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Venus Bridal House in Johor Bahru

Described as the second most expensive bridal shop in JB after Enya Mareine, Venus Bridal Selection is a very popular choice for engaged couples who intend to make some pre-wedding photos. The shop’s atmosphere is comfy and the sales assistants are attentive. Li Ling is nice, she provides excellent customer service. 


This bridal studio is famous for its beautiful fantasy photos and their amazing photo editing skill. With unique backdrop and setting in the studio, the indoor photos turn out very captivating. Brides are satisfied with MUA Jimmy and PG Derrick. If you take the more expensive package, you can choose ALL the gowns, including designer gowns, otherwise only normal gowns from ‘factories’ can be chosen.


Oct 2013
i went with them and i did not regret it. they have a really good and wonderful selection of gowns. the atmosphere of the shop was also comfy. their service is also a plus since i was really given a personal attention the whole time.
Dec 2012
I was with Venus, their photoshoot was awesome but AD gowns CMI, they only have a small range of AD gowns. It’s either e gowns are taken or the color of the gowns couldn’t match your wedding theme.
Was utterly dissappointed after they recieve more than half of our money. Their service sucks and don’t bother to serve us as compare to the first time.
Aug 2012
I’m with Venus, luckily my coordinator is really Patient & understanding. From wat u said, trying ard 7 EG & they alrdy show attitude, I can’t imagine wat I would encounter as I tried over 20 WG & EG before deciding..& my coordinator is really nice to giv me 1 more EG coz I can’t dEcide between the 2 that I’ve shortlisted. I agree w u, that JB BS do not have gd variety of WG & EG for selection. I almost wanted to source for another BS for my AD, so dun worry as u’re not the only 1. My WG & EG are not my perfect 1, abit disappointed. Luckily my photos all came out better den what I expect.
Jun 2012
I just came back from photoshoot with Venus Bridal over the weekends and all I can say was their services are excellent(though i came back with sun burnt)! Thumbs up for Venus Bridal. My coordinator was Li Ling and she’s very nice.
Jun 2012
Indoor was great, really thks to Venus team, esp my MUA Jimmy & PG Derrick. The whole process was fun & it’s a nice experience w them.
Apr 2012
Jack is a good consultant and many things can be negotiated with him, he then told us he actually not sales person but designer, just come down n help sale department. We then sign our package with him since he offer us a good package rm 4888 with more than 30+ poses.
But unfortunately once we signed package, again we were refered again to the lady i dislike Amanda haihhh… every time she treat so rude, all requrement that we need she said can not.  after see my 1 selection result, i was really unsatisfy cos i thought their editing skill are great but once saw mine haihhh dun think their quality better than others bridal shop. They just keep repeating their standard editing. the only good point in venus is only their indoor.
Jun 2012
Indoor was great, really thks to Venus team, esp my MUA Jimmy & PG Derrick. The whole process was fun & it’s a nice experience w them.
Jan 2012
AD gowns rental (with package)
~ RM 3,888.00 ( only normal gowns from ‘factories’ can be chosen )
~ RM 4,X88.00 ( ALL gowns, including designer gowns can be chosen )

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Real Bride 1: 
Nov 2011
Breakdown of my RM4888 package (approx SGD2k) from Venus Bridal. One of the more well-know bridal shops in JB. I guess the only downside was that there wasn’t any any make-up artist included.

  • 7 signature collection gowns and coats for indoors and outdoors photo shoots (7 different hair-dos and so many scenes!)
  • 3 actual day gowns (1 wedding gowns and 2 evening gowns which are not the same as those for photoshoots)
  • 2 coats
  • 1 rom tea dress
  • 1 bouquet
  • Car decor
  • 15×24 or 12×30 24page album with 35 poses
  • 8×20 20 page album
  • 11×14 framed
  • 24×36 framed
  • 12×4 banner (quite a gigantic standee to advertise for them on the AD venue)
  • Cdr with 68 touched up shots
  • DVD montage with choice of 2 theme songs
  • 200 pieces of 4R giveaway photos
  • 1 musical box
  • 1 family frame
  • 1 actual day guest book

