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best live performance
Live Band

Beat Music – The Best Live Performance

The first thing you would do before hiring a wedding live band is check out their live performance, besides going through the official website. Most of the time the first impression does give you an

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Jessica’s Makeover & Beauty Studio

To make the makeup more natural, Jessica combines earthy tones with deep three-dimensional gradient contour. She uses both classic and airbrush makeup. For the hair Jessica works with creative layering and glam designs that look

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Raynis Chow Bridal Make Up

Raynis is proficient in working on different skin textures and imperfections using her meticulous coverage techniques; air brush, traditional foundation or combination of both. Her bridal styles are classy and extremely natural.

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desmond makeup

DESMOND Makeup + Hair

Here’s a dashing gentleman among the roses, Desmond. He is the most popular makeup artist for Korean concept bridal styling, known for his strong proficiency in blending the colors evenly on the skin. His hair-styling

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KL hotel wedding

Red by Sirocco, Dang Wangi

The full-height glass paneling at the RED Grand Sky Ballroom allows plenty of natural day light and offers good visibility of the greater KL city and its vibrancy. On one panel you have the magnificent

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Wedding Trends Then and Now

Wedding trends in Malaysia have changed so much over the years. Most couples were ok with a minimalist design, such as some balloon, flower, pedestal decorations and what the wedding venue provides years ago. It

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Silk Wedding Dress

Silk is a form of fiber that is naturally extracted from the cocoons of insect larvae which can be woven into fabrics. The surface of the fiber is able to refract light giving silk cloth

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15 Most Popular Wedding Venues by Category

Interestingly, the most popular venue for weddings are not the most luxurious and expensive. Private venues with the perfect ambiance for a romantic event are the most sought-after and searched. This list is chosen according

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Once In A Lifetime with 3Ants Wedding Studio

Pre-wedding packages are abundant but which one is the best for you? In my opinion, it is one that stirs your soul and warms the heart. 3Ants Studio’s pre-wedding bundle of goodness includes creative shots,

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Korean Concept

Korean Bridal Style by Desmond Makeup + Hair

Let’s revisit some of the latest Korean bridal styles. We will jump straight into the work of none other than Mr. Desmond, the Korean Concept expert. Approval from a Korean bride. #hanbok. Traditional Korean Wedding.

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Creative PG

Rustic Elegance by The Wedding Barn Gallery

The photos are elegantly rustic. Every shot is nicely framed with artistic lighting and a backdrop full of character. In The Wedding Barn, you have a very talented photographer Duncan (and his partner) who knows

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Live Band

Planning Your Wedding Entertainment

REASONS TO HIRE TOP LIVE BAND Rhumba Live Band‘s lead singers, each with unique style. Jacky plays more than eight western/ traditional musical instruments. Some say it is the best wedding live band they have

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