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25 Most Popular Wedding Photographers Malaysia

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Here are the most popular Malaysian wedding photographers according to the popularity and number of views on WedResearch Pinterest. Effective wedding photography is when it connects with the audience in a special way. The wedding photo art directions are unique, they showcase each wedding story with gorgeous colors and artistry.

wedding photographers Malaysia

1. Daniel Zain (Avicenna Studio) 

Facebook | enquiry@avicennastudio.com

With the most pins and views at 23.9K and still counting, this beautiful photo of the bride in a Cosry dress tells a wedding story that can relate to the viewers deeply. 

23.9 K Views

Malaysia wedding photographer

Avicenna Studio couple wedding

2. WLOON Photography 

wloon.com  | Facebook | Instagram | 012-434 8235

With so much experience traveling to many places capturing faces of couples in love, these awe-inspiring images of the Tokyo night scene depict a story, a special somewhere, a romantic journal. It has garnered 16K views to date.


Wedding photographer Malaysia


Frog hill penang wedding photographer


colomono.com | Facebook | Penang, International | 04-228 8096

The effective colors and splendor of this floating wedding ceremony image is absolutely amazing. Colomono specializes in destination Indian weddings.


colomono photography malaysia wedding

indian wedding photographer malaysia

4. Benson Yin Signature Masterpiece

bensonyin.com | Instagram | 012-222 2519 | ENQUIRE $

Photography & Cinematography

With more than 10k followers on Instagram, Benson Yin captures the most remarkable Instagram-worthy wedding photos. His signature masterpieces bring out the elegance of the little things in life, making use of every object, emotion and effect to enrich the beautiful stories conveyed by the images.


destination Pre-wedding Photographer Malaysia

5. Love Confession Photography

Facebook | 012-922 8631 

Photography & Cinematography

Wai Seng of Love Confession Wedding Photography has a creative way of photographing those special moments and beautiful raw emotions. Candid or posed, human expressions are what bring out the essence of a wedding when love is confessed through the beautiful pictures. The stimulating colors of the setting enhance the beauty and romance.


Wedding photographers Malaysia


love confession wedding banquet photography Malaysia

6. Twins Photography 

Facebook | 016-328 7853

Twins Photography is founded by Ronson and Ryan, the twins brother who care about the precious moments on your big day. They love the smiles and emotions expressed by people, hence the photo – filled with happiness and playfulness.


playful pre-wedding photography Malaysia

7. Loving Gallery

Facebook | WHATSAPP | 012-371 8910 | ENQUIRE $

Photography & Cinematography

This bridal studio has the talents you need for an unforgettable wedding day journal, always in pursuit of the most heart-warming shots tirelessly. The image below is sharp and meaningful, it is a reflection of special wedding venue and experience with the bridal team.

5 K Views

Bridal Shop photography Malaysia


wedding photographer Malaysia

8. Arch & Vow Studio 

archandvow.com | Facebook | Instagram | Empire SOHO, Subang Jaya

This photo is softly focused and creamy, the amazing bridal hair-styling by Raynis Chow stands out from the background creating a gentle, magical effect.

Packages Price 2020: 11 hours: RM5500 | 7 hours: RM4500 | 5 hours: RM3800


wedding hair styling Malaysia

wedding photographer

9. Fabulous Moments

fabulous-moments.com | Facebook | Instagram | 012-319 0385

Fabulous Moments’ Hong’s photos are relaxing, with vivid yet soothing colors. It involves a combination of the background texture and colors as well as natural emotions in the most creative perspective. 


Top Wedding Photographers Malaysia

wedding photographer KL

10. Jacky Wong Photography 

Johor | Website | Facebook

Jacky’s images are artistic and impactful. The couple seizing the adventure:

2.7 K Views

wedding photographer johor

wedding photographer Malaysia

11. Louis Loo Photography 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

While the focus is placed on the flowers, the details of the luxury crystal chandeliers in Grand Hyatt KL Ballroom have been captured with much brilliance.