Venus Bridal Selection

Add: No.95 & 97, Jalan Perisai, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80500 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: 07-335 9919

Fax: 07-335 9919

Email: venus_9299@hotmail.com

Business Hours: 10.30 am to 8.30 pm (Closed on Wednesdays)


jalan tebrau, the store, shell, lucky crystal crown
  • Anonymous
    April 28, 2014 at 8:17 am

    Venus Bridal House opened up in SS2 and I must say that from the moment I paid my deposit. Regret was all i ever had. My pictures are not done yet and I have to really bite my lip. I feel cheated, we've overpaid, service is horrendous and they QC is horrible.

  • Tammie Tan
    April 28, 2014 at 1:46 pm

    I attended to the ss2 Venus Bridal House and served by a guy named Kelvin, he is very attentive and even reply my questions near the midnight, so far paid half of the package, so far satisfied by their services!

  • Carissa
    July 2, 2014 at 10:49 am

    Venus Bridal House. Where do I start? Everything was hell, until I met Kelvin. My make up artist/client servicing person who was perfect, efficient and helpful. Here is my experience with what I would call the worse customer service experience. EVER.

    1. Package promised was not delivered. I had to pay an extra RM 200 for an additional album even though I was promised to be given the album prior.
    2. Lady boss, arrogant. Period.
    3. I still signed up with the package because I felt the person managing my package was efficient but I was wrong.
    4. I was promised that the bridal house would come up with plans on places to shoot and styles based on our preference. In the end, I received a list of messages that says " You Find LAH". I am the paying customer, and not your employer.
    5. Upon selecting my shooting date, I was not informed, neither was it written on the receipt that the company needed 8 weeks to process the photos. Can you imagine my dismay when I found out I was going to receive my wedding photos after my wedding. Of course I'd flip. Who wouldn't?
    6. I also had to confirm my wedding gown and my husband's suit three times because they forgot to write it down. Note. They also had to re-confirm my shoot date three times because they forgot.
    7. I had to rush from work on a Friday night after work because they forgot to inform me that my shoot gown needed alteration. My shoot, was the following morning.
    8. After the shoot, then the hell of horribly edited pictures took place. The designer was doing a horrible job, putting in white and black patches that looked like an alien black hole to cover up the ugly scenery. Basically, we had to edit one of our pictures to let them know the feel we wanted, and the designer actually asked for the working file. Then, what are we paying for??
    9. I know designs are subjective, BUT putting patches does not make sense. AT ALL.

    Though, 98% of my experience with this bridal house was hell, I can't thank Kelvin enough for his help to ease the tension between the horrible employees and lady boss with my husband and I. His make up for the shoot was fantastic, he knew what I wanted, he even loaned me a veil for my wedding day and sewed my dress for me because it was too loose. He made sure my photos were on time, he checked and even edited some of the pictures himself, because he saw what every normal eyes would see. Black and white patches on the photos. Photos that you are suppose to cherish for life. Also, the photographer (Owner too) i think, Derek, was a great photographer. Friendly, humble and nice. He was very enthusiastic during the shoot which helped us ease the awkwardness being in front of the camera.

    Overall, I'd give this place 0.2/10. Kelvin was their saving grace. The rest, typical sales people, with no follow ups, lady boss was arrogant (she forgets I'm not here to compete language with her, I just want my photos- decent photos (not even fancy editing). PS: Don't trust their "PORTFOLIO" with the nice editing, the designers are no where at par, to use the paper to get the "EFFECT" you need to add an extra RM 500 and so on.

    If you'd like to see the horribly edited photos, do drop me a comment with your email and I can send it to you. I can even print screen the fact that the pictures came from their e-mail. It's not about design, it's about common sense, adding black and white patches to any photos is not acceptable. Period.

    Lastly, not even an apology from the bosses. I wished I would not have met this company, initially I have recommended my friends who were getting married, but immediately told them not to come here. EVER.

