘siew mai’, deep-fried yam puff and crystal spinach dumpling. Truly food presentation is the focal point here and the 3 items were served on a 3-tiered tray with plates on each tier with the siew mai at the 1st tier, yam puff on 2nd tray and the dumpling on the last tray. This is in turn placed on a bigger plate before serving. The food is served in spoons arranged in a circle on each tray. Simply felt like an emperor dining with presentation this nice.
The food quality is very good too. The siew mai is full of flavours with the meat cooked to perfection. The yam puff is my favourite and the puff was not oily like some, and the yam flavour is so appetizing. The dumpling on the other hand is so creative with spinach in it instead of the usual stuffing – giving it a very fresh feeling and the spinach was still crispy. Good stuff.

Oct 2011
the dozens of wedding dinners that I have attended over the decades,
the wedding dinner at The Ming Room still held some surprises for me.
For starters, the first course consisted of fresh scallops with XO
sauce and scallop cake with Portuguese salad. It was pleasant without
being overwhelming. Earlier, I thought there would be plenty to go
around when I saw that out of eight people at my table, six of them
were about 70 years old and beyond. Unfortunately for me, most of them
had big appetites. 

soup had the oomph that kick-started the wedding guests’ enthusiasm
for the event. By the time, the third course came around, we began to
realise that this was no normal wedding dinner. The third dish was
pan-fried white cod with pomelo sauce. In all my years of partaking at
wedding dinners, I have never come across this dish. It was a most
delectable affair. I totally relished it and quickly came to the
conclusion that it had truly been a long time since I have graced any
stately room with my insignificant presence.

Apr 2011
I visited the Ming Room the other day. It’s a lovely venue as I feel you can have your own privacy for reception or area as the restaurant is located in a corner. But, since I have 20 tables, I am having second thoughts coz the restaurant can only fit 15 tables..the extra 5 tables will need to be put in a VIP room. Kind of a turn-off for me as I feel my guests won’t truly feel part of the cheer. Hope this helps all BTBs.

Apr 2011
I’ve already paid deposit for The Ming Room. I really like the place and the menu looks really good too cause most of the dishes are individually served. Since I’ll only be having 15 tables, the place suits me perfectly. Yeah putting guests in VIP rooms isn’t a good idea.


Bangsar Shopping Centre

Website: www.orientalrestaurants.com.my/Restaurants/MingRoom
Add: 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL
Tel: 03- 2284 8822
GPS: 3.142827,101.667164

Seating Capacity: 300 pax (separate rooms), main hall can fit 150pax

Wedding Package 2018/19: From RM1168 nett (20 tables and above)

map location

  • amos baird
    December 26, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Chicago wedding venue is also the nice event venue which provides an unobstructed and awesome view to the coming guests. It is the collection of all over good scenes.

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