12. Louis Gan Photography 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

The fashion magazine poses, positions of the wooden house and rustic decor are truly captivating. Louis Gan Photography is an expression of art, a means of documenting history in the form of beautiful images.


louis gan wedding photographer malaysia

13. Ameirfikri 

facebook | Instagram | ameirfikri.com

This image depicts Passion and Intimacy. Ameirfikri captures wedding photos with the concept of the coming together of two individuals who are passionate, loving, and have strong desires to be forever as one.


wedding photographer malaysia

International wedding photographer Malaysia

14. Mun Keat Photography 

munkeat.com | Facebook | Instagram | The Gardens Mall

Mun Keat is an inspiring photographer who is very popular. As one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Malaysia, his work exhibits raw beauty and is very genuine. The couple romancing under the “Stars”.

2K Viewsmy wedding planner munkeat mokl hotel grand wedding photography venue

15. Kamalesan Photography 

kamalesan.com | Facebook | Instagram

+6012-666 1253 – WPPI, Artistic Guild, ISPWP 

Kamalesan Kamalakaran is absolutely amazing at making his images come alive. Indian weddings are extremely colorful and vibrant. With all the activities and rituals happening, it takes a true professional to capture the best exact moment in time when everything comes together to tell a story.


Indian wedding photographer Malaysia

16. RC Studio

Website  | Facebook | Instagram | 016-494 3380 | RATES $

Photography & Cinematography

With creative lighting, artistic composition and editing, RC Studio’s work does create quite a dramatic impact. The photos are truthful, they let you feel what is beneath the surface… the love, excitement and warmth. Oct 19: RC Studio is  professional and produces great quality wedding photos and videos.


Wedding Photographer and Cinematographer Malaysia

17. GMPS Wedding Film and Photography

gmps.com.my | Facebook | Instagram | 012-208 8817 | PACKAGES $

Photography & Cinematography

From breathtaking aerial view to the close-up story-telling shots, GMPS’s cinematic photography is truly refreshing. The effort Gaius and team put into the production, focusing on attention to details and the overall mood play an important part. When a balance of lighting is achieved, with some rustic hues and candid emotions, the perfect scene comes to life.


18. Click4Loves Photography

click4loves.com | Facebook | 016-393 1564 | PACKAGES $

Photography & Cinematography

Award-winning Click4Loves – Jackal Cheng’s fine art photography is the expression of a concept to make an artistic statement through pictures. He works with lighting, color and composition to create a mood. The difference is, in fine art photography, most of the time reality is manipulated using digital effects, artistic framing and positioning.

1.1 K Views

Wedding Photography Malaysia

19. SBXS Photography 

Facebook | Bandar Sri Permaisuri KL | 011-1100 6061

The effects of the photo are really gorgeous – mysterious, stylish.


Malay wedding photography

20. Dhivager Rathakrishnan Production 

012-306 1030 | dhivager.com 

Every detail is captured with the right intensity.

Indian Wedding Photo

21. MangoTouch 

012-925 8571 | Facebook 

Epitome of luxury and prestige, MangoTouch will show you how to glam up the wedding portraits. It helps to have that extra confidence and a posh or classic elegant backdrop.

Malay wedding photography Malaysia

22. The Phoria 

010-440 9494 | Facebook 

Pictures convey a message of style, and experience.


Malay wedding photographer

23. U-Wang Studio 

Perak | u-wang.com | 016-4145323 

Wedding Photography Packages: Pre-wedding fr RM3,800, AD-RM2,800 (Full Day), Wedding Cinematography-fr RM3,500 (Full Day)

Not the usual boring portraits, U-wang Studio produces images that are dynamic and creative. The wedding photography brings originality in the combination of props and chemistry of the couples in front of the camera.

wedding photographer Perak

24. CJ Photography 

Melaka | cjfen.com | facebook

Wedding photographer Melaka

25. Andy Phe Photography 

Sarawak | Website | Facebook 

Price: 10 hrs, 2 PG at RM3K, amazing wedding photographer, funny and friendly.

Sarawak wedding Photographer

Terry & Sylvia

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