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A Ring, Flowers, Plan and Proposal

What you need for a marriage proposal are a ring, flowers, a proposal and life plan. Marriage is not about how well you plan the proposal or the glitz and glamor of the wedding. It is a life commitment which requires the two parties to perform their respective responsibilities. Of course the nice things you do or say from time to time would keep the flame going stronger.

A well-planned proposal is a nice little surprise that you could give your spouse-to-be. Get your team together to brainstorm creative ideas, something that is personal, romantic and memorable. Don’t forget to hire a good photographer/ videographer to capture all the precious moments.

Proposal via Tablet

Photos taken by Love Confession Wedding Photography | Jun 2014

The first thing is of course to shop for that ring. (The Real Insights to buying diamonds.)
Making sure that the video is good to go
Make it memorable and meaningful
The most touching moment is when he pours his heart out
On bended knee
The making of the proposal video
Well done team!

Fireworks Proposal

A Romantic Dinner Proposal video by Lovebirds Video. There was a surprise fireworks display followed by the appearance of a bunch of heart-shape helium balloons with the words “Will you marry me” in front of her. The balloons were released from the ground floor and flew to the first floor where she was standing. Location: Maison Française [French House] KL.


Proposal in the Sky

A proposal in the Sky can done at locations with a sky view (Check out the venues here) or conveniently at your condo, if it has a sky deck.

Prop tip: How to place balloons inside a big balloon. This can be accomplished by first inflating a large balloon. Using a small stick, push a second, smaller balloon inside the larger one and then inflate the smaller balloon while it is inside the larger one. You can then tie up the second balloon, leaving the smaller one inside the large balloon. This can be repeated with multiple small balloons. Watch video of how to make stuffed balloon here.

Photo by Sean Lim Photography
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