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modern dai kum Modern DaiKum (Master of Tea Ceremony) Cecilia is articulate and knowledgable chinese wedding essentials   Get your traditional Chinese Wedding essentials in packages, hassle-free kwa, kua 褂 men suit Buying your traditional wear can cost a fortune. Why not rent from CYL Events
Cheongsam (長衫) or qipao (旗袍)- tight fitting, short sleeve, one-piece dress with high collar coronet   A coronet with embroidered tassel veil is worn by bride in ancient Chinese wedding kwa, kua 褂 Kwa (褂) - Two piece traditional wear with gold/ silver embroidery
chaperone Dai Kum - Wedding chaperone makes sure traditional proceedings are performed accordingly gate crashing   Door Games - The groomsmen have to go through challenges before they can fetch the bride chinese ROM   Procedure for ROM at Thean Hou Temple KL
cham cha Tea is served to the elders as a symbolic gesture of gratitude in Chinese Wedding ip man costume   Chinese Wedding Theme - Red decor, traditional Chinese attire, live band, etc. guo da li Traditional Chinese Customary Wedding Ceremony
modern kebaya   Kebaya - Sheer tunic with floral embroidery, opening on the front paired with a sarong baju kahwin Baju Kurung - Full length skirt and a long sleeve collarless blouse pelamin Pelamin (Dais) - A platform with seats for the couple in Malay Wedding
bersanding blessing Bersanding in Malay Wedding - Bride and groom seated together to get blessings akad nikah Akad Nikah (Ijab & Kabul/ Offer & Acceptance) - Islamic marriage solemnization grooms men hantaran Malay Wedding and Islamic marriage application procedures
Indian temple wedding Saree - A garment with a drape wrapped around the waist and over the shoulder, baring midriff Red dot on forehead Hindu Wedding Process mehndi for wedding Mehndi - Designs are drawn on the hands and feet of the bride as decoration
mandap   Hindu wedding ceremonies take place under the mandap - temporary structure with pillars indian hair pieces   Type of hair accessories for Indian Weddings walk around the fire Hindu Wedding's Seven Step Ritual - Vows are read as the couple walks around a fire
jpn rom   Marriage application procedure for non-Muslim at JPN wedding band   Where to shop for engagement ring and wedding band diamond cert   Insights to Buying Diamonds - Beyond 4Cs
catholic church wedding   Catholic Wedding Procedure church wedding   Wedding at Agape Community Church Seremban city harvest church wedding   EX8 Building Subang Jaya | City Harvest Church
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