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Airbrush Smoothness by Yen Makeup

Yen uses airbrush foundation technique for her brides.

Benefits of Air Brush Makeup Technique

The main benefit of airbrush foundation is its durability. The silicone-based formula can last long and hold up well when exposed to moisture such as tears or sweat. In this technique, a fine mist of foundation is sprayed with an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup gently covering the skin, giving it a #natural looking flawless finish at the same time allowing the skin to breath. This light-weight coverage does not exaggerate your pores and the skin will not feel the tightness of a thick foundation. The colors are mixed for a perfect blend to match your skin tone.

Make sure you engage a makeup artist who knows what she or he is doing. With the right combination of equipment, products and technique, this method gives you the comfort (you won’t feel a layer of makeup on the face) and the much sought-after look (smoothness of color and texture). It is the preferred choice of today’s brides. 

air brush tools
A fine mist of foundation is sprayed with an air gun machine that produces a thin, even layer of makeup gently covering the skin
top 10 bridal makeup artist
#Top10 Bridal Makeup Artist in Malaysia
yen makeup
Airbrush foundation technique by Yen Makeup – this light-weight coverage is very long lasting

FREE nail art set for all Yen Makeup’s bridal packages:

The makeup, hair and nails all being taken care of

Top Bridal Makeup Artist in Malaysia

From a newcomer in the bridal makeup sphere to now one of Malaysia’s top bridal makeup artists, Yen has made a quite a name for herself. She has been listed as one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Bridal Makeup Artists, made basing on accumulation of public votes by TallyPress. Her hard work and belief in continuous improvement have paid off. She traveled places, attended courses, competitions, worked in shows for the sake of gaining experience and knowledge.

What Did Her Customers Say?

Check out the reviews about her if in doubt. Her style has been described as simple yet elegant and classy. She managed to make a bride who sees herself as “not pretty”, extremely gorgeous. Superb airbrush makeup, hairdo and nails to match the wedding gown perfectly. As a person, Yen is nice, down to earth and patient at the same time skillful and efficient in her profession.


Dec 2017

Well, I am impressed of Yen’s punctuality, down to earth and she is a humble person despite the fact that she is one of the top 10 Malaysia MakeUp Artist. She have done my sister’s wedding makeup previously and I love her style…Simple but Elegant and Classy…..During my wedding ceremony in the morning and night, I received alot of compliments, saying that I looked very beautiful…Am I a pretty girl? Well, I dont think so…But Yen really manage to make me a gorgeous bride…:-). Thank you, Yen…You have made my wedding become more memorable…I am so glad that my sister has appointed you as her makeup artist…and from there…I have known you!

Dec 2016

Thanks Yen so much for her superb make up & hairdo on my actual day! Yen is very nice & professional, she provided services efficiently & patiently from Airbrush make up, hairdo and nails under her magical hands to match my gowns perfectly! I felt so grateful to appointed Yen as my actual day MUA, she turned a girl-next-door to little princess on that day successfully! 😀 If interested, please contact Yen for more informations!

simple and nice hair
The hair nicely plaited, twirled and put in place
side pony
Simple yet elegant style
outdoor shoot
Yen can make you a gorgeous bride

Yen Makeup

adjusting hair

Facebook Page:
Tel: 012-613 7324

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