  • Anonymous
    July 6, 2014 at 7:36 am

    Attended their SS2 outlet and went for gown choosing in JB. I just experienced first outdoor shooting in KL, so far happy with the service. Make up and stylist did an awesome job, shows positive attitude and professionalism. But i am yet to see the product, so i cant judge on it. Some people have an bad experience on them, but i believe everything do have pros and cons, depending on how we look at it.

  • Sally Ho
    July 7, 2014 at 5:12 am

    Let me share my greatest experience i had during the whole journey working out my wedding photoshoot with Venus Signature Wedding Bridal SS2 .

    It was my choice and I'm feeling so grateful to made my choice right. Well, i first met Venus Bridal was at KL Wedding Fair. And hell yes! in 30+ other Bridal shops i only look at one which really satisfied me, could you even imagine in 30+ i chose Venus? this is because i LOVE and felt amazed by their quality in all photos and their service was superb!! they never let me down not even once.

    Trust me, they are so friendly, plus package are just incredible n reasonable. each n every of my friends n relatives asked me where did i took my wedding photos. They even told me it was a absolute great choice i made. i look stunning, beautiful and the effect was awesome! It was a hard choice for me to choose which pictures i like because i want it almost all. LOL Such greedy right! but tht was the fact yo! I cant wait any longer to post more of my pictures and share it out!! As times goes by, i missed working with workers at JB. You will never get bored because they love making jokes around n tease each others.

    VENUS you are the best i could ever say. Words cant describe my feelings but i bet u knw well!! It was my pleasure to sign up with you. Once again thank you Venus for making my wedding a successful n unforgettable memory! Love u guys .

  • Louisa
    July 8, 2014 at 6:02 am

    It was an excellent choice to signed our delightful package with Venus Signature Weddings in SS2.

    We are glad to hear the compliments of our pre-wedding photo albums from our friends and relatives on our wedding day early June this year. Several of our friends have admired our albums and signed up the package with Venus too. The view of our albums are persuasive enough before we shared them our shooting experience in Venus!

    Seriously, I was served like a princess from our shooting day till our actual wedding day. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our photo taking session with Venus and happily received the stunning albums. We have communicated well with the designer on how and what we wanted our photo albums to look like, we satisfied with their artwork that's why we added 1 extra album. We really love the style, colour toning, design, and the quality of the shimmering paper printing on our albums.

    A bonus point I would like to raise is a staff called Kim found the defect in the middle of our albums which non of us noticed. It was quite unexpected and all the more appreciated she promised to send our albums for reprint after our wedding day. A big surprise when the staffs in Venus told us that she is the boss in Venus! Bravo for Kim cos we are very impressed on her friendliness and honesty.

    Thank you Venus, for not only giving us the cherish moment, opinion and advise, but also gain our confidence to recommend our friends to sign package with Venus.

    Again, thank you and we hope to see you all soon for pregnancy/ baby shooting in future.

  • Carissa
    July 9, 2014 at 4:15 am

    Dear Anonymous6 July 2014 15:36,

    I do hope your pictures will turn out fine and you would not need to go through what my husband and I have gone through. I do believe there are human errors but at the end of the day, it is up to the owners to rectify the situation and not make remarks that were not too nice to a customer paying almost RM5k. At the end of the day, I still stick by my story and will only give praise to Kelvin Lew (make up artist who also became the last minute man to fix the situation) and also the Photographer/Owner, Derek. He was nice, professional and humble. Here's the link to my pictures:


    Close up:

    Good luck with your wedding photos and congratulations. =D

  • Amanda
    July 9, 2014 at 5:26 am

    LOL. Suddenly so many positive reviews after the long complaint was made. Good job, Venus. Pretty sure no one will notice your (fake) positive reviews, like how no one noticed the black patch on the photos 😉

  • Peileng Tan
    July 9, 2014 at 11:07 am

    Girls. I was with venus bridal also. From gown choosing til photo shooting til I got my album, I'm totally satisfied with their service. My gown and album r both awesome beautiful and their service is e best I've ever meet. Me & my hubby been very grateful that we choose venus bridal finally. I've paid rm5300 for it and its definitely worth it! I can even email to any of you that wish to see my pre-wedding pic with venus bridal & actual day wedding gown. Just drop me an email @ peileng11@hotmail.com

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