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Gene Phillips Bridal Make Up & Hair

If you are looking for simple elegant and natural makeup + hair for your big day, Gene has to be your choice. As the star of the day you don’t want to look overdone or too fancy. With skillful application of a good cosmetic product to even out the complexion, soft rosy shade, clear coat of mascara, perfectly groomed brows, she keeps everything simple and balanced. The lit-from-within luminance is what brings out your natural beauty in this neutral look. 
For the hair-do Gene loves to play with fresh flowers. For example flowers pinned on the side can accessorize both up and down hairstyles. Lacing flowers into a bun or an updo with the veil secured right below it is practical, it also gives you a romantic look. A slightly bigger flower positioned at the bottom of the hair creates a special sexiness.
Her punctuality,
professionalism and expertise allow the bride to stay worry-free and
confident throughout the wedding day. I saw loads of good
comments about Gene in my research, she is a very popular makeup artist. If you are interested make a reservation fast. She has been in the industry for more than 7 years now. Clients pick her because of the natural, clean yet polished style. Brides feel more comfortable with the much softer effect without all the dramatic colors.

soft rosy shade, clear coat of mascara

just comfy to look at

orchid on the hair long curls
The use of fresh flowers gives the natural hair-do a much softer effect #floweraccessories

modern simplistic updo latin flavor
Beautiful updo with a flower tied at the nape of the neck – brings out a special sexiness

so natural beauty bride
Very clean and polished look #pulledback

side view pearl necklace
Brides are comfortable with the natural make-over by Gene

pearl earring nice eye liner

veil secured right below it is practical
Fresh flowers positioned onto an updo with the veil attached is practical and romantic

yellow orchid red dots

modern qipao halter neck

clean tidy lovely look

Dec 2013
I had my wedding in Oct, and worked with many different people and suppliers. I can’t say that I had a smooth and pleasant experience with each and every one of them, and I’m also not the type to post up reviews (I’m generally lazy…haha). However, I think Gene Lim deserves a good review from me even though she has plenty of great reviews already. If there’s one decision I don’t regret about my wedding, it’s hiring her as my MUA. She is professional, pleasant, punctual, and extremely talented and detailed. Her makeup is natural and brings out the best features in you. My hair is also short and flat without volume, and she managed to create a style that suited me. She also did makeup for my mother , my maid of honour, my mother in law and sis in law, all of which loved her style and cannot stop complimenting her. She is also not calculative (I told her that I have really bad eyebags and she gave me an additional bottle of ampoule to apply the night before without charging me). I would HIGHLY recommend her, but you’ll need to book her in advance (I booked her about 11 months ahead of my wedding). 🙂
Oct 2012
I hired Gene Lim last year for my bridal make up. She is a consumate professional, very punctual & friendly. And her skills are amazing! Transforming you to look your best while still having a natural style. The only potential downside is she is so in demand, she is often not available if you book her too late. I booked her 1 1/2 years before my wedding just to ensure I get her as my MUA.
Aug 2012
My make up artist, Gene Lim, she made me so wonderfully gorgeous.
Nov 2012
Gene Lim is good. Don’t worry.

Gene Phillips Bridal Make Up & Hair
Tel: +6012-679 4857


Rates: 2 sessions in one day at RM1.8K 